Join Ron Paul in Tampa!


  • tits_miggee

    runningchance is either the greatest troll of all time, or extremely misguided in contradiction with beliefs of others. a man behind a computer, lacking the instruments used for maintaining civil disagreements. calling a group of people paultards, stupid libertarians.

    “…you ignorant Paultards.”

    men who cry ignorance are enveloped in ignorance themselves; they don’t see the purpose a group of people with ideas contain. if any one of us were right about everything, then we would be no more than technologically wired vessels with the answer for everything.

    i empathize with the people in the libertarian movement. it is based on valid political philosophies. i think its time that people start to understand that none of us really have all the answers, and that we can’t continue solidifying one particular political institution in our heads. instead, we need to try to piece it together correctly, like our country’s father’s once did. and men before them long ago.

    this country may just be at its degrading stage in its life… its hard to see where we are going to end up in the next few decades. but if we are truly human, we will find a way through it all, just as we have in the past.

  • Liberty lovers rise….Ron Paul 2012

  • Liberty lovers rise….Ron Paul 2012

  • Thank-You Paul!
    We owe you a lot!
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Why can’t you ass holes just let the GOP have their convention in peace. I want to go and show my support for Romney and will end up being attacked by stupid libertarians.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN — or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    All REAL Americans, and ALL People around the world— that believe in Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Honesty, Truth, Goodness and Self-determination —are for Ron Paul.

    President Paul wants to save our Nation and heal the World, and desires nothing for himself — making him a True Patriot (unlike the megalomaniacs that want The Presidency, so they can get a bigger pie, and engorge themselves further at the people’s expense — marking them as Leeches on the path to suck US dry)!

    Ron Paul has awoken the Sleeping Giant that is We, The People! We are growing in numbers and our voice is no longer distant thunder — but a Roaring Storm that’s approaching and eventually will wipe out the PUPPETEERS that have stolen Our Nation!

    We are the MANY, while the Criminals in Power, that want to control us, are the FEW (and their subhuman squeals are getting weaker)!


  • I still love ron paul, fck the haters … keep the faith people, he is a good man

    dont let the bad guys get you down

  • I still love ron paul, fck the haters … keep the faith people, he is a good man

    dont let the bad guys get you down

  • Not being a US citizen, you would not understand.