Ron Paul: The People Want Transparency

  • Only if all the people in this world cared for each other as in a lust of care for not viewing a person by his flaws or financial standpoint, then as stated, all people with excess money would donate to people who have barely any money and will create people who would want to learn, because they don’t live in times of discrimination of any aspect of who you are or your financial standpoint. A dollar to a middle class person is the equivalent at least 100 dollars for a rich person.

  • Ron Paul or no vote from me


  • Another dumb tv robot

  • i hope i am as healthy and smart as he is when i am his age

  • nevadasmith

    If The GOP is going to ignore and snub Ron Paul then I would suggest: Teaching those Neo Con traitors and ingrates, a lesson and rolling with Obamination for four more years; Instead of risking eight years.
    We may have to wait for 2014 and 2016 to get the Respect we’re due. but “We Will Fight In The Shade”

  • I wish that MSM would put people in to interview Ron Paul who actually knew what they were talking about. She did not have a clue what Ron Paul was talking about that is why she interrupted him.
    Vote for Ron Paul the fate of our nation rides on this election/revolution.

  • robin

    Attention Patriots: Tonight Ben is talking about what they are trying to do in Maine and some other very important issues. We can leave it to him to stay on top of things and report on issues that no one else is even though he is still mainstream. So glad they turned down that compromise. They are desperate and will stop at nothing. I plan to send this to every GOP in my county to remind them about the corruption in this party and that we have to do something to change it instead of just looking the other way..

  • French Canadian


    I agree with everything you said in your last comment (August 7, 2012 at 4:07 pm)

    I find you very courageous. I hope your efforts will be successful. Fighting the corrupted hard core RNC is quite a big task. It proves one more time, that evil is everywhere you look, in every country, every race and every human association.

    I just hope that good will prevail, because if we want this planet to survive we will have to defeat this evil or it will be game over for all of us.

  • It’s what Ron Paul would want and it’s what liberty the non-agression principle standstand for. In order to live in the peaceful and just society we preach, we must always assess ourselves first and be that high moral and principled person. Online and off.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I should have realized it was not you by the message just below. We know they are trolls just spreading disinfo, but some of it rings true about the conspiracy theory piece(anything that does not agree with someone’s belief system) and some of it again is looking for a scapegoat and is part of the hate mentality. Who knows what their real motives are and it really doesn’t matter because they are not worth our time. There are so many involved as you pointed out all too well. Yes, the purpose is always to divide and conquer…I also just read Israeli activists are protesting what their bully prime minister is doing to start WW111. I have to bring up Israel right now because they are in the thick of it, but they are certainly not alone in their efforts to start something that will have catastrophic consequences. Our intelligence, state department, media, congressional representatives and so many Americans are supporting this insanity. I post daily about this to get my friends and family to wake up=many who are completely brain dead. We knew they were going to shun Ron Paul and favor his son at Tampa. I just spent part of the morning telling the representative we are supporting and who has a good chance of winning this election, why we no longer will participate in our county’s GOP, but will look into another GOP just down the road from us in another county where there are like=minded people. He has been meeting with them in three counties where he says Ron Paul supporters are the majority and very active. That’s where we will put our energy. Several Ron Paul supporters in our county will stay to be a presence, but without a strong voice, it is a waste of time. No one listens because there aren’t enough of us and the new chair is too tied to the party establishment and thinks Romney is a better choice than Obama. He is not willing to do what is necessary to lead the sheep back to the principles and values that the GOP once stood for. I just hate these political games to try and recruit us back because he just doesn’t get after talking to him for a very long time why we are leaving there. When you come from your ego, you will not do the right thing, but the politically expedient thing. Praying for peace daily and will continue to wake people up one person at a time. I understand that you have no patience for doing this, but I will do whatever I can as long as I can.

  • French Canadian


    I did not write the comment that you have answered to. It is the antisemite KID who wrote that.

    I say antisemite, because this lunatic KID blames Jews for everything. He is so misinformed.

    The Saudi government was also a big part of the 9/11 and so was the American government.

    Blaming only on RACE or one COUNTRY is very stupid thinking. Almost as stupid as the necons who only blame the Islamists for everything.

    I wish people would grow up and stop looking for a lonely scapegoat. There is evil in this world, BIG EVIL, and it comes from all directions. The 9/11 is a combined effort including: the American, the Israelis, the Saudi and probably the British government. Please people wake-up! If people think that EVIL only comes from one country or one race, they are brain dead… as simple as that.

    Some of the worst evil persons in this world are Americans like Bill Gates, Cheney, Clinton… etc. The evil globalists is a melting pot of all races and coutries, that corrupted governments all over the world protect. So who is to blame? So many different people. Think clearly people and stop being racists. You play their game: Divide to Conquer. If you want to defeat EVIl… you have to unite.

  • French Canadian

    Rand Paul Granted Speaking Slot At GOP Convention

    Ron Paul snubbed one last time by Republicans?

    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will accept a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month, along with Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum and Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, according to a senior GOP official.

    The anonymous official told CNN that Paul has been selected as a primetime speaker at the event specifically to appeal to “anti-government, young, libertarian minded activists.”

    Readers will be divided over whether it has been Paul’s success as a Senator and his continued growth in popularity among libertarians and disillusioned tea partiers over the past year or whether it was his controversial endorsement of Mitt Romney back in June that has garnered him the slot.

    Brain Doherty of Reason makes the following observation:

    “As much as it annoys many of the Paul hardcore, it will be easier to help define the future of the Republican Party from a believable position of being Loyal Opposition rather than rebel outsider.”

    “So don’t expect Rand Paul to attack Romney explicitly in Tampa. But I do hold out hope he may speak of serious spending cuts, serious curbing of government’s civil liberties violations, and seriously sensible foreign policy in a way that implicitly does so.”

