Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke


  • How is living in your mothers basement going?

  • You people writing in Ron Paul are total tards. He’s not going to win and isn’t even in the race – why not put your political muscle behind somebody who actually IS running? So fucking stupid.


  • It’s just a ceremonial vote for a retiring congressman. HR 459 is a dog & pony show.

  • wRONg Paul

  • um, Ron Paul. You?

  • It’s hard to take you advice. You seem to have no idea what you’re talking about. Learn the word assertiveness, act it out and you might find people willing to listen to you.

    A vote for Ron Paul, is a vote for Ron Paul.

  • Get out of here and stop watching his videos idiot. Believing in new world order

  • Writing in ron paul is a waste of time. Vote for somebody who is actually running for office if you’re so hellbent on going to the voting booth in November. Even if it’s a third party guy, vote for someone. Or don’t vote at all, your choice.

  • Who are Ron Paul voters supporting between Obama and Romney?

  • God I hate God.

  • me too, trying to back ron paul into a corner with their questions like who are you going to vote for, Romney? i love the way i can see straight through the bull

  • Go to Tampa, demand the nomination of Ron Paul!

  • Gary Johnson has my vote.

  • stupid Americans….. seriously. get a fucking grip.

  • support from Pakistan for Dr Paul

  • Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot on all 50 states.

    If Ron Paul doesn’t clench the Republic Nomination this summer, all RP supporters ought to rally around the 3rd party candidate, Libertarian Gary Johnson. I expect Ron Paul to publicly support him if this were the case

  • I don’t care what ticket he ran on. If he gets the most write-in votes he wins. I may vote alone but at least I know I voted for what was right!

  • Ron Paul is no puppet of any 1 world currency or order. He’s tried to save the dollar ever sense he’s been in office but his bills to audit the beast kept getting laughed at and rejected. Now we are over a cliff he cries one last time “Audit the beast that is ruining America” and finally some are taking notice because that crazy old man has been right all along.

  • No one won the nomination until Tamp is over. That is just like saying if you are 10 miles behind in a race and give up before you cross the finish line. If you support him then why does it matter if he doesn’t win? Don’t think of it as you’re wasting your vote. think of it as the others don’t deserve your vote. Anyway, it’s your decision. I’m going to write him in either way, win or lose.