Join Ron Paul in Tampa!


  • If anyone from norcal thinking of seriously going. Message me. I work at a hotel.

  • when did that happen? dont listen to rand paul

  • The last comment is from a complete Fukwit…

    RP2012… Everyone get to Tampa for the mother of all freedom loving party’s :0)

  • Australians for Ron Paul 2012!!!


  • DragonBommie

    Some grammar faults there.
    ”cord” should be ”chord” I guess, and probably some other things, I’m not a native speaker/writer I’m afraid….
    I really hope Ron Paul is going to beat Romney on that convention in Tampa and eventually Obama for the presidency, so maybe the wars (where the US are involved in, which are quite a bit haha) can end and maybe the few really super-rich bankers and other horrible people in the world, whose plans are degenerating human beings and contribute only in a negative way to the evolution of consciousness and personal freedom, can be exposed and their powers can be taken away from them.
    That would be something else….. It’s getting so boring on this planet with all these elite imposing the same things upon us over and over again, using the same tactics to create the drama and keeping the collective ignorance alive by/through distractions (Religions and other systems, Debts (material or psychological), Radio, TV, Cellphones nowadays and Computer-stuff, Sugar, Education haha, Advertisement for buying things, Work, Family-values, Marriage and other Relationships, Unwritten and Written Laws, Culture, Tradition, Etc…. in short: dragging our minds away from the present towards the past and the future with all these things haha). Stupid. Observe and know your boundaries! Don’t cross them and if somebody else crosses them, act accordingly haha. Listen to everything and everybody, but don’t believe anything or anybody, just find out things for yourself that resonnated with you and live accordingly, and don’t be afraid to break your habits/patterns. After all when your favourite colour used to be blue at age of 6 doesn’t mean that it still has to be blue at 25 haha. Ones should be so open to allow all the contradictions inside of you, that’s evolving I guess. See that you’re nothing is wisdom, see that you’re everything is love.
    Love and smiles from China.

  • ron paul lost. 2016 though!

  • DragonBommie

    You know, I’m all in favour of Ron Paul and so on (I’m a dutch boy living in China and following the US elections and a lot of conspiracy-stuff on the internet, as far as possible in China, the same which is going to happen to you guys haha…), but one of the comments I read lately, struck a cord with me; Does Ron Paul really want to win the presidency? Why hasn’t he been going on with his rallys and speeches in front of big audiences? He was doing so well! More and more people came to hear him and to spread the word, even 6,000/7,000 in the end. That could have been at least tripled by now and the message would be REALLY spread all over the country, but instead of giving more speeches and becoming really hot, he kind of withdrew more and more. Strange….
    OK, there’s one last big rally in Tampa next month, but I feel he could have given so much more speeches in between June and August 26th.
    Still he’s my favorite of course because the rest are…. well, you can fill in yourself, although people (in spite of their enthusiasm) who support Ron Paul still don’t REALLY realize that the (Diebold) voting-machines will NEVER EVER let him win, if he runs, unless you find a way to stop the way these machines are being programmed and you make a plan to REALLY have proof who voted for Ron Paul (like taking video-footage at EVERY ballot-box from EVERY person who voted for him haha, that would be something; people who voted for Ron Paul wouldn’t mind telling that on tape I guess…). The documentary ”Hacking democracy” should be on prime time every evening for one week on all the national TV-stations in the US haha, then people would wake up collectively and all the independent hard-working Ron Paul campaign-volunteers wouldn’t have done all their (free) work for nothing. Lots of love and hugs from Bommie in the south of China and good luck in Tampa, kick some a**….


  • Get to TAMPA anyway you can & PARTY ON!

  • This just randomly occured to me. Dr. Paul just brought me to tears, because I just REALLY realized I’m watching a living legend. I’m so joyful for even being a tiny little part of your journey towards the election by supporting Ron Paul as much as I can – I wish I could do even more. No one is better fit to deliver such a beautiful message of liberty & freedom as you are, Ron Paul, and it spreads all the way here to Sweden. I wish you the best of luck.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daily Paul website has a big REPORTED ATTACK PAGE! banner on it… Someone needs to make a video about it.

  • So still no explanation for what Randy’s endorsement?




  • Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. In essence you’re saying ” I don’t support Him but I’ll vote for him anyway ” so what kind of sense does that make? Instead of doing that Just done vote!

  • Go Ron Go!!

  • French Canadian

    Paul Festival Plans for Sunday regarding Ron Paul’s rally:


    As most of you know, Dr. Paul announced his venue for his event today. What we would like to do is, on Sunday morning, open up at 8:00 am and have our Sunday worship service and then “Ronvoy” our masses over to his event. Imagine a convoy of Ron Paul supporters going through Tampa Sunday morning! It’ll be great! Meanwhile at the festival, we’ll continue with musical acts, the children’s activity center, etc. and we’re currently working on having Ron’s event simulcast at our event on a jumbotron for those folks staying back. His event will be shown on the internet so it shouldn’t be an issue arranging it. Then, after Ron’s event, the “Ronvoy” will bring everyone back, and we’ll have a Grand Finale!

    We’re still waiting to hear back as to when he will speak at our event. In the meantime, we’ll continue our planning and promoting. The movement wants and needs this, and it is up to us to make it happen. I’m sure Dr. Paul is counting on us to bring everyone to Tampa. And people aren’t coming just for a 4 hour Sunday event – they want to travel together, camp together, and celebrate what we’ve accomplished over the last 5 years together – and we’re just the people to make that happen. We will converge on Tampa and show the world our numbers as we celebrate and unify! We are the fastest growing political movement in America and there’s no stopping us!

    Let’s do this!

  • Goodluck in Fl Dr. Paul!

  • NO OBOMNEY (they are the same sneaky agenda anyway)

  • Everyone should go! the whole world!

  • I want to go so bad!