Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • Sir, ma’am, it, would you please troll another video, it is annoying to see these kinds of comments dropped like turds among the white clean page. What you may nor understand is that The system of government is going in the wrong direction nd has been since the founding, as soon as the constitution was writen it was stepped on, Lincoln, Rosavelt, FDR, now Obama, and you want to vote in Romney, who stepped on it when he was a governor, big mistake,

  • We as “Paultards” respect and appreciate your right to be as immature as you want. Tolerating your hateful and inaccurate comments is what makes us clearly more qualified to be in control than someone like you who would force other people to your moral standard. Call me an idiot, call me whatever you want. I welcome the notion of free speech and difference of opinion.



  • Wouldn’t hurt to try.

  • If people knew he was a Sociopath that would be a start.

  • I have a job and I don’t support Ron Paul, wrong on both counts. I simply enjoy calling idiocy out when I see it.

  • Paultards are my downtime entertainment. I can be as immature as I please. You know why???
    Because I can!
    Now go get a McJob!

  • The truly wealthy don’t have to go on the youtube comment section and compensate for their own petty insecurities. You are either trolling, or a wannabe. Not sure which evokes more pathos.

  • ok

  • i agree

  • Ignore the trolls, they feed on your attention 🙁

  • Go Ron Paul – He doesn’t need the banks money unlike Bush, Obama and Romney 😀

  • USA The land of the wealthy,
    and the home of the CRYBABIES!

  • greedy Illuminati asshole

  • Ha ha you know what I do to justify my existsnce?
    You have no idea! I made my first million by age 22. I made my first billion by age 29. Why should I give a fuck about a half-ass 77 yr old congressman from a shit state who never even had what it takes to be a Senator? Fuck wRONg Paul and fuck you too! (To speak in the vernacular of the peasantry)

  • Haha think so? He does more in a year than you will ever do in your life. That’s a fact. 😉

  • wRONg Paul sucks moose cock!

  • woah how profound, run along now.

  • or we could kill romney.