Ron Paul: The People Want Transparency

  • So what you’re saying is that it’s hopeless to even try and vote for the right person? If everybody thought like you then then wrong person would be elected every single time. We’re tying to fix this country, but It’s nearly to late. The sheep load is getting to heavy to carry anymore.

  • Is it possible that these parasitic bankers are planning to make China their next host country? Why are so many marrying Asian women? They’re building huge casinos in China. Suddenly and inexplicably we’re “indebted ” to China? . For what? Did we purchase a mega -space station from them? Seriously. I think China will be the next host and peoples who will fight proxy wars for these Banksters..

  • I, Andrew Chan, have no notion of civility. My speeches are nothing short of contextual and provokes vexingly those whos conscience cater for unfounded sentiments.

    When I look at Ron Paul, I see not only a manifestation of intellectual honesty, but also that of a pure burning conscience!

    You sir, are encouraging!


  • I like Ron Paul on Liberty, but I prefer Bill Still and Government Greenbacks. When countries were on the gold standard,they only had about 25% of money backed by gold, the rest was fiat. Dennis Kucinch’s N.E.E.D Act, H.R. 2990 would End the FED and bring back the Greenback.

  • What a bitch…
    She just brushes over the topics as though they have not relevance.

  • if ron paul doesn’t run as an independent , then i lost all hope

  • Is she stupid?

  • I wish Ron Paul was on the ballot, I would vote for him!

    I’m sick of the puppets that we’ve got for choices.

  • obama will win?WRONG!


  • Well its fox?! What did you expect? 🙂

  • paul is going to be vice president. he’ll be the best vice ever!

  • take her millions of dollars away and put her to work at safeway sacking groceries. on “little house on the prairie” you could get six eggs,a wedge of cheese,crackers and a gallon of milk for 50 cents. wheres the middle class there. they gave growth hormones to ”webster” how do we know that they didnt feed her something like that. maybe they dont effect lizards like them. this might be her ”highway to heaven”. putting down the ”sledge hammer”. winding up in ”night court”.

  • civility is for the most part a contrivance that’s only relevant within it’s own narrative and impedes honest communication, knowing that there are people who understand that civility is often disingenuous is encouraging.

  • I wanna beat her with a nerf bat till she’s dead

  • French Canadian


    65 year old woman hero uses gun to defeat 5 armed robbers (+ Video)

  • French Canadian

    To every Ron Paul supporters,

    This is one of the MOST important interview, if not the MOST important interview I have listen to in 5 years on the Alex Jones Show.

    This is a MUST listen… if you ignore this interview, it is at your own peril.

    Benadette Smith has send all the documents to Ron Paul and counts on him to bring this to the Congress.

    If you want to wake-up some people… THIS IS THE INTERVIEW to listen to. Very very POWERFUL.


    “Alex also talks with Bernadine Smith, the founder of the Second Amendment Committee, a nationwide organization working to make sure the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is upheld as the supreme protective law for firearms of law-abiding people. Smith also authored legislation to restore the militia system to its proper role as designed by the framers of the Constitution.”

    The interview starts at: 1:02:28 (just advance the cursor to that time to listen)

    Alex Jones Show: Thursday (8-2-12) Bernadine Smith & Chuck Untersee

  • Civility used to mask context is worse than hypocrisy, civility by itself means nothing. When unfounded sentiments are rife, the truth has to hurt in order to maintain context.

    In the same light, it doesn’t matter if RP is as civil as this or outspoken like James Trafficant. He maintains context, principles, and consistently, and is willing to say something right even though it means getting himself a BOO from the dumbfucks (unlike your average flip-flopper who says “pleasing” things).

  • French Canadian

    You want to see what Infowarrior activists look like?

    Watch this video:
    Phase Two Stop Dictator Obama Winner: Infowarriors Land Direct Hit on Obama (VIDEO)


    I hope this video will inspire you to make nice posters of Ron paul In Tampa. Posters saying things like: Ron Paul or America dies.

  • fox still believes in the fed.
    foxes still believe in eating chickens.