Ron Paul: Why We Must Audit the Federal Reserve

  • If you don’t mind me asking, what does he stand for and what does he believe in?

  • Yep just like obama lied about protecting our Constitution and ending the wars. and when he got in he broke all his promises.

  • Isn’t it so cute that fucktards like you love to goto video’s you don’t even like?

  • He would really go against EVERYTHING HE WORKED FOR. Like are you kidding? There are real people in this world. Learn more about him then come back and talk to me.

  • very true dude ,and scary really

  • Isnt it so cute that Paultards still think he can win?

  • All Ron Paul supporters should see the Ron Paul Rally March song/video!! Kick ass song. Search on youtube for Ron Paul – Rally March – Corrected Axiom

  • harry reid claims he wanted to audit the fed for over 10 years. the bill finally passes the house and he flops and opposes it. hes a lapdog for the rich. This bill won’t pass. obama will veto. still love paul tho

  • Reporters on fox news hound people and misconstrue statements to make him seem like a villain. We need to ban fox news or petition their slogan to be changed to ” unfair and biased” rediculous, I dislike this because the woman upsets me. I’m for Ron paul though, do not reply to this comment if you have a negative response. I will not reply.

  • i do not know about that. Seems the people who try to change their set up. They mysteriously get killed. (John F Kennedy) For passing bill 11110, or the secrecy to not allow the CIA into the bay of pigs plan (which in the end was the reason it lost.) The people who are not killed always leave little comments pointing to the fact their not in control. (Reagan)
    youtu (DOT) be/yt1fYSAChxs
    2:08, 2:30, 2:49, 3:08, 3:22, and 3:33. Those are just a few key points. Showing he knows there is an elite.

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  • thats why i dont drink kool aid

  • I believe that whoever is the president will HELP with those things. However, as Paul’s bill to audit the fed shows, you dont have to be the president to get things done. His bill still has to go through the senate though. I didnt say that all politicians help…in fact, they hinder the US. I’m not going to get into an argument online. I find it immature. Also…KOOL AID IS FULL OF SUGAR!!! not healthy 😉 lol

  • Keep thinking that Politicians will save us from these wars, bad economy and give back our freedom. You sheep keep drinking that kool aid.

  • He needs to win last hope to be free America has been enslaved and brainwashed

  • I think after the builderburg meeting we got Ron Paul light .

  • You dont see who Ron Paul really is you see him as he is portrayed by the mainstream media. ww w . ronpaul . com. Look there.See if you can learn who he really is. You need to come out from under that rock and see who the true honest politicians are–though they are few and far between.Ron Paul, however is one of them. And they have washed him down the drain.America needs to wake up. I think they will after the government takes complete and utter control over us after this election.

  • yeah, but he directed at it as if it wasnt…therefore, we get his real opinion on it. 😉

  • RON PAUL save our constitutional rights! RON PAUL we’re not gonna give up the fight! RON PAUL start a revolution and break down illegal institutions!