Ron Paul: Why We Must Audit the Federal Reserve

  • I think we all should call Sen. Harry Reid’s office and bombard him with complaints because he is the one preventing a vote to Audit the Fed in the Senate. His number is 202-224-3542

  • Why do so many Americans think this man is so much different from Obama, Romney and all the other talk-robots? Why is he idolized as being “the last hope of the US”? Much of what he says is really not well thought out. Either his thoughts are very shallow and vague or he does it on purpose and uses manipulative rhetoric figures to mislead, reframe and hide the truth. Remember, he’s just a politician. And therefore promising that everything will be better if you vote him, is just his job.

  • Your children are suffering enough by having stupid scared parents.

  • everybody vote for Ron Paul, even if he’s not on the ballot wright his name in. You all realize if he doesn’t win, this country is done!!! We’l be bowing down to obamney while he’s being puppetized by the government. They will be in there invading Iran or Syria for oil while the u.s is falling apart, prices and unemployment will keep on rising and nobody doing nothing about it. Eventually this will lead to a war inside the u.s. Vote for Ron Paul!!!!!

  • Who are these dumb people calling up & asking the questions??? You don’t get that in Europe, people are so intelligent & articulate & understand what is going on. Is it cool to be stupid in America? grow up, you are adults.

  • To operation freebirds aka fagbirds, how dare you call DrPaul unamerican you fucking neocon liberal trader to this country. Dr.Paul is by far one of the Most steadfast defenders of our constitution and natural rights granted to us by god. Obviously u just cant handle the truth and have watched too much main stream news, and it shows in comments. Maybe u should put down the remote and learn something today Not influenced by the faux news machine. R3VOLUTION DR.PAUL!!!!!!

  • Help us O-ronny Paul Kinobe …Your our only Hope! This guys great, sorry for the bad hummor.

  • No they didn’t Richard Nixon did Richard Nixon is why we don’t have manufacturing in this country. He sign all kinds of trade act’s with China so companies could go overseas and use there slave labor. And then he start’s the EPA to force companies overseas to support his communist friend Mao Zedong economy. Don’t tell me about bill clinton and the NAFTA because manufacturing was already gone by the 90s. And it was only between North America. Not communist China.

  • but you don’t mind obama doing it? and every politician before him. You don’t mind obama and bush has sold your country out to china?


  • Fuck Ron Paul he is un- American. Who in there right mind wants trade with our enemies ? All trade with our enemies do is allow them to have an economy there for a military.

  • Mitt Romney needs Ron Paul If he wants to win over Obama. Ron Paul 2012-2020

  • Highfive Ron Paul! It passed the house! Hope the senate has the guts to pass it also!

  • I love when Dr. Paul gets upset and assertive.

  • me too. infact i thought it was that until i read your coment

  • me too. infact i thought it was that until i read your coment

  • I noticed you called him Govenor Bush lol. Glad thats catching on. Im the same as you. Bush was bad, mccain looked like more of the same to me, and everything Obama said on the campaign tip sounded right on. Now we look at the 2 choices in 2012, I dont see how anyone can NOT vote for RP. I highly suspect fraud. People arent THIS stupid. As stupid as they can be, really think the election process has been manipulated, if not outright hijacked

  • Did you hear Ron Paul that he wanted to go but they didnt inviye him to the National Convention. He definitely won and he knows it. Watch how many people go to his rallys. I hope he wins. Im an iraq veteran made a mistake and voted for obama. Now i know the truth of America and want Dr Ron Paul to be President. Governor bush was no good damn debt addict

  • Are you on crack?

  • For a second I thought the title said ‘ No Mercy for the Fed ‘ but then I realized that it was just the founding fathers playing tricks on me.