Ron Paul’s Final Showdown with Ben Bernanke

  • Vermin Supreme.

  • because the other options are criminals, and are all fascist (except Gary Johnson)

  • “You are literally wasting your vote.”

    Far better to make a huge showing for Ron Paul than endorse Obamney scum. Perhaps you are a voting whore but, this man isn’t.


  • We shall see when the convention comes up.

    OBAMA/ROMNEY= ENDLESS WARS, CORRUPTION, DRONES, LIES, Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA, FISA, Wiretaps, Bush Tax Cuts, War On Marijuana, Trillions to Pentagon/Israel, Forcing Americans Buy Insurance, Lobbyist Bribes, GITMO, Wall-Street Bailouts, Both Love AIPAC, Oil Drilling, Nuclear, Goldman Sachs & War/Oil Industry, Israel Owns Both, Both HATE Transparency, Erased Habeas Corpus & Posse Comitatus, Love Indefinite Detention of Americans, Endless Deregulation, Torture Brad Manning

  • you at FOX have cut your own throats yet so stupid are you, you have no clue

  • He sounds like he’s got a cold perhaps. Hope he rests up… and that he doesn’t vote for Romney.

  • support from Libya for Rep. Paul

    I know people who are going to start a libertarian party in libya

  • Ron Paul gave a disappointingly evasive answer to the question of what he thought of Mitt Romney as a candidate. A couple of months ago he would have denounced Romney’s foolish, big spending policies. Now Dr Paul only says Romney offers something different than Obama and whoever wins will have it rough. Certainly hints of some back room deals in the making. It’s a mistake for Ron Paul to compromise like that.

  • Nationalize the Federal Reserve. Expose all members of Congress who receive perks and money from lobbyists — and get them out of office. We need 50 million people on their own main streets who recognize that this corruption cannot continue. Wall Street needs jail time and/or public executions. The drug war will end when the people control drugs — not the criminals, bankers, and secret elite like the Skull and Bones members. I do not like to promote violence, but 10 yrs of talk means nothing.

  • Let the man rest its up to US THE PEOPLE NOW!!

  • William Shakespeare said it best.

  • French Canadian

    The only sane voice in the wilderness.

    Who will ever replace this GREAT man?

  • I’m tired.

  • Yes you just NEED to vote for the Winning side so you can bask in reflected Glory like a little child! Grow up you losers who Must be on the winning side it will not be your win it will be your doom binding yourself to to the Lesser Evil Moron you have still sold yourself to a devil!
    Vote Ron Paul Step out of the Bread line Denie yourself the scraps from Government’s table Straighten your Spine and be Principled Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  • again why do you think your so smart?

  • Someone like George W. Bush retires, he’s replaced with 5 more others. Someone like Ron Paul retires, good luck finding someone to fill his shoes.

  • Because one is not obligated to vote for someone they don’t want to be president simply because the more qualified candidates have been removed. It would be more american to not vote at all than to vote for someone you disagree with and whom you know will do nothing they promised during their campaign. Obama is a dead-promise president who doesn’t defend the constitution. Romney isn’t qualified to run a state, much less the highest office in the free world, and he’s caught lying constantly.

  • People are actually blind enough not to see the Zionist New World Order coming together? The European Union and NATO strikes without congressional approval are HUGE steps, still nobody bats an eyelash. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. Why is our 2nd Amendment being stripped away? The TSA has raped our 4th Amendment…

    Look up the North American Free Trade Agreement? Bush signed it. We will soon be joined with Mexico and Canada and the Constitution will die. Goodnight sweet prince.

  • There’s no one else worthy of a vote besides Dr. Paul.