Ron Paul: Why We Must Audit the Federal Reserve

  • It’s obviously that most individuals, free willed and independent, regardless of background… All support freedom… And that’s why Ron Paul is loved.. young people know how to use the INTERNET!


  • Why does it skip at 26:20? And that guy has no idea how gold and silver is linked to the dollar (ORIGINALLY)… That guy needs to compare gold to oil… Ron takes them to school!

  • This is why I’d rather get my information from alternate media then the shit they have in the national media. This ill informed bitch has now been seen by 6714 people as of now on this very video. Wonder how she sleeps at night knowing how much people probably dislike her. If I saw her out on the street I’d call her out for being a pawn.

  • if she had to ask….u know whos side shes on…

  • This faux news harlot knows NOTHING!

  • If we don’t start to listen to this man, we are doomed and our children will suffer even more severly

  • Blonde bimbo : 0
    Grey Paul : 1

  • LOL you fucking retard. He gets the most donations from military personnel dumb ass. nice try

  • She in bed with the Fed.

  • Not EVERY politician is evil. I know what u mean, a lot are in if for themselves and will sell out the people who “elected” them. But Ron Paul is the closest thing to a real leader.. We the people, have to embrace that, other wise the next Ron Paul wont bother running because they know they wont get any support.. And I’m not a sheep, i can think for myself… Cool mate 🙂

  • Oh my…it’s business barbie with a diploma in MSM.

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  • They always just try to shut him down

  • I came from Iraq and the taliban will kill my family if the brace us soldiers go,
    Why do you want them to go? is it because there not hurting you so you dont care about us?
    I have faith in USA and I hope this evil man Paul loses,
    There are many there that hate Ron Pual…but the taliban love him,
    Thanks to the troops of USA again, God help you paul because others wont,

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  • here’s the problem
    she’s a “Girl” BAM
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  • we know what it is. just look around at our neighbors houses getting bigger more foreign cars in the driveway. more than 1 mortgage…made in china… credit crunch!!! great questions. now everyone wants to see the banking system fail to get our of their debt. great response by rp… who do they keep loaning all this money to? the same people over and over? we all know the answer.

  • This Ron Paul guy has changed my life forever! God bless the Ignorant

  • This news caster is EXACTLY why I canceled my cable T.V. subscription 3 Years ago. Have never been happier with out that slant! You tube is truth.