Ron Paul: Government Cannot Protect Us From All Possible Harm

by Ron Paul

The senseless and horrific killings last week at a movie theater in Colorado reminded Americans that life is fragile and beautiful, and we should not take family, friends, and loved ones for granted. Our prayers go out to the injured victims and the families of those killed. As a nation we should use this terrible event to come together with the resolve to create a society that better values life.

We should also face the sober reality that government cannot protect us from all possible harm. No matter how many laws we pass, no matter how many police or federal agents we put on the streets, no matter how routinely we monitor internet communications, a determined individual or group can still cause great harm. We as individuals are responsible for our safety and the safety of our families.

Furthermore, it is the role of civil society rather than government to build a culture of responsible, peaceful, productive individuals. Government cannot mandate morality or instill hope in troubled individuals. External controls on our behavior imposed by government through laws, police, and jails usually apply only after a terrible crime has occurred.

Internal self-governance, by contrast, is a much more powerful regulator of human behavior than any law. This self-governance must be developed from birth, first by parents but later also through the positive influence of relatives and adult role models. Beyond childhood, character development can occur through religious, civic, and social institutions. Ultimately, self-governance cannot be developed without an underlying foundation of morality.

Government, however, is not a moral actor. The state should protect our rights, but it cannot develop our character. Whenever terrible crimes occur, many Americans understandably demand that government “do something” to prevent similar crimes in the future. But this reflexive impulse almost always leads to bad laws and the loss of liberty.

Do we really want to live in a world of police checkpoints, surveillance cameras, and metal detectors? Do we really believe government can provide total security? Do we want to involuntarily commit every disaffected, disturbed, or alienated person who fantasizes about violence? Or can we accept that liberty is more important than the illusion of state-provided security?

Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons.



  • I can’t reply to folks either what’s going on??

    RON PAUL 2012

  • 2 dislikes? Romney and Obama must have listened to this video. Liberty, Freedom, peace and Happiness to all!! Thank you Dr. Paul. You will be the next president of the united states!!

  • DragonBommie

    I like Ron Paul

    I don’t know the guy exactly of course, but I like him in a way

    I don’t like people so much haha

    I like animals

    At least they still have their innocence

    We’ve lost it

    I don’t like the way the world is now

    Meditation can help

    To get yourself more clearminded

    To increase your awareness to position yourself ina different way gradually

    And baldness and actions against the few oppressors is also very necessary of course haha

    A revolt

    A nice, aware, eloquent, fair, determined, outnumbering the bad guys/punishing the bad guys, cleansing, coming from the heart, turning the whole system/ideas about ourselves and our surroundings upside down, breaking all the conditional / traditional / cultural / educational /systematical / ignorant / material patterns etc. etc. revolt…..

    We need it desperately, as a species

    But then again

    Do we really want to help/rescue humanity? haha

    Somebody asked me that question once, and I really didn’t have an immediate answer….

    Later I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I actually don’t (want to rescue humanity haha)

    At least not in continuing the way most humans are acting/relating to the current time-spirit and to their judgements and behaviour and ideas of interrelating..

    History shows that most revolts/revolutions end up after a while with different people/concepts doing the same thing (in a different coat as we say in Holland) over and over again

    We need an inward-turning revolution

    A revolt against the so deeply rooted evil systems of the global current education-system and the ideas of the so-called benefits of possessions, the out-dated opinions about order and orderly and decent way of behaviour

    There isn’t

    We have to accept without interfering to go from tension towards non-tension

    To go from narrow-mindedness to open-mindedness

    To go from captivity towards freedom

    From ignorance towards wisdom

    We have to accept that we are very limited and give up the idea of wanting to find answers

    To many questions

    To many distractions

    To little space/room for allowing the answers to come

    Observe yourself without bothering others with your opinions/experiences all the time (sometimes is OK of course haha)

    Do we deserve happiness (as a species)? I really don’t know haha

    Everybody talks about happiness

    So much to say about it

    Better to inspire

    It’s about your merits eventually I guess

    Why did Ron Paul stop his speeches lately?

    Does he really want to become president?

    He could have made so much more speeches the last couple of weeks and stir up the r’love’ution big time and get the word out to more and more people who haven’t heard about this message yet

    A big questionmark for me

    ”It could have been so beautiful, it could have been so right…” (Tiffany)

    Too bad

    At least some people opened their eyes up to this point….

    I’m still very curious what’s going to happen in Tampa….

    Don’t believe your parents/family
    Don’t believe your friends
    Don’t believe your teachers
    Don’t believe the written word (including mine haha)
    Don’t believe your government
    Don’t believe your religious leaders/experts
    Don’t believe the man in the street
    Don’t believe anyone!!!

