Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke

  • The founding fathers WILL SPIT in ur face for doing that….

  • Minnesota is voting Ron Paul! GOP and DNC can take their puppets back.

    Minnesota is going to have the most Write-Ins for Ron Paul of all the states.

  • End the monetary system.

  • His son Rand Paul is so he might be who knows

  • Israeli Bernanke makes money out of thin air, a part is converted to Gold and shipped to Israel and secured in a vault with 250 nuclear heads, the other part spent on military to make researches about new weapons that will benefit Israel in the future and to wage wars on oil rich countries 1) to get more resources, 2) secure Israel and 3) to have an excuse to print more money out of thin air, and the scum goes on and on as long as people are ignorant about the economic cycle [JFK]


  • I’m voting for the first time ever and in going to write in Dr. Ron Paul!

  • French Canadian

    Ohay, I know who it is.

    It is: Rep. Bob Turner from NY District 9 is the only Republican who voted no. His office number is (202) 225-6616 and his Twitter handle is @USRepBobTurner.

    Tell him what you think of him.

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill Overwhelmingly Passes in the House


    “Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve has passed overwhelmingly in the House. It cleared a suspension of House ruled requiring a two-thirds vote. The final vote was 327 to 98 and all but one Republican and 89 Democrats voted yes. The bill had more than 274 cosponsors and faced strong opposition by Democrats and the Federal Reserve.

    The legislation will allow auditors to conduct in-depth audits of the private bankster cartel’s monetary policy operations.”


    Let’s find out who is the ONE republican who voted against this bill.

  • He’s retiring, america completely let him down. Welcome obama for his second term, and the complete collapse of america!

  • I’m writing Ron Paul in the Canadian elections 🙂

  • I don’t think you can waste your vote when your vote is worthless

  • Good Luck to you Ron Paul. Go Get Em! Mr President Ron Paul 🙂

  • well miss ya

  • You god damn right I’m writing his name in!

  • CALL UR SENATOR!!!!!! NOW!! !

  • The real American’s support freedom around the world. The thing is that, our government is way out of control. This might take a revolt to get things straight. Anybody who cherrishes freedom, my heart goes out to you….

  • French Canadian

    Two interviews you do not want to miss: Paul Craig Roberts and Bob Barr.

    On the Wednesday, July 25th edition of the Alex Jones Show:

    1- Alex welcomes long-time returning guest, economist, and contributing writer Paul Craig Roberts to discuss the assault on gun rights in the aftermath of the Colorado shooting, the West’s unsuccessful efforts to muster support for Syrian intervention, and the impact the recent Libor scandal will have on world markets.

    2- Also former federal prosecutor, writer, and former member of the United States House of Representatives Bob Barr returns to expand on his recent Daily Caller article titled, “Homeland Security Continues to Demonize Conservatives and Libertarians” in which he notes that supporters of he or Ron Paul were targeted by a MIAC report warning readers to be weary of “militias” and those that display Gadsden (“Don’t tread on me”) bumper stickers. Alex also breaks down the latest news and takes your calls.

  • French Canadian

    Please do watch the two videos in my previous post. You will enjoy them.

    Dennis Kucinich really blows out steam… and Ron Paul on CSpan yesterday takes 3 calls from the listeners… very interesting.

  • Need some real Americans to assassinate the puppets.

  • French Canadian

    Article, plus 2 Videos: one of Dennis Kucinich and one from Ron Paul:

    Ron Paul’s Political Legacy Will Be Decided TODAY


    “Last month, a bipartisan vote in the House Oversight Committee was almost completely unanimous in approving the bill, advancing it to the House floor.

    The bill has 270 co-sponsors, including nearly four dozen Democrats, and insiders believe that every Republican representative will support the legislation, meaning that barring some major flip flopping, the bill will be successfully passed.”