Ron Paul Urges Afghanistan Withdrawal

  • ya haven’t heard that one before.

  • youtube . com/watch?NR=1&v=lEV5AFFcZ-s

    THRIVE – Everyone needs to see this amazing documentary!

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  • i was in the military mexican boi

  • speak’s the truth and in plain term’s tha we can understand not bable like the other’s

  • I still have hope in Ron Paul.


  • People are really stupid if they vote for anyone else….

  • why do “our” representatives want to destroy this country…? only few are like Ron Paul, caring about Americans!

  • i see nobody like him….

  • Just buy looking at your page, tells me you are just another liberal talking shit! Yes I’m Mexican American but at least I go home knowing I’m part of the 3% fighting for my country and not sitting behind a desk talking shit. What a piece of shit!

  • If people would really think of what Ron Paul is saying they would know he is right and speaks the truth. It’s funny in todays elections they have it set up on who raises the most money instead of electing and person who speaks the truth and is the most qualified. Ron Paul is far more qualified for the office of President than romney or obama and the only one who knows the Constitution and keeps the Oath of Office. If Ron Paul is not elected POTUS then this country will get what it deserves.

  • French Canadian

    They will NEVER leave!

    Too much Opium and Lithium out there.

  • tnx for upload.

  • its easy to end the invasions, abolish CNN, FOX NEWS and others alike. TV brainwashes people.

  • The U.S. should attack some more countries and go totally bankrupt.

  • Amen to that.

  • exactly, nonsense, god people are just plain lacking common sense logic. against the troops just because i dont believe in bullshit militarism? NONSENSE

  • Pjonres is a idiot presidents arnt supposed to run the country that is what the constitution and Ron Paul agrees with

  • God bless that man… hope someone fills his shoes

  • We are at war for the oil dollar and hopes to have some control over the vast lithium deposits in Afghanistan. They dont care who dies or how it hurts the Afghans or our country.

  • ron you are talking to the dead