House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • I luv the looks and responses from those dim witted anchors when Dr. President Paul responds. LOL.

  • The feds operating like a world bank already…but I won’t deny the possibility, Its fishy the Repubs went with this but I’m hoping it was more like well even if it ends up passing and we miraculously get an audit they will be able to point fingers at dems for not voting for it and therefore try to revive their party. Thats best case senario though. I’ll take what I can get.

  • Thank you Sir

  • Can anyone explains to me what this means? I am kind of lost on political matters that require the fed..

  • clerk(dot)house(dot)gov/evs/2012/roll513(dot)xml


  • It would force the Fed open their books to see where all the money went, who got what and why and when……..

  • Pshh…I don’t care if they think that, let them keep trying to ‘impress’ us, we all know RP supporters are critical thinkers and won’t get behind them anyway.

  • im sure they let this pass bc the fed must end to bring in the world bank…..


  • You “American’s” that claimed Ron Paul was nothing but a loon are the ones that the rest of us have to thank for ensuring America will not get a great leader in 2012. The future of America could have been so much brighter … but instead we choose between Obama and Romney.
    It makes me wonder, did we as a people do everything we could to ensure the right leadership in America ? I am voting for Ron Paul anyway …that way I can live with myself.

  • Its not over people, we have to keep pushing! Thank you Ron Paul. We appreciate you and stand behind you 100%. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Wheres the List of the 98 pricks who voted no? vote those assholes out come the next election

  • I screamed when I found this out I just had a tear down my eye now all we need to do is shut the fed down…baby steps

  • Harry Reid is saying he won’t bring the bill to the floor of the senate. Remind him by phone/email…etc that he called for an audit himself on multiple occasions. Remind him of the words he spoke for 5 min on this occasion /watch?v=oXOsZ7Ad7dM

    I’m not saying harassment but we should pressure while we have momentum.

  • The senate will not pass. Even if they did Barry will only sign another executive order cancelling the audit in the name of national security.

  • Back from the future… At least he tried

  • So much common sense! The Thomas Jefferson of our time? No…this is fucking Ron Paul! But Alex Jones could be Paul Revere screaming, “The Globalists are coming, the Globalists are coming!” and Napolitano probably would be all that is good about law…when there is pretty much only bullshit and corruption in the current judicial system.

  • The ONLY reason the senate would pass the bill is for re-election if it passes. Otherwise, there is not a chance in HELL for the corrupt senate to pass the bill. All of them are paid off & are nothing but a JOKE. I do admire Ron Paul for trying.

  • Wow! These tools just don’t want to get it. They are simply trying to try to trip Ron up. Then that would be the BIG news.

  • It’s a step in the right direction though. Not everyone knows the corruption of the Fed, so this will bring it to the headlines, pretty much. This will help tremendously with getting rid of the Fed. Public opinion is a powerful tool, if used properly.