House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • Thankyou people but I think Bronydelta is just a muslim extremest or taliaban lover or a Sadamm follower, Forgive him because others will not, He will have his chance to spaek to the Country soon, And yes im over 15 im 16 and doing fine now thanks to the real Amercain people who fight to save people, I LOVE USA..I will repay America and most of its people for helping me oneday. I was told paul wants to make poppy power legal, Thats is a drug that destroy lifes in Iraq

  • Yes we know that Ron Paul surpoters do not care about no one, Your telling a young girl to pick up a gun and fight the taliabn ourselves, I will mention that when I go on TV very soon [i was asked] along with your site name, Brony1delta,
    I was told that Ron fans drink purple liquid and pray to him allday,
    Your a more evil and badder up then the taliabn Sir, Would you please answer some of our questions if we contact you for TV? hes your chance to speak for the Paul and what you stand for,


  • Didnt think so….

  • End the Federal Reserve!

  • The 98 people who voted against it, do not deserve to be re-elected.

  • The bill passed finaly!?! Sweet!!! I see there is some dislikes though. To those people your a lame ass puss. You have too much trust in people who deal with YOUR money. I trust me and only me with any of my money. I don’t even trust my wife with it. Am sure as hell not going to trust a privately ran company with it. But anyway, let’s see how far the rabbit hole goes now. Everybody protect your own fucking country. Especially Isreal’s back stabbing ass.

  • NWO Supporter

    Americans, why are you against the beneficial New World Order — where all people on the planet will be fed by us with 3 square meals? If you stop stuffing yourselves with Bic Macs, we can feed the world, and you won’t be so obese — a matter of health for you!

    We know what’s best for you, as we’ve done it to the rest of the world. We control the Banks that subsidize your Government — and in the long run it will do what we tell it to do! There is no escape from our ultimate Goal — a United Planet under our direction that guarantees you 3 square meals a day! What more could you want, but this security for your survival?!

    Lay down your arms NOW, since that’s the only thing left in our path to assuring you will be able to have food to feed your families! Do it now peacefully, or face our UN Troops coming in the middle of the night and breaking down the doors of your homes to kill you and take your guns away!

    Submit to us NOW, American cockroaches, and we’ll take that into consideration when deciding how to deal with you!

    The NWO is coming — and no free people can stop it! So GIVE UP!

    We’ll make your USA wonderful — all will be fed, as long as they obey us. There’ll be no crime! We’ll even implant all infants born with a tracking chip to make sure when they grow up, they all obey the NOW Rule of Law!

    Isn’t this THE BEST you can hope for?!

  • You are 100percent right my man, i’m glad to come across an american here on youtube who has his head screwed on right, and who DOESN’T shame the american people and there principals by acting like the real genuine badass who think human rights are something you can step on without getting your punishment sooner or later!

    Keep spreading that truth! When you see vids here on yt off soldiers returning from iraq to there families you KNOW its all a big waste!

  • It… PASSED?!? 😀 i’m so happy 😀

  • So you think American soldiers should just continue to go overseas, wasting money and lives that could help OUR country grow?

    People join the military for one reason: to DEFEND the United States, not maintain some pointless empire that puts a further strain on our economy and infrastructure. If the Taliban is really in Iraq, which I highly doubt, then you can do what the people in Afghanistan are starting to do: stop being cowards, pick up weapons, and shoot back.

  • I have been offerd to talk for a add for someone from the goverment, Hes coming around to met my current family in 2 days, that comment touched him he said, Max and jenny are meeting him! I have only seen a tv a few times but never been on it,
    Im so excited…he hates Ron Paul also so he must be a good man,
    All from my comments!, Life is getting real good, Thankyou America..the worlds savours

  • I cant thank everyone…78, But I thankyou for all your surport I have had since my 3 comments , Hidhigh76 sent me a message saying..thankyou for opening up my eyes to Ron Paul tricks and cowardness, He or she said what I said about asking for help brought them to tears,I have never had any stranger say that to me and it made me feel that there is hope everywhere,If Ron Paul takes the us troops home many woman and girls wille killed along with their husbands for surporting the us,

