Ron Paul Urges Afghanistan Withdrawal

  • All sound good on paper but in therory its a bit differany, If Ron Paul won we the world be worst off than if we did absolutley nothing after 9/11…and make terrorist stronger and more willing to attack., Ron Paul…against the normal people and with the terrorists.

  • “What good is an apology if you don’t change policy?”

    Ron Paul is such a good man.


  • YT is promoting an HBO clip titled ”The Most Honest 3 and 1/2” from their new show called ”The Newsroom” According to this ”honest” show; COMPLACENT COLLEGE KIDS, cowards, angel believers, etc. are the cause of our nation’s demise.
    No mention of the Federal Reserve, AIPAC, etc.
    Who controls the Media?

  • Yeah, but look at all the opium coming out a Afghaistan now. If we leave now, the Taliban will stop the production of opium.

  • Maybe you should try to understand what he is saying.

  • if you cant understand that things never go perfect, then go back to third grade.

  • If you can’t understand what he says, then redo your 3rd grade!

  • Should be Laugh first and Ignore second! and we have just passed the ignore phase.

  • I am voting for Ron Paul this election.

  • Henrik

    It´s so sad how the U.S. people and army is being manipulated by the banks and the big Inc. I´m a huge foreign RP fan and he´s been cheated in the GOP nomination. Democracy?? Wake up.
    I have a dream, and it is the day that the U.S. government admits what really happened the on the sept. 11 2001 because its too painfully obvious. I´m sure that a huge part of the U.S. people feels the same way but just rather put their head in the sand. This will be the huge elephant in the room for you until the truth comes out. I feel very sorry for the U.S. people for missing the opportunity for having RP as president because of the rotten political system.
    N.b. Hope the U.S. will leave Iran alone so we won´t have WWIII. Truth, peace and love to you all.

  • Ron Paul just spends most of his time babbling on and no one understands what he says. His argument is basically things are not perfect therefore we should come home and cower in a corner. ugggh, and he cant figure out why no one takes him seriously.

  • Thank you, again – and always, Dr. Paul -3

  • Ron Paul will win Minnesota General election by write in, how about your state?

  • I’m glad someone is finally speaking up. Just spill the beans already. Tell them about the priests and all the lies we’ve been fed…

  • END THE WAR NOW!!!!- ex-special operations soldier (Bco 3/75 Ranger Regiment)

  • First they ignore you ☑
    then they laugh at you ☑
    then they fight you ☑
    then you win ☑

  • thank you dear friend of the people!!!

  • the real war is in this country

  • This is a such a casual speech. No hard prep. Just saying what he believes.

  • It’s amazing that this guy can make so much sense, but be ignored by his peers to such a degree.

    When we found out that there were no WMDs and no connections to Al Qaeda in Iraq, we should’ve pulled all our troops immediately! If you’re driving over a cliff and discover this, you swerve, put on your brakes or go in reverse! You don’t “stay the course” like dopey Bush and Obama!