Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke

  • THE YOUTRUTH PROJECT watch?v=zlm9H_eKUKs

  • Mox News, is like the honest version of “Fox News”.

  • All bankers must fucking hang!

  • Just curious about this bill,Did it pass? and do they audit the fed immediately? someone explain to another trying to learn please

  • I wish he would win too. but How? everyone one is gonna vote for obama again… If there was a way to get him elected i would try it. But sadly it seems like america will make the wrong choices again.

  • When England became too oppressive, the colonists didn’t leave.

    We made THEM leave.

  • Not all states recognize write-in’s… but I will write him in as well…
    RON PAUL 2012!!!



  • Go and live Iran ya terrorist loving dog.

  • Ron Paul is batman

  • Take me with you “ThePepsiWhore”

  • Better start packing your bags.

  • if i were american you wouldnt vote alone

  • fuck ron paul, fuck America fuck you all, ….superficial, yeah…blah blah blah, fuck myself for beeing such a coward AND NOT PICK ARMS AND WEAK MY GOVERNOR AND MY CONGRESSMAN RIGHT NOW!

  • lol that fkn child rapist….the both of em

  • NOT ENOUGH ! THEY MADE THE LAW´s ! BUT NOW WE KNOW ABOUT A LIE HO IS BIGGER THEN 300 YEAR ! SO the LAW´s are not more for THEM and they have to underrest and arrest for all what there familie´s did about this time -> killed WORLDWIDE 290 MIO. PEOPLE ! AND MUCH MORE WE HAVE THE HOLE TRUE HISTORY ! i-NET ! SO Arrest THEM ALL ! From COMPANY´s ! BANKSTERS ! POLITICS ! ALL OVER THE WORLD ! MIo. People Work for them Intressts ! WE HAVE TO WIPE THEM OUT – ALL OF THEM !!! LOOK at THE ILLUMINATI LIST…

  • SRY BUT YES AND NO !!! STOP POLITIC AT ALL no other snake in the same Position … We Need Reform Oure Hole Planet … not only one stuff !!! We Have to go into a Future ho Build the people of the world a better place for ALL TOGETHER !!! WITHOUT ANYTHING EVIL… ORE MORE FOR ONE THEN FOR ONE OTHER !!! NO Classes more… Communism and Sozialism are Dead pls – let us ALL Move 100 years into the Future without this ALL … ONLY ONE PRODUCT FROM EVERYTHING AROUND THE WORLD BUT THE BEST FOR ALL !!!

  • Bernanke looks so guilty like a kid caught stealing a candy bar.

  • You Ron are my most inspirational person in politics

  • One in ten million