  • They are there…we should know,
    I dont know who this Ron Paul is relly or why hes followers are so selfish and care about only themselves, I thought all Americains where like the soldiers in Iraq,
    They are nothing like the people that I live with or like the soldiers who helped me and my neibour, Im still a muslim and proud of it, I love most of the Amercican peolple except these spoilt bad Ron Paul surpoters who care about nothing except themselfs,

  • The Taliban’s from Afghanistan…not Iraq

  • Bernanke is now trying to hide shit in the books 😛

  • French Canadian

    The whole Sunday Edition of the Alex Jones Show today was on the gun grabbing. Very powerful edition. Join the fight at Infowars.

    If you want to watch the Show on youtube, , here it is:

    Alex Jones Show: Sunday (7-29-12) Full Live TV Edition

    • Surfisher

      Pause at 1:20:52 at the above video — and see the comparison pics! Priceless….

      p.s. French Canadian — great post!

    • NWO Supporter

      American cockroaches — Just give up! The New World Order owns your Congress, President, Senate and Supreme Court!

      So, Get 3 square meals a day and be happy slaves, and stop fighting us!

  • French Canadian

    Interesting comments on Infowars about Judge Scalia and restriction laws on guns.
    I retain these 4 comments:


    Scalia — don’t even think about restrictions on the people’s right to bear arms until you review all the false flag potential and evidence… if anything, more restriction on government’s right.



    The only thing scalia has shown is that he is an idiot and that traitors have taken over our government!

    Every gun and every box of ammo on the shelves of every gun shop in the country needs to be bought Monday morning.

    Empty the shelves boys and girls empty those shelves!!!!!


    American citizens are entitled to hold EVERYTHING THE POLICE & MILITARY
    HAVE AS WEAPONS. That is the whole idea of the 2nd Amendment, that the
    people be able to COUNTER THE TYRANNICAL GOV’T. Anyone who believes
    police or military should have SUPERIOR WEAPONS over WE THE PEOPLE


    What in the HELL is a sitting Supreme Court Justice doing even APPEARING on a television news show to begin with? Assuming there’s some rationale for that, what the HELL is he doing even MENTIONING anything to do with current or future issues that might come before the court? And finally how in the HELL can even speculate about what may or may not be decided in future cases that have not even come before the court yet?


    • AdamGmoney

      Notice the Media never comes out & says ‘more lawful gun ownership is needed to defend citizens against maniacs like this’.
      Or, ‘self defense laws need to be broadened so people aren’t afraid to use force when necessary to defend themslves’.

      It’s always…more control….more laws….more cops…..more criminals….

  • hookagold

    Sorry, I have to get this off my chest.

    Ron Paul is a veteran of this country, and a senior citizen. The punks who go out their way to verbally abuse him, obviously have no respect for our seniors, or our veterans, who served this country. Thay are the result of No-Discipline, and their parents should be ashamed of themselves.

    Respect, or lack of, for elders and those who served this country, speaks volumes of ones character. People usually verbally attack innocent people, or others whith a different view than theirs, because it makes them feel Superior.

    Maybe there’s a “Web Master” out there who can post their names and addresses?

    Ron Paul All The Way U.S.A.

  • Hi Ron, Im from NZ. I havent had anything good to say about America because of well gee, everything! But that has changed as of this second. I wish you and the American public all the best. Through your message I have realised it is not the U.S citizens I should have these negative feelings about, it should be directed at parts of the U.S govt administration, corporate America and wall street. I hope that Ron can change all of the above and all will be as it should be. (Chanting) U.S.A, U.S.A.

  • Is that your way of saying…just go away, I was takern here and now and living with a Amercian famiy for reasons that you wouldnt even care or unbderstand, lots of Iraq people can right, We not as silly as yous think even though all you Ron Paul surpoters think that we should be left like meat for the talaiban to rape and torchure and kill,,
    I know that there are more decent men in USA that outways these Ron Pual surporters who care only about themselves, I am still a proud muslim though,