Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke

  • Omg hedgers! Really? God sent Romney? Obama is allowing the terrorists to win? I’m with you on the fuck Obama thing, but there is no war on terror. Terrorism is a tactic, not a target. It is a war that can’t be won. Your messiah shares the same background as Horus, Dionysus, mithra, and a host of deities that predate his existence. If you need eternal damnation to keep you straight, that’s awesome. But I try to live right for my fellow man, a more tangible being.

  • You are what is wrong with democracy lol

  • Theres always one idiot who will vote for that one idiot.

  • Fall one puppet, to be replaced by the next.

  • Up to three. Looks like Geithner saw it too.

  • Mitt is a ass smelling, hair boggling, gay faced, toilet eating, ball wiggling, ass kissing, kids tv rip off,goody two shoes who got no balls to stand up for anything..

  • PAUL is starting to INVADE the JEWISH ZIONIST money making scheme !

    Careful – remember Kennedy !

  • Ron Paul is a creepy little scum sucking, butt scratching, glue sniffing, one man losing streak.
    Mitt Romney 2012 & 2016, Motherfuckers!


  • Look what I found.
    YT — “Dead End For Bankers Crime Syndicate. Bankers Deaths, Suicides, Homicides And Capital Punishment (5)”
    “Bankers Crimes: Money Laundering,Inside Trading,Cooking Books,Bribing,Wash Trading,Frontrunning (6)”
    They are killing and suing each other and resigning in hundreds.

  • I await the day Bernanke is removed from the realm of the living.

  • Sharon P

    I so wish Ron Paul was our President…

  • I like the interviewer hes respectful unlike some people on fox

  • The un-employment rate is not 8.2%. That is based on those who work for companies and not self-employed which is what the majority should be! Self-employed, having the
    self-sufficiency to keep yourself employed.

  • Man!!!
    My Ron Paul sure spills the BEANS about stupor pervading our political system.

  • Right On!!
    I can only imagine having an intelligent president that has real concerns for the liberty of conscience and sound money policies.

  • retard

  • And how did God punish the Romans for that behaviour? their empire fell, their leaders were assasinated left and right. The bible was written by God, and while I’m sure that some people edited the bible to translate it the message is the same, always has been.

  • Just look at Paul’s the wisdom and decades of experience in the field of federal governance has compared to Romney and Obama.

  • Just look at Paul’s the wisdom and decades of experience in the field of federal governance has compared to Romney and Obama.

  • I had to reread your mad ravings just to make sure I was seeing them correctly. I think it’s more complex than your simplistic view states. The Bible was edited several times before it reached your hands, i.e. the council of Nicene, where Roman men were banging each other’s assholes. Helping the terrorists win the war and using all of our tax dollars for abortions? Simply isn’t true. Let gay people do what they please, put people like Joseph in mental wards.