Ron Paul: The People Want Transparency

  • robin

    Just read that Rand Paul is suppose to speak in Tampa=what about Ron Paul? Any word Surfisher???


  • I agree with you

  • French Canadian

    I was reading the comments at the site, about CNN saying that Ron Paul wont be invited to speak at Tampa. and I came over this brilliant comment that I want to share with you.

    Here it is:

    “Show up delegates and ROCK THE HOUSE!!! The GOP wants to disrupt the election process with fraud, we must disrupt the coronation of a fraud – Mitt Romney – with our defiant nomination of Dr. Paul. We are peaceful… but we wont be pushed around GOT IT GOP?!?!?!”

  • French Canadian


    ” Is there some divine justice here for this woman?”

    LOL… I hope she would have got a few stings. After all, her friends at Monsanto are responsible for all the death of the bees. Divine justice? Almost! But, not enough.

  • robin

    Here’s a story for you. Hilary Clinton attacked by a swarm of bees and runs onto the plane in Malawi…A prelude to what is yet to come. Is there some divine justice here for this woman?

  • robin

    Have you heard that Ron Paul is speaking in Tampa? I saw a post by French Canadian that you said that’s what you heard…

  • French Canadian

    You have to see this 6 minutes video:

    Why doctors are more dangerous than guns – Health Ranger investigation

  • He’s less known for campaigning than these dudes.

  • hookagold

    See you in Tampa fellow Patriots!

    “Our R3VOLUTION is not over”

  • what about jon huntsman?

  • Lol she doesnt even understand what ron paul said

  • French Canadian

    My GOD I make so many mistakes. I’ll repost this:


    I should have known better. If an article is not on… then there is a huge chance that it is a lie or a scam.

  • French Canadian


    I shoul have know better. If an article is not on Infowars… than there is a huge chance that it is a lie or a scam.

  • French Canadian


    I hope you are right about Ron Paul speaking in Tampa. Although I knew CNN are liars, the fact that I’ve found this article on the site, I thought for once they could be right…lol… since even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

    But I knew some people on this site could have better information on that subject, so I am glad I’ve posted it… because I still have hope since you told me that it was a lie. Thanks!

  • French Canadian

    After defeat of cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive order

  • robin

    French Canadian, Surfisher,
    Ben S. said he is doing more on Syria/Libya, etc. I’m sorry that my relative isn’t in a position now to help him with information, but I’m sure he has other credible sources. Surfisher…I will let you know when he does that story on the big C….issue..I’m working on the state representative that knows the co=speaker in the house that brought this issue up in 2008. I called his office, but his legislative assistant knows nothing. Sent her info., so I hope she took the time to watch it and learn something. My husband believes this is even more important than the Federal Reserve because it will be harder for them to hide the scam. Many of us will continue to share information with Ben to keep him informed, so thank you again for the information you continue to post. I’m very concerned about the fact there will be military in Tampa to stamp out the Ron Paul and liberty people. Total violation of the Constitution. I read that President Obama plans to do another executive order to make the cyber security bill go through that did not pass. We knew that they would not give Ron Paul a speaking spot or any real respect. I hope he realizes how hard we are fighting for him and the principles and values he has stood for his entire career. We know that an economic meltdown always precedes going to war to keep people in fear so they don’t question anything. It’s just a matter of when they will do it. Do you advise investing in G or S now?

