House Passes Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill 327-98

  • If it was up to the people he would be the president, but due to misleading media and massive mind control the population that even knows about this man and the truth is not so big. Even so he has a massive support here in the Us but that is not being known either. they keep it very hush hush, as they do not want this man to win and he could expose a lot of wrong doing on the top.

  • only 15 days and i get to see him in tampa im so damn excited

  • Ron Paul should be president of the US of A! Yes he should!


  • Question- Hypothetically., If the fed gets audited, and evidence of fraud for example has occured, will the fed and/or guilty parties be held accountable? Or will they escape prosecution due to lack of legislative power?

  • This man has done more for your country now than your next president will in their term. Seems like a smart cookie and doesn’t need the big seat to be able to get things done or to showboat. If you can though, dear USA; vote him in.
    Ron Paul 2012 – also from Australia

  • Ron Paul 2012 – from Australia

  • Nice work. Can someone please inform me. What has happend with Ron Paul? Is he still running, can he still become President?

  • These fucking anchors are pissing me off.

  • You must be an idiot.

  • Bottom line. The FED is a CARTEL. It is a PRIVATE, for PROFIT corportion, fraudulently claiming to be a branch of the govt. Ben Bernanke is the mob boss. This is waht it boils right down to. If you disagree, then you and I have nothing else to talk about. You need to do your homework.

  • Listen, it’s obvious you’re not going to look this up. It is widely known, that the FED has not been audited. Why did 75% of the house approve? You still haven’t answered my question: where/who did the money go to and why? By not answering, you’re proving my point.

  • ROMNEY + OBAMA = ROBAMNEY 2012 – /watch?v=vug3BDzP8Vw

  • NM

    I wonder how much incom taxes does private Federal Bank Reserve owns to IRS for 99 years?


  • exactly i am aswell not just the fed and the bank of england but the european union has never been audited also its absolutely rediculous.

  • I love Ron Paul, great guy.
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  • CIA can only afford 12 accounts on Youtube to dislike ATM, must be the weak economy.

  • USA, this guy, as great as he is, is still human, he still has a life expiry, you’ve only got a limited time to have this man represent you as a whole, fucking use it