Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • But Obama has more experience in business and government, so you are forgetting that… Romney is basically a thief, we all know that…

  • I agree. Mitt is a CLOWN (and NOT a good one either) LOL He is repulsive!!!!!

  • They say that the kids who lie and cheat in school move on to become politicians. That’s why Ron Paul isn’t winning; he’s playing it fair. He’s not sending false information of the other nominees and he’s not relying on outlandish advertising. It’s sad that you have to use crazy commercials and lie in speeches to become president. And next year, when Romney or Obama win and the world is in turmoil, I’ll say, “I voted for Ron Paul.”

  • lmao romney believes in the constitution. U know he supports the NDAA. its time to get real. Romney is a suck up just like Obama you have been fooled

  • will NOT vote for romney! will only vote for Ron Paul President 2012! the ONLY TRUE American running for President!


  • Chris

    The problem is that people are so accustomed to life as we now know it that any thought of change drives them crazy. They’ll actually fight to keep things as they are instead of making the necessary changes for the better. They are stuck on the government tilt and so loving it that any possible thought of actually working for their living is a nightmare to them. The government has done a wonderful job at castrating us as a society with so many “social” programs that they have totally taken away our ability for self support and any incentive to get ahead is almost non existent. If we begin to see our incomes decrease, we now run to the government for help. This kills innovation, because people no longer think of other ways to make $$ but instead ask the government to “help” (castrate) us more. People should grow up, mature, become RESPONSIBLE ADULTS and start taking care of our own selves. This parasite kind of mentality that has taken over the majority of people is what has gotten us to where we are today. And parasites always end up killing the host and killing themselves in the process. This current system is unsustainable and we young people are stuck with the bad decisions of decades worth of stupidity from other people. It’s time people wake up and realize we are responsible for letting this happen. Now it’s time to fix it. We need to get MAD AS HELL, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! A Revolution IS coming!

  • this is the time to get romney out… romney is a corporate vulture he cares for nothing but money. romney cares for donald trump and other billionaires corporations, romney doesnt care for the american people. ron paul is a fair, respectable american that can show his taxes.. im a democrat but if ron paul was a republican leader i would want to vote on the debate part of presidency.. ron paul 2012 or obama 2012.

  • Romney is much better than Obama. He has economic, business, and government experience, and believes in our constitution. Obama had none of these when he was elected. Romney believes in capitalism and not socialism. He wasn’t my prime choice for GOP but I will certainly take him over Obama.

    • ROSA

      Read carefully: they are cut by the same mold and endoctrinated by the same people. They are both a disgrace!

      RON PAUL FOR 2012!!!!!!


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  • mitt is the same thing dont be stupid

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  • go my man goooooooooooooooooooo

  • Well he may not make it on the ballad, but I am still going to write him in. I am ready to fight to turn this country around. I’m ready for a REAL revolution and DR. Paul is the man to lead it. Who’s with me?

  • How so?

  • Ron Paul is a joke

  • America, don’t shoot Ron Paul, at least wait till he pulls your country out of bankruptcy first. R.I.P John J Kennedy

  • I FULLY support Ron Paul. If his name is not on the ballot, I’m not voting. Fuck obamney

  • I support Ron Paul, if he is a candidate, I would probably vote for him. I definitely did not say that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama, Ron Paul is much better than him. Most people who were Ron Paul supporters will vote for Mitt Romney. My point is is that if Ron Paul is added, that would divide up the numbers of Republican votes and most likely allow Obama to win. I fully support Ron Paul, don’t get me wrong, but my main concern is getting this man out of office.

  • And another thing…
    Romney’s campaign, and followers are theONLY people ever to basically tell me my vote doesn’t count, that “its just a vote for Obama, because we arent supporting Romney” Well thats the biggest fucking BS ive ever heard, using those scare tactics wont work on the true supporters, the ones with morals, values, ethics, and balls to carry out our beliefs..
    We know who we want, and we wont settle for anything less!
    If its all about beating Obama, then you need to vote Ron Paul