Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • age doesn’t matter on here not one bit Kenndy is the youngest President so basically this fight about age is pointness

  • What you people still don’t seem to get, is the fact that every vote for wRONg Paul is a vote for OBAMA!
    Come on over to the winning team!
    Mitt Romney 2012 & 2016!


  • Isn’t qualified? Interesting considering how much experience he has and that he predicted exactly what was happening to our economy 20 years before we saw the bottom fall out. Sounds to me like you’re lacking the knowledge necessary to speak on a public forum. Learn to read, then speak.

  • Chances are that Ron Paul won’t win the elections despite winning most of the internet. However, the fact that you are generalizing all ‘Paultards’ as crybabies just because they’re voting for someone who you’re not voting for makes me think that you are probably very immature and in the situation you somehow are old enough to vote I’d ask you to do otherwise

  • wRONg Paul 2016!……oh wait …he will have died of old age by then.
    Mitt Romney 2012 & 2016

  • Ron Paul isn’t qualified to be elected Dog Catcher of Bumfuck Egypt!
    Mitt Romney 2012!

  • I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!”

    Network quote. =)

  • No, thank YOU, cocksucker. I’ll still have my millions and you’ll still be a crybaby!

  • done

  • Obama and Romney are puppets of the N.W.O.

  • RON PAUL or NOTHING! I’m a Ron Paul supporter!

  • just for you if ron paul doesn’t win I’ll vote for Obama thanks homo:)

  • I’m extremely wealthy and you are not!
    FUCK YOU! Ahaa ha ha ha ha!
    Mitt Romney 11/6/2012

  • He could win!

    In France.

  • Send Ron Paul staight to the White House! You’ve got my support and my vote! Your’re one of the few honest, competent people left in DC who hasn’t corrupted and joined the NWO or have you drank the New American Fascists Koolaid. Save the Republic by saving the US Constitution and restore the rule of law bring all these government/corporate crooks to justice with no plea bargaing or given free rein from their treasonous crimes against the state no matter who you are be it a judge or a president.

  • And im sure Mother Trecia was an Athiest..

  • If your IQ was increased by 100 points, you’d still be n50 points below me……..imbecile!

  • youre a fucking dumbass, educate your self before talking shit IDIOT

  • Ron Paul… Nuff said.