House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • RON PAUL, U da man!! Better start wearin bullet proof helmets though, before the Fed hires the CIA to JFK your A!


  • Mrmadicbm…if you believe that drivel then you either work for the banks or you actually believe Romney and Obama are running against each other. Either way you would be wrong. Stop watching mainstream media or you’ll be the next lemming off of the cliff. Know your enemy…and Ron Paul is not America’s enemy.

  • Harry Reid said he will not put H.R. 459 to a vote in the Senate. Contact him to let him know how you (and by the latest numbers 80% of the country) feel about an audit. And if anyone from Nevada sees this, make sure he knows that if he blocks this he lost a vote. Time to see if he works for the people or the central banking cartel.

  • Yes he is a dying breed, HAHAHAAHA, i dont beleive it… a Pauly surpoter got something right….WOW!,
    Dont let anyone tell you have shit for brains boy.

  • Sorry flowerchild, Its the truth and you know it,
    Why do you follow paul? is it becasue you are too scared to fight and this is a way of hiding that cowardness?

  • He did….

  • He already has…..

  • You’re Full of Bull Shit !!!!!!! and the bad thing is….you know it.

  • If Ron Paul could do this ( Audit the Federal Reserve), which no man in history has ever done, just think what he could do if he was President. The Republican Party has made a BIG mistake by not backing him as the Republican Party Presidential candidate. It’s not too late Republicans, Tampa is just around the corner and we will be showing up.


  • More like a battery or two of artillery and a battalion of infantry with bayonets fixed…

  • French Canadian


    ” It seemed like he (Larry Pratt) was saying Romney is a better choice than Obama”

    YES, this is what he said. He thinks that Obama would kill you without hesitation… but Romney wouldn’t. Personally, I believe that both are puppets, and that they will do whatever they are being told to do.

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      Thanks. I agree with you..

  • Ron Paul, as far as politicians go, is a rare and dying breed. We owe so much to him for standing up to the establishment and this sleazy organization known as the Fed. We DON’T WANT SECRECY!!!!

  • French Canadian

    Sorry Robin, I meant: “In every article that I’ve READ…. and not “WROTE”…lol

  • French Canadian


    No I haven’t heard anything on Dr Holmes testifying on the Labor Scandal from Alex Jones.

    I’m sure he knows about the rumor, it’s all over the Net, but he kept silent on this issue. That means that he is trying to confirm the rumor. Contrary to what Surfisher thinks, Alex NEVER mix fiction with reality. He can speculate on cases, like the Batman Shooting… but Alex never give an information that has not beem confirmed as a fact.

    In every article that I wrote about Dr Holmes coming testimony… the words “alleged testimony” came up. So it seems that this is not confirmed yet by no one. So Al;ex is propably investigating that rumor before mentioning it.

    If it becomes to be true, Alex will be on that story night and day… you can rest assure of that.

  • May God bless you Mr. Paul I hope you can influence more people to help move this country in the right direction

  • nevadasmith

    ” Then We Will Fight In The Shade” As a Ron Paul supporter that still “Has A Dog In This Fight”, there is still time to upset this Presumptive GOP Nominee
    Mitt “Bernie Madoff” Romney. Read The Vanity Fair Magazine Story about Romney’s Offshore Bain capital investments:

    Restore US All vote Ron Paul

  • Andrew Jackson would have taken a fucking blow torch to the Federal Reserve.

  • French Canadian


    I believe this interview should interest you. I’ts been the best interview I have ever heard on the subject:

    “Aaron Dykes interviews Kris Millegan, co-author of Fleshing Out Skull and Bones: Investigations into America‘s Most Powerful Secret Society..”

    The Interview starts at: 0:46:19… just move the cursor to that time to listen:

    Infowars Nightly News: Friday (7-27-12) Kris Millegan

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      I will listen to this when I have more time. I just looked carefully at the picture of James Holmes and the picture of the guy in the courtroom with orange hair, and they do not look like the same person=nose, lips, etc…Have you looked at the pictures side by side. ?????Did Alex Jones or any of his guests mention this???

  • robin

    OFF TOPIC: French Canadian,
    Did you hear anything yet about Dr. Holmes testimony regarding the Libor case? This is critical information if it is true. Some people are saying that the guy they have doesn’t look like the same guy and of course he doesn’t have a clue why he has been arrested-like he was heavily drugged. Just like Sirhan, Sirhan…Great way to keep the evidence under wraps=insanity plea. Anything on that piece? Keep me posted please as I’m sharing information as I get it. Of course, what a great way to distract people from the Fast and Furious Scandal as well as promote gun control and the UN Arms Agreement. We discovered recently when looking into some environmental issues where we live that international law takes precedence over US laws. Just can’t believe this..Part of UN Agenda 21…