Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • I hope he losses message me if you wanna know why.

  • and you’re the most gullible attention whore conspiracy theory believing piece of trash i’ve ever seen.

  • wtf does that have to do with anything? troll.

  • Lol at Ron Paul being a true hero. You people are the most gullible fairy tale believin pieces of trash i ever seen


    • Teri

      I will pray for you. It’s a sad world we live in, I hope you find the truth.

  • Some people enjoy making themselves look Rude and Ignorant.

  • “There are a few racists here and there” and they are all wRONg Paultards!

  • Fuck wRONg Paul! Fuck him up his scrawny little ass…………………SIDEWAYS!
    Mitt Romney 2012

    • Teri

      I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. It’s no wonder someone like you would support Romney.

  • wRONg Paul sucks the long tall donkey dick!
    Mitt Romney 2012

  • You Republicans fucked up I swear. I usually vote Democrat because i tend to agree with their policies more, however if Paul would have won the nomination then he would’ve got my vote. Stupid Republicans.

  • Ron Paul 2012 – 2016 – 2020 – 2024 – 2028 He’s already 76 years old. it’s never going to happen. So if your serious about the future you better find someone else.

  • Ron Paul already has 5 states and probably more! so don’t give up! Ron Paul President 2012!apparently the ONLY TRUE American running for President!

  • You don’t even live in Colorado, so you have no right to criticize anyone. My money would assume you only heard about it on the Radio, Television, etc. Media. You don’t actually care about the situation, you just want a chance to slander the only true hero of this century.

  • It’s a strong possibility, be on guard for more and more shenanigans, there’s been so much shenanigans already, maybe the Military should step in and just install him as President.

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  • Ron Paul – legalization of heroine/meth, removal of government-institued minimum wage (which would be mandated by workplace, encouraging poor people to work for lower wages), support for repeal of Roe v Wade, his support for US withdrawl from UN, opposition to separation of church and state, repeal the gun control act removing any restrictions on ownership of guns (here’s your gun mr thugnificent have a good day), and repealing tax credits for elderly/children. Silly Paultards

    • Libertarian777

      have to pull your arguments apart piece by piece…
      1. he wants to decriminalise marjiuana, not ‘legalise’ heroin/meth. Prescription painkillers are abused more than weed or heroin so catch a clue.
      2. minimum wage has been proven time-and-again to LOWER employment levels. Yes you can earn your mandated $10/hr. But it also means that 16% of able-bodied people are unable to find employment at all.
      3. he is in principal against abortion, but is ok to let each STATE decide the matter. There is NO authority in the constitution for the federal government to decide a national abortion policy.
      4. the US is a SOVEREIGN country. Why should we acquiese to UN demands and mandates? We have our CONSTITUTIONAL republic, we are not a state that falls under UN control.
      5. Ron Paul wants church and state to be separated. Why is he the ONLY person saying the FEDERAL and state governments should have NO laws governing marriage. Marriage falls under religion/faith and no government should be able to mandate who you may or may not marry. It is between you, the other person and God (not the government).
      6. so your current logic about gun control laws is because we have gun laws, that there is no gun crime because criminals won’t get guns if they are illegal? Well its next to impossible to buy and own a gun legally in Oakland, CA. And which city has the highest gun crime rate in the state? Oakland. And do some research, more children die in swimming pools than as a result of firearms annually (look it up on the CDC website).
      7. repealing tax credits… absolutely, because ultimately if you paid zero income tax there would be nothing to credit you with. And before you tell me that federal income tax is so necessary, roads are (suppose) to be paid with the gasoline tax; schools with propertly and local taxes; police and fire with state and local taxes; defense is more than covered by corporate taxes. if you believe in government welfare, then the social security and medicare tax should cover that welfare program right? (it doesn’t cos those programs have no assets, all those tax funds have been squandered already). So exactly why do we pay federal income tax?

      But… don’t let logic get in the way of your status quo beliefs.

  • Why i will never Vote for Obama…Bahrain An Uprising in 2011 Rocked the nation and 100’00’s of people where out in riots protesting ect but governments of Qatar America Saudia Arabia Pakistan and others Armed the government and Crushed the uprising and kill 98 people

  • And let business reign instead? Let business discriminant on us for race/person? I get that Ron Paul means well, but he puts too much trust into human decency, and kindness. The fact of the matter is people won’t help the people down, so the government needs to come in and assist people. And your saying that about a guy who said Texas should have the right to make laws about sex if they want to. He doesn’t want individual rights, he wants state rights.

    • Ernie

      lol; compared to whom? Obama gave $19 Trillion in bailouts and zero interest loans to favored corporations and to banks who promptly sent the money offshore or used it to gobble up smaller banks, increasing the ownership of the economy by the 5 mega-banks to over 53% compared to 16% previously.

      Romney is the consumate corporatist and plans to line the pockets of the military-industrial complex by launching a new war against the latest boogeyman Iran.

      Neither will cut the public debt. Obama’s trajectory increases it by $3.6 Trillion while Romney will cut that all the way down to $3.3 Trillion. Whoopee.

      When the fiscal collapse comes, as it must since we already borrow 43 cents of each dollar the US spends, either of these candidates will be ready and waiting with massive government force to crush dissent from we starving citizens. NDAA; both love it; allows them to shoot us or detain us in prison camps indefinitely with no trial, lawyer, or charges.

      You should read Dr. Paul’s positions more carefully. He is anti-corporatist and beholden to no one. The other two? There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between those fascists. Ask anyone in Guantanamo.

    • Libertarian777

      but what business has survived? IBM is just about the only large business I can think of that has stood the test of time by itself.
      There is a natural order of things. When companies get too big, they become unwieldy to manage and cannot respond to competitive threats.
      Companies like GM, Chrysler etc. should have been left to wither and die, instead the government taxes poor people and bails out these companies.

      Then people like you look at these large companies and say “well they won’t help poor people”. Well they aren’t meant to, but poor people wouldn’t be as poor if we didn’t steal from them to save these big corporations in the first place.

      And if you don’t believe in human decency at the individual level, then how does that differ when you give a bureaucrat 2,500 miles away unlimited power and money? does he all of a sudden gain human decency and the ability to provide to those in need? If that was the case then Congress would be full of poor people who gave away all they owned to those in need.

  • I didnt say it was perfect humans aren’t perfect, Ron Paul has revised the old way to make it better today with Gov. having LIMITED power.. either way our Government having all the power like it has hasnt been good to us at all.. we deserve to be slaves to this economy if we let our Gov continue to Reign

  • WE WANT RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Articles of Confederation was an awful form of government, the states ran like individual countries, they had many conflicts with each other, the federal government couldn’t fix those problems because it had no power, the government spiraled into debt, as the federal government couldn’t tax. Tell me your grand master plan of the government. Tell me how the states are going to deal with foreign relation. Tell me whats going to happen to people to poor to pay for health care.