    Just listen to people and observe them
    And when something pops up because of the listening/observations that resonates with you then practise it wholeheartedly as long as it’s beneficial for you AS WELL as for others haha

    Observe and learn

    An hour of practice beats a lifetime of intellectual understanding about it

    I can spend hours writing about how to learn through observation (especially of the innerbody movement which is the blueprint for the universal movement..) but you’ll never know till you start doing it of course haha

    Do it and your life/perspective/insights/behaviour/anxiety/thinking-pattern will change (for the best and more towards your potential)

    Love & peace from a dutch guy living in China

  • French Canadian

    You have to watch the Wayne Madsen Interview on Alex Jones today about the Batman Shooting. Just advance the video to 0:37:00 minutes where the interview starts:

    Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (7-24-12) Wayne Madsen,Joel Gilbert & Larry Pinkney

  • French Canadian

    Short video, One minute 36 second:
    Must see:

    Ice-T Defends Gun Rights: “The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny” (Video )

  • hookagold

    It was indeed a Dark night, at the Dark knight screening in Aurora Colorado. sic sic sic. RIP innocent folks.

    But I also find this disturbing that it took place exactly one week, before Hillary is set to gut the second Amendment, at the UN small arms treaty signing. People will be much more accepting of losing their guns now.

    This current administration don’t care much for our Constitution or our Bill of Rights, or for that matter America!

    Ron Paul- is the Man whith the Right plan.

  • Not to sound a troll but Youtube seems to have removed my privilege to reply to anyone. What is going on with this site?

  • French Canadian

    And by the way, Morisson, I would much prefer to die by a gun shot, than to be stabbed 50 times by a kitchen knife.

  • French Canadian

    Dean Morrisson,

    No use discussing with brainwashed people. Hope you never have to defend yourself from a criminal… cause you will be deader than a door nail. And remember that criminals always knows were to find a gun.

    Keep the propaganda going… Obama needs reenforcement from people like you, who love to be slaves and dependents of governments. Enjoy your slavery!

  • Surfisher

    Vote on HR 459 will occur sometime after 1 PM ET on Wednesday, July 25.

    March on Congress tomorrow to END THE FEDS!

  • Dean Morrison

    To French Canadian:

    “I beg to differ with you. First, UK population is only 63,000,000 compared with the USA who is 313,000,000.”

    Yes – the population of the US is indeed five times the size of that of the UK.

    Do the math – If the number of killings was in proportion to the population you’d expect 70 killings a year in the country – not 10,000.

    The figures I gave were for killings – not including suicides. If you want to look at those figures they don’t make the US look any better I’m afraid – households with a gun in the USA are five times as likely to suffer a suicide because the easy and effective means laying to hand.

    I’m afraid you’re in denial of mathematics.

    As for our ‘tyrannical UK government’? They may be as useless and ineffective as yours in standing up to the corrupt bankers and thieving businesses as yours are, but no-one here thinks we’re living in a tyranny. Remember our police aren’t armed either, and our armed forces are tiny, and mostly overseas where they’re doing their best to help the US out.

    You live in a country where any idiot, no matter how crazy, can walk into a shop, buy himself an assault rifle, and turn it on his fellow citizens the very next day. You’re crazy to think that makes you safer because of the fantasy that you live under a tyrannical government.

    The tyranny you live under is that imposed by the NRA and gun manufacturers, who don’t want the lives of their fellow citizens to stand in the way of profit – and are happy to cause tens of thousands to die in order to make a buck. You don’t need a pointless ‘War on Terror’ – what you need if you want to save American lives is a war on guns and those who apologise for them.

  • Dr. Ron Paul…THANK YOU for curing my Apathy!!!

  • Always on point. Thank you dr paul

  • French Canadian

    Dean Morrison,

    I beg to differ with you. First, UK population is only 63,000,000 compared with the USA who is 313,000,000.

    The numbers of people killed by guns in the US includes: suicides (wich could be done with knives, drugs and many other ways) , by police shootings and war drug dealers on the borders of Mexico. And the crime rates by guns is heavily found in cities that are disarmed, like New-York, Chicago, etc. This is normal, since when citizens are disarmed, only the criminals are armed.

    Citizens need to be armed to defend themselves against government’s tyranny. How can you defend yourself against your corrupted UK government? You have no way to defend yourself, you are absolutely powerless against tyranny.

    Besides, arm citizens save lives, take a look at this:

    Guns Save Lives Stories

  • Amen, Dr. Paul!

    President Ron Paul, 2012!

  • Living legend.

  • thats a stupid comment go look at his video of him delivering a baby for free for a family that guy a black man is strongly a Ron paul supporter more rumors from unfounded truth’s

  • Dean Morrison

    I beg to differ Dr Paul.

    If your government enacted strict gun control laws such as we have in the UK, then perhaps you’d be less at the mercy of fellow unhinged and criminal citizens.
    In the UK there were 14 deaths from firearms last year, whilst in a typical year in the US there are over 10,000 I believe? Far more of your citizens are shot down and killed by fellow citizens, than American troops killed in Afghanistan. In fact three times as many are killed every year as were killed on 9/11.
    Your real enemy is at home, and if you speak in defence of the NRA and for the ‘right’ of every John Doe to carry an assault weapon, you are not only aiding and abetting, but arming, every idiot that decides to go on a killing spree.

    • Citizen


      But more at the
      ” mercy of fellow unhinged and criminal Government”

      Welcome to Syria and King Asad’s benevolent leadership!

      The 2nd Amendment is to permit US to defend against Government Tyranny.
      Not movie theater psych cases.

      Government is the greater threat by far!

  • this is the truth