Ron Paul: Why We Must Audit the Federal Reserve

  • This piece of eye candy had a prewritten line of question on the teleprompter design to through Dr Paul off, that I’m sure took several terrible people to write, but they didn’t get it done. I can’t stand the media! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL when under attack by these evil forces.

  • even though her side is completely wrong, she did a pretty good job of defending it lol

  • 275 likes, 1 dislike is obama

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  • but obama sounded like he was lying

  • This bill passing is huge for us real Americans!

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  • He’s acting like he a savior just like Obama acted like the savior in 08. I really don’t get how Ron Paul so different. It’s sad people still don’t see that ALL politicians are corrupt.
    Just because he has a “good voting record” doesn’t mean he will never be corrupt.


  • Is it really so easy to get a job as a Fox Business presenter?
    What a completely stupid b****!

  • You and others are too paranoid about this idea. I really don’t want to waste my time trying to convince you that he is legit and not a part of any hidden conspiracy to control the opposition. His message is very threatening to the rulers of the world and if you look at his voting record you will see that he has never wavered in his oath of office. To imply that Ron Paul is not genuine tells me you lack common sense. So go away, we don’t want you on our team. You are not a freedom fighter.

  • She is not smart.

  • He loves this, and it’s well deserved. Thank you, Dr. Ron Paul, of your tireless efforts. Because of your vigilance, “The Secrets of the Temple”, are no longer secret.

  • Great point….he’s in congress so he must be like the others! Really valuable message you’e got there.

  • Obama would never sign this. Good luck guys only when it happens you will all see the only way to beat these guys is thru much more action than within an already long rotten apple to its core. Ⓐ hundred years was plenty of time

  • People have flocked towards Ron Paul because he is the only one who cares.

    He ran for President with the sole intention of educating people on the Fed. Thanks to him, we now have a generation of free thinkers who will fight to take this country back from the fat cats that have taken it over.

    Audit the Fed has passed due to overwhelming support from the American people.

  • Its DOCTOR Paul or CONGRESSMEN Paul. Not Mr Paul. Have some respect for the man thats trying to save you.

  • The fox type conservatives are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda itself! Look at this conservative bimbo attacking Paul questioning him like if she knew any better.

  • haha, watch this at a higher speed, its fucking hilarious

  • nicely put. Thank you