Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke

  • to hell with Ben BernYANKme!

  • If Ron Paul became president and I was in a room with Ron Paul and Hitler, with only 2 bullets in my gun, and I can only use 1 bullet for each person, I would shoot Hitler and myself.

  • to where? somalia?

  • If Ron Paul became president and I was in a room with Ron Paul and Hitler and only 2 bullets in my gun I would shoot Ron paul twice, then spit on his corpse.

  • It is a shame that so few people, can influence so much public policy. By this I mean AIPAC, and a powerful group of Jewish bankers that influence the US congress, and Presidents to support Israel, and continually put down Arabs and Persians. If not for these special intrests would we continually be warring with these peoples? I personally don’t believe so. So in one statement I think it is sad that America has been bought and sold by the Zionists and by evolution denying Christians.


  • Everybody Favorite and Like his videos, We need to get the word out

  • I love ron paul but how does he stand a chance when people like the asshole in the beginning makes fun of him AND are talking and cracking jokes during….

  • ask not what america can do for you…

  • wRONg Paul sucks balls……CRYBABIES!

  • Go Ron Paul!!! 2012!

  • MSM will suck Ron Pauls cock now he is retiring. They will make him a hero after giving him years of shit.

  • Bernanke, I await the day your are removed from power.

  • He wil be president, I believe in Ron Paul!!!!

  • yes. syria, lebanon, iran. i’ll comment on your channel.

  • Where are you from Sherhak ?
    My name on facebook “Faysal Ijji Bezza”. Add me on Facebook, made me curious 😉

  • Destruction of Iran, then the destruction of the Arabs.

  • yes.

  • You don’t support Ron Paul, real supporters don’t give up. Stop trying to get more votes for Obamney, they both are complete morons.

  • exactly! i’m surprised you mention JFK. the whole time i was thinking of JFK too for standing up to israel/ and what if ron paul is harmed? the zionist banksters will not concede and give up power. they’ve had us for lunch.

  • i’m upset and disgusted too, but i’ll stay and fight, not hand over the nation to the bastards who’ve brought it to the brink of destruction and infamy. you’ll feel guilty if you abandon the ship. stay, unite, fight for the nation and its people and values. it’s your duty!