Join Ron Paul in Tampa!


  • good man!

  • I must be honest and say, I don’t think so. People are afraid.
    But we can always hope 🙂

  • Mitt Romney created Obamacare. Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Everybody voting for the lesser of evils tells the establishment that THEY still have power over the people. Give them a vote of no confidence, instead, to help discourage them.

  • i voting ron paul all the way even if i have to write his name in on the ballot instead


  • I argue with my fellow Paul supporters in my area… I’ll back and support him to the very end but when it’s over and it’s between Mitt and Obama I’m going with Mitt! I believe obama is exponentially the worst most anti Constitutionalist President ever! Even more so than both Clinton and GWB.

  • I plan to be there.

  • Obama disliked this

  • if not support Gary Johnson he believes in much of the same things Paul does.

  • props from across the pond nice, cheers. thanks for the support we will need it RON PAUL 2012

  • yea I lived there for about 7 years until about a decade ago. that place blows.

  • Sounds like Texas Summer..

  • Sounds like Texas Summer..

  • This is YouTube…………………….

  • this actions from Ron Paul are usless if he are not going independed candidate, so nice informations whit out the real actions…Ron Paul go INDEPENDED CANDIDATE >>>WE SUPORT YOU

  • chuck norris should go to tampa to show his support for Dr. Paul to make sure all the romneyites “keep the peace” GO RON PAUL!!!

  • Ron if this your site… Please explain the turbulance felt by me because of Rand cause I threw my hands up with a big AW SH.t are u in it to win it? I don’t expect you to do it all; but someone has to get to the top to crack the valve and turn on the light cockroaches hate the light. I’ll be wearing my pointed boots for the roaches in the corners

  • So wish I could go!!! Good luck to anyone going, remember stay positive!!!

  • 98% of lawyers make 2% look good

  • Dr Paul has to be the next president of the United States! Greetings from UK.

  • What a great message! let’s spread the message of liberty everywhere we can.!RON PAUL 2012