Ron Paul: Why We Must Audit the Federal Reserve

  • I don’t understand how Ron Paul could tell his supporters, who would risk jail in support of him, to be respectfull of Mit Romney and behave themselves. I think he is feeding us a bunch of BS to keep us passified, or maybe he is a shill to identify any threats to the globalists, or maybe he is just tring to milk the money train for all it’s worth.


  • 26:20 What just happened? He started talking about gold then it went right into another conversation

  • Close the fed! No war with Iran, Send some food to N. korea and Africa! The next pencil neck that calls our vets terroist! It just ain’t right! They have more right to have a say than anyone!

  • all those empty seats….

  • all those empty seats….

  • This man is my hero. How prosperous our nation would be under his direction! Love you, Dr. Paul!

  • Uh, what?

  • Ron Paul I pray for our only Lord protect you… Don’t trust them…!!!!!

  • She is paid for to be against.. She really Must to do that… bad and evil woman!!!

  • They will discover that the fed is corrupt, and break it apart. The fed is allowing this. The U.S.A. will thus need a new financial system, handing everything over to the NWO. We live in dark times…

  • This is a great idea after I watched those videos
    Look what I found.
    YT — “Dead End For Bankers Crime Syndicate. Bankers Deaths, Suicides, Homicides And Capital Punishment (5)”
    “Bankers Crimes: Money Laundering,Inside Trading,Cooking Books,Bribing,Wash Trading,Frontrunning (6)”
    They are killing and suing each other and resigning in hundreds.

  • I’m voting for this man. He speaks with such love, concern, and conviction for his country.

  • im a supporter of ron paul i believe in some conspiracy theorist but some of you guys drive me nuts first it was a bomb on airplane and it was israel who did it and then it was a govnt inside job you need stick to one thing because make you sound crazy

  • We can now divulge that the alleged shooter involved in the Wisconsin FALSE FLAG attack is a former FBI informant tied to an infiltrated militia cell in the state of Michigan. Google Tom Heneghan Read the past 15 reports The National Debt does not exist That means your debt does not exist either Obama and Romney are fucking the world big time NOW Google also Ezra Folson Then Google Bootstraps Fisher Then Google J.D. Bell U.S. Secret Service Now is ther time to take action Start with Israel!!!

  • I don’t think losing proves that a person is not controlled opposition, but I understand your point. Here’s how I look at it: If Ron Paul is a “puppet”, and the “puppet masters” want large government, more war, central banking, etc., why would they let one of their “puppets” rail against all of these things for decades, to the point of bringing millions of people around the world to the message that’s the “anti-message” of what they (the “puppet masters”) want?

  • I want to have an orgy with all the fox news chicks. The only reason why anyone watches Fox.

  • If he was “controlled opposition”, why didn’t they make Ron Paul win? Wouldn’t that be even more effective to have controlled opposition that gets into power, making the supporters of the “controlled opposition” believe that they’re saved? They didn’t because Ron Paul is one of the few people who are actually true to their word. He was cheated out of the nomination by voting fraud and RNC goons that intimidated Ron Paul delegate candidates.

  • I say get your guns ready and at least talk with your family about what COULD happen. If you talk about it with them, and there is a civil “war” against the government and people of this country, you will be fully prepared. If it doesn’t happen, then nothing to worry about. If you don’t talk with them and something does happen them you will be up $hit creek

  • Romney is in no way any different that Obama. They’re both in it for the wrong reasons. I personally am a Rep but I dislike Romney as much as Obama. I think Ron Paul should be president. A lot of people would be put back in their place and all the BS firms and bankers and government would be freaked out. The country is honestly doomed with ether Romney or Obama

  • 4:17 sums up her position.