House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • Is that your way of saying…just go away, I was takern here and now and living with a Amercian famiy for reasons that you wouldnt even care or unbderstand, lots of Iraq people can right, We not as silly as yous think even though all you Ron Paul surpoters think that we should be left like meat for the talaiban to rape and torchure and kill,,
    I know that there are more decent men in USA that outways these Ron Pual surporters who care only about themselves, I am still a proud muslim though,


  • douglas

    See how deny takes hold and the week ones kneel. The time of justice will come and the week ones will squeal. The time of the real partakers will overcome the ludicrous monetary policy holders. KMA

  • You lived in iraq and moved here without any family? You can speak with semi-proper grammar and are from iraq? Looks like a fake post and fake youtube channel to me… RON PAUL IS THE BEST

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Our precinct chair sent me the letter our state chair wrote and it says that people outside of the party-those “evil dems” were trying to sabotage the GOP in Alaska and then they came to Oregon. Pure BS…Can’t wait until we talk about this on Thursday to open the eyes of the people that have totally bought into the dynamic that is used to divide us. This is why we keep putting in globalists that undermine our sovereignty. I will continue to bring things to their attention. I’m so glad some people in our precinct see through this charade. Our state chair also told us that he can’t have a Central Committee meeting before TAMPA-we all know why. They had one in secret after they disenfranchised us at the convention. We are calling for his resignation, but he has another two years. I know PCP’s and national delegates in our state are going to keep up the fight. Haven’t heard anything for some time about the court case?

  • Hey Ron Paul, I use to live in Iraq and still have most of my family there, The rest where killed by the taliaban, We lived in hell and just want human rights, we thank the troops that help us, They are brave men, Why do you want them to go so the talaiban can kill all us for helping the Troops or being onside with democroy? Is it because there not touching you so you dont care about us???
    Thankyou to the troops for helping us and nothing for the evil scared man paul who wants us all dead,

  • the evil is stalling this
    Ron Paul by far should be the fucking president by now
    are we scared? or something evil is going around slowing this down?

  • the evil is stalling this
    Ron Paul by far should be the fucking president by now
    are we scared? or something evil is going around slowing this down?

  • Check this video to understand more about the Fed

  • French Canadian

    “The RNC and the Romney camp are trying to chip away the 5 state plurality and we have to fight back” (ROBIN)

    Incredible! Fight as hard as you can. Of course they want to rip Ron Paul of his state plurality, they do not want him to speak at the Tampa convention and they do not want him on the ballot.

    And to think that Jesse Benton says that the RNC are very respectfull towards Ron Paul and his supporters … is truely a laughable. That tells you who Jesse Benton is really working for: the RNC, Romney and himself. God I hate this Benton. He is such an hypocrite. Ron Paul always was the Front Runner, if he doesn’t get his day in Tampa, I will blame it on Benton and Al.

  • French Canadian

    Scalia Opens Door for Gun Regulation (+ Video)

  • robin

    OFF TOPIC: The PCP’s and Ron Paul supporters are fighting here in Oregon since our state chair disenfranchised us because we were doing so well. We are doing whatever we can to make sure that the alternate delegates we selected after the convention was prematurely shut down are honored. The RNC and the Romney camp are trying to chip away the 5 state plurality and we have to fight back. Allen Alley oru state chair is getting it from everyone including long time republicans in our precinct who believe in the democratic process. He really did a snow job on most people here. Looking forward to our next meeting because we hope to open up some people’s eyes who are stuck in party politics instead of doing what is just and right morally and ethically.

  • Nice try americanIDIOTfuck00000, I work for no one but myself and I don’t some fuckbilly congressman from Bumfuck Texas to save ME from the Boogeyman. Now
    go back to your crib, suck your thumb, poop your diaper and cry for your mommy!

  • Mitt Romney is the biggest bag of fiction in politics.. so please tell me you work for romney.. because if you dont, you are the biggest fucking moron on earth.

  • Well since it didn’t go over your pointed little head, then please tell us, what is an acceptable definition of “protoplasm bag of fiction”?… cheating please

  • GJ Ron, I think every tax paying American should know where the money is going and why.

  • These reporters are idiots…

  • Sheep

  • Mitt Romney Aka the white barack obama

  • Nice try, but I don’t think it flew very far at all, considering all the negative votes..
    Love you too

  • It sailed right over your head, didn’t it, fuckbilly?