  • robin

    Our congressmen voted yes on this only because he thought it would get him some votes this election year. He is a coward just as our other two senators are who are bought and paid for by the Jewish Defense League where they get a lot of their campaign contributions. I just found out long=time Senator Wyden has dual citizenship-Israeli and American and when I called about the conflict of interest when dealing with foreign policy decisions that involve Israel, the legislative assistant did not know what to say. Congressmen Schrader only voted for this because he knew it would be killed in the Senate. Not sure who I will vote for because the GOP candidate is a neo=con although he claims to be a Lincoln Republican. We confronted him, and he supports Romney without question. He also knows nothing about what is going on in DC. Just as the GOP secretary of state candidate knows nothing about election and voter fraud. The one we have needs to go as well. She wanted internet voting to be implemented. Can you believe that one? Both democrat and republican are pro=war. Have been telling people to call their senators about this, but people just are so disgusted by politics or don’t think it will make a difference. Many simply don’t give a damn….I will continue to spread the word about liberty even when people don’t want to hear it. One of my very pro=war relatives actually listens to Ben Swann now=not just Fox News. He is totally brain dead, but maybe Ben will wake him up. Unfortunately, most people don’t care because it hasn’t affected them directly in a way that is tangible, or people I know are creatures of the system(teachers,government employees, etc) and don’t want that to end.
    When I brought this up at our last GOP meeting, no one cared except for the few Ron Paul people that were there. Finally, got one older man who is always complaining about the Federal Reserve, but never does anything about it. He called, but he says it won’t make any difference. Again, he is still stuck on those evil democrats scenario. I send him information but he is Fox News all the way. Former Vietnam vet who is completely brainwashed although he considers himself a Tea Party supporter=the likes of people like Baucman, McCain and Gingrich. He said he voted for Ron Paul, but then at the convention I know he supported the Romney delegates just as our new chair did. They just pay lip service to liberty, but don’t stand up for it when it really counts.

  • Surfisher

    A WIN for ALL Real Americans — the NASTY Cybersecurity Bill (and all it’s illegal riders…such as the 10 rounds or LESS Gun Magazines PROHIBITION) failed to pass in Senate (42-46)!

    Beware, it WILL be introduced again…after the “Election”!

    Commissar Lieberman bemoaned: ““This is a moment of disappointment that I really cannot conceal,” Lieberman said after the vote.

    This PERNICIOUS Bill was sponsored by these TWO anti-Americans: Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, and Susan Collins, R-Maine!

    Make sure you do your LEGAL best to get these two creatures out of Office!

  • Gary Johnson > Ron Paul > Jill Stein > Rick Santorum > Mitt Romney > Newt Gingrich > Stewart Alexander > Barack Obama

    Best Presidential Canidates in Order.

  • Surfisher

    Everyone, please, call Senator Harry Reid’s office to express your displeasure with his vow to stop Dr. Paul’s Audit the Fed bill at the Senate.
    Washington, DC
    Phone: 202-224-3542 / Fax: 202-224-7327

    • Surfisher

      LOL — just called Harry Reid at (dial 1st *67, then the number, or ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION will become available to THESE CRIMINALS IN POWER) 202-224-3542 press #1 — pressing#2 option gives you a message that disconnects! (Of course, only an aid would actually answer the phone), and he lost his speaking abilities when confronted with the following Logic!

      I asked: As a US Citizen, I’d like to know Why is Harry Reid is opposed to allow Audit The Feds Bill on the Senate floor?

      Trained tool replied: I cannot comment on this, BUT can I take your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail, so I can forward this to Senator Reid?
      (NEVER give any of this — but continue).

      My reply: Give me a YOUR valid e-mail, and I’ll be happy to send this as a US Citizen to Harry Reid — since, I do not divulge such information over the phone.

      Trained tool replied: Sorry, we cannot give you our e-mail! Voice your concerns here, and I’ll pass the message to Harry Reid…(LOL…like it would!).

      My question: Doesn’t your boss, Harry Reid, agree that Anyone — such as I, you, Harry Reid, even the Prez, ALL private individuals and companies …in America CAN be AUDITED?

      Trained tool replied: Hmm, yes, I think so. (LOL, it thinks!)

      My response: So why is Harry Reid for auditing all BUT ONE — the FEDS? Why would he be against a SINGLE Entity (the one printing paper money) be the ONLY EXCEPTION!

      Here is where I got disconnected…LOL!

    • Surfisher

      p.s. Also phoned today R. Turner (Turncoat that voted as the ONLY ONE Republican against Audit the Feds)!

      Same results as Democrooks Harry Reid’s aid… “I cannot comment on this, BUT can I take your Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail…”!

      Republican Congressman Robert Turner (NY)
      or call/fax his ofc – Washington, DC 20515
      Phone: (202) 225-6616

      Do your LEGAL best to make sure this scumbag never holds any office again!