Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • Ron Paul will take the nomination if something happens to Romney. I’d say at this stage in the game, we should make some serious moves against Romney. We are the internet… we are activists and hackers. It shouldn’t be too difficult for us to pull some fatal information on Romney. Also, from what I can tell, it’s a heck of a lot easier to convince people to hate and despise someone than it is to convince them to open their mind to new perspectives. Just a thought.

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  • America wants your Poul! Your speak America’s mind, dont let big business own our Country!

  • Your welcome please help spread the word. The petition is now being backed by supreme court lawyer in the federal case! We have til August 8th to get as many sigantures as possible!

  • Signed, thank you for sharing!

  • We only lost a battle here, the war is still raging and we’re gaining more and more support. Ron Paul Revolution!

  • Mitt Romney is nothing more than Obama with a lighter shade of skin. Their policies are nearly identical. We refuse to play the “lesser of two evils” game anymore.

    We will stand our ground. For Sound money, for ending the wars, for restoring the constitution, for LIBERTY!!

  • Guess the idiots on the main stream media suffer from short term memory loss? He doesn’t need to win Nebraska, he already has 11 states (the main stream media reported it in March) These idiots are a perfect example all the feable attempts to brainwash supporters: not going to win that all he wants is to speak! NOT!! a speach with his WIN he is not retiring, he is not quitting HE WILL BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES if kept voting clean morons! VICTORY FOR LIBERTY RON PAUL PRESIDENT 2012

  • OBAMA 2012!!

  • No one has a message like Ron Paul. His kind only come around about once in two hundred years. You will not get another great one like RP that is on the same level of political integrity.

  • I believe that is “Bone F Egypt.” When I was a kid, it was an expression that one used while in a desolate or God forsaken place.

  • MR flip flop?!? damn you uneducated people! Do some research! Then comment back…… RON PAUL to 1600 pennsylvania Ave!! See you in Tampa! But prob not! I’ll be there 🙂

  • The point is mitt don’t give a shit! Lame to think a vote for the good doc is a vote for b.o
    This Nevada republican will never ever vote for mitt!! Ask your boy how Nevada went for him. Lol- we took over and they had to start team Nevada. Look it up. Keep trying. We don’t sway to the NWO side as you have

  • Age may not be an issue, but dementia and senility are.