Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke

  • We could have had tis Hero for president and instead we will get another Karl Marx wannabe !

  • Paul should get up and Pimpslap Fwank right out of his chair and then spit in his eye!!!

    Bernyankme will be glad when RP is gone so, he’ll be able to lie without being called on it as RP always does…

  • He might you never know.

  • Please younger Americans, stand up and speak out, displaying your talents and deep desire for creating a great and truly peaceful and free country!

  • why do all these people sound like they are eating burgers at the same time as they are talking?

  • The tragedy is that an average American citizen is too dumb to understand the problem. An average American has no idea where money comes from, what FED really does and how its monetary policy affect the everyday lives of millions of people. The politicians are corrupt and nothing in this world will change their mentality. This country needs another American Revolution in order to fully reinstate the rule of law, the Constitution and the values this nation was created upon.

  • Not at all. Do you understand the term “literally”? It is the opposite of “figuratively” which I think is what you really mean. Since there is little difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama (they are both statists with a socialist agenda), the real waste is in voting for either of them. Whichever of them wins, we’re going down the same road. But if a critical mass of people write in Ron Paul (or if he wins the convention, which could still happen), that could make a huge difference.


  • I really don’t know how many people must die in Afghanistan, I really don’t know how many people must waste his job, I don’t know on what level must raise the inflation, that American people would realize that FED is the most catastrophic phenomenon in history of US and this system must be destroyed by the people. And the only way for it is RON PAUL and his policy.

  • Ron Paul will run third party without a shadow of doubt !

  • Read about the Rothschild Zionist Family ! Everything is concentrated on the history of this most influential family ever !

  • what are you basing that on?

  • To the contrary, Ron Paul has stated several times that Romney and Obama are similar in policies and he prefers neither over the other. They both want to increase the size of the government while serving special interests. Ron Paul has been consistent for decades and so I trust that he means what he says.He might prefer Romney slightly more because he carries the Republican tag, but he knows that he would be the slightly lesser of the two evils.

  • i c what ur sayn. but the primaries are over. anyone with a lick of sense knows that ron paul prefers mitt romney over obama. hes just not sayn it directly becuase he doesnt want to force the idea of voting for romney down the throats or his undecided base.

  • Israeli AIPAC, Greenspan and Bernanke maintained “secrecy” to make money out of thin air, convert it into gold and stash it away to Israel, in a vault with 250 nuclear heads. Can you claim the money back afterwards ? No. The last thing they will do after the devaluation of the dollar, is to send the military to crush in Iran.

  • Shoot British people? lol

  • We wont know for sure because of all the voting fraud. But there is a small chance he can be put in during the Republican National Convention.

  • Come On People ~RON PAUL 2012~

  • the sad thing is..I dont think its rocket science to figure out what the fed is doing..and HR459 will only allow a full audit or more oversight of the fed to congress.. but it does not stop the fed from doing anything so i mean ..its a start but it doesn’t change anything..perhaps legally by having the evidence lol i think i just answered my own statement

  • Dr. Paul is a smart man ..#salute

  • unfortunately, even if every voter in America wrote him in, he still has no chance to be put in office. the curruption in our political system runs far too deep for our votes to mean a damn thing