House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • RON PAUL 2012
    Get used to it.
    It’s ashamed people with sense have to battle delusionals like you in order to save our F’ing country.
    God help this country,
    and the world!

  • Man, you read my damn mind! I don’t understand why people would vote for more war and more corporate control. Romney’s a wishy-washy business man who doesn’t know what he wants except profit. Obama got elected because he pledged to end the war in Iraq, to then go into Afghanistan.
    If anybody has any sense they will vote for the person who is actually putting the effort to fix the economy and end the wars – Ron Paul 2012


  • Lol? Sheep. Baaa.

  • Cant think of why I would want Obama or Romney running this country. We’re fucked!

  • wRONg Paul is nothing but a protoplasm bag of fiction.
    MITT ROMNEY 2012 & 2016!

  • That’s right, I AM a joke, and and you Paultards are the punchline!

  • its all good. its good to see other people keeping track of things.
    good luck bro

  • LOL, you people who vote for Romney will see…He and Obama are the same person.They are just going to make the US even worse than it is…and you have been brainwashed. I feel bad for you that you let Fox and all of those other mainstream media cloud your mind. I pray that God will open your eyes to see what the media has done to you.

  • hahahahaha…oh,child…you have alot to learn…Tell me, how did he cause 9/11? Why do you call him a terrorist lover when he is all about peace? He DOESNT want to go into Israel and all of that jazz. But Romney,Obama,Santorum, and every other Republican fake want to. You think that Paul will fade away? He’s been in congress for years. He has helped this country more than the majority of congress has. He votes for what he belives. He doesnt vote to follow everyone else.

  • Says the Mittens supporter. You’re a joke.

  • You have the IQ of a brainwashed pig

  • You have the IQ of a brainwashed pig

  • “once presidential candidate”? LMAO Nice propaganda there by the “reporter” in studio as she passed to the “reporter” in the field

  • There’s a video on YouTube showing wRONg Paul eating a bowl of chopped up dicks!

  • good! although Hes getting.older….. Whos going to be the our voice once hes.not around?

  • America Wakes Up . Watch >>>> The MILLITARY KNOWS ISRAEL DID 911 , on YouTube .

  • Don’t be fooled IAMHEWHOAM. HE LOVES RON PAUL. On his youtube page you can tell he looked at hundreds of Ron Paul Videos. You don’t invest your time in hundreds of Ron Paul videos if you hate him