House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • Ron Paul has done more for America than both obama and romney put together. RON PAUL 2012!


  • People who absorb what the media tells them without question think just because he didn’t get the nomination that he’s out of the race. He’s still collecting delegates for a reason.

  • ron paul is a congressman not a Representative dumbass typical mainstream media!!!

  • ‘If Reid had the guts….” Yeah, we all know Reid is a gutless wonder.
    Way to go Ron Paul!

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  • And the once presidential candidate????? His STILL the presidential candidate!

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  • I was also shocked that 98 representatives actually opposed this bill. This bill isn’t even about the Congressional takeover of the FED. This bill is simply for transparency about where the FED sends our money.

    My God our politicians are corrupt. How the fuck did America vote these people into office.

  • 98 members of Congress need to be replaced.

  • She made me fact check that, I almost believed that bitch

  • We need 534 more just like him.

  • No wonder Americans are so politically stupid. They get their info from people like this that call themselves journalists

  • “Once presidential candidate”? Who is this idiot? He’s still a candidate for POTUS you stupid news anchor.

  • “The ONCE presidential candidate.” … -_-

  • Every step…

  • What the hell ever happen to woman just being weather girls?

  • The bill still has to pass senate and get signed by pres…so its still a baby step but geting 75% of the house to vote on it is a really good step. Now we must focus on pressure to congress. If we could get audits of the fed we can shed light on what they are doing and hopefully everyone will be outraged enough to end it. For why we should end it for starters: freedomworks(dot)org/blog/jborowski/top-10-reasons-to-end-the-federal-reserve

  • the “journalists” at bloomberg have no idea what Ron Paul is saying.. they keeping asking the same question even though RP answered it, round and round, RP need to dumb it down a little bit when talking to amateurs.

  • “And the once presidential candidate?” Wtf’n dumb bhhtch