    And what of Ron Paul? It “remains unclear” as to whether the Congressman will be afforded a slot, but is seemingly unlikely given that his son has been given the nod by the party elite.

    The Congressman has so far stuck to his guns and refused to endorse Romney on the grounds that he simply disagrees with the presumed nominee on so many issues.

    However, for the party to completely ignore the Congressman, despite the fact that he has fought a long hard campaign and will have many delegates on the floor of the convention, and given the fact that he is also retiring, represents an unmitigated slap in the face. Yet this is hardly surprising coming from a GOP leadership that has scratched and clawed to keep Paul in the shadows for so long.

    Is Rand Paul worthy of a speaking slot at the convention? Will he inject real issues that cut through the phony left right paradigm, or is this just another attempt by the GOP at co-opting the growing freedom movement?

  • Then don’t vote at all!

  • Yea all that delegate shit is smoke & mirros really..-Not likly to ever happen. False hope..

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    That is the response we get from many people because denial is such a strong emotion and yes, our educational system in America has people thoroughly brainwashed and graduating non=critical thinkers. They believe whatever they are fed I’m afraid. How many anti=war people are there now with Obama? They are fast asleep. My husband does exactly what you do=line of questioning and he has been able to get people to look into it themselves. I’ve learned a lot from him about the best approach to take, but it always ends up I don’t believe in those “conspiracy theories”….I plan to paste this to someone who we know who said the same thing that he doesn’t believe in those conspiracy theories that we are supporting for our state representative. Trying to open his eyes….He is willing to learn and listen, so that’s a tremendous beginning. I also know that the information I am providing to GOP establishment types is hard for them to digest and makes them very uncomfortable as it should. Facing the truth is very painful for people and they’d rather just pretend everything is fine, or have a convenient scapegoat. The fact that Israel and our government were involved is just too much for people. They want to live in fairyland until again it affects them in a way they can no longer ignore or run away from. I’m sure your friend/acquaintance is going to think in a way now that he doesn’t want to. Good for you….

  • The only answer is Ron Paul!

  • French Canadian


    To set the stage for you – I was at a part the other day with a group of friends and acquaintences.

    At some point, the subject of the current Syrian conflict came up which led to someone mentioning the events of 9/11.

    I asked the person who mentioned the 9/11 event (I’ll call him George) if he believed the official government version of events.

    George answered this way: “What do you mean by “government version”? If you mean that hijackers hijacked planes and crashed them into those buildings – then “yes”… I believe that’s what happened”.

    I replied by saying: “That’s interesting – because I have studied the story extensively and I have concluded that the governments version of the story simply isn’t credible. It’s a lie”.

    To which George answered: “Well – um – I’m not really into “Conspiracy Theories”.

    I then asked: “So if you don’t believe that there was an “Arab Conspiracy” – who did it? Was it a “lone hijacker”?

    Looking a bit perplexed, George answered: “No…no – there was definitely an Arab Conspiracy that did 9/11.”

    Then I said: “Well, I disagree. Because all credible evidence points to a Jewish Neo-Con Conspiracy that planned and executed it. At first you said you don’t believe in conspiracy theories – and then you said that you did believe in Conspiracy Theories. Have you ever thought about why you are so conflicted about Conspiracies? I’m not trying mess with you here – there seems to be in inconsistiency in thinking on this subject”.

    George asked: “What do you mean?”

    I said: “Listen, “Government” is a machine that operates through its command and control structure. Companies operate the same way. Jews have subverted that command and control structure. You can see it plain as day. There was a “Jewish Israeli Neo-Con Conspiracy” acting through our government. And that same “conspiracy” controls the Media here. If you are force-fed information coming from the Jewish Media, at a certain point – you might become “conditioned” in a certain way. In this case it looks like there might have been some “conditioning” going on that makes you unwilling or unable to look at certain facts in a rational way. Bottom line: Jewish Power did 9/11. It was a Jewish Conspiracy. An Israeli Conspiracy with Jewish help coming from inside our own government that used Dual-Citizen Israelis. That’s what the evidence shows.”

    The look on George’s face had gone from “confused” – to “irritated”. That is where the conversation ended.

    Looking back on it – that interaction showed just how “brainwashed” some people are. This is what we are up against.

  • What’s the Campaign’s intentions when they get to Tampa? That’s what I’d like to know. If they plan on talking, than I feel sad.
    If they plan on winning, well that’s another story, but by the way things are going, it seems to look grimmer and grim with each passing day :/.

    I like Ron Paul. Way more than Obama or Romney, but I look at it as those are the ONLY two options that I have since RP won’t get into the office. Or, that’s how I see it. Anyone want to inform me on first question?

  • French Canadian


    World War Jew was where the K*kes tricked the Patriotards to fight against National Socialist Germany (and its Allies) to protect Jewish Interest Slavery so the H*ebs could continue buying up everything and bribing away our rights in their quest for a “One World Government” controlled by the Y*ds with its capital in Jeruselem.

    The K*kes tricked Patriotards to fight World War Jew for them and are doing exactly the same thing in the current wars in the Middle East and for the same reasons.


    Face facts. You are an Interest Slave working to enrich Jewish Bankers and Israel. Your government has been subverted by K*kes.


    Ever notice that? Gee…surely he must know who his bosses are? Why doesn’t he discuss them specifically?

    Doesn’t this make you wonder?


    So is it going to be Jewish Controlled Romney or Jewish Controlled Obama?

    If you can’t see the game they are playing – you actually deserve what they’re doing to you.

  • That’s totally the impression I got 2. I was thinking at 1st that maybe she was just questioning what he said b/c a reporter’s job is to be skeptical (or at least appear that way) and question everything in order to get both sides of a story so that it can be presented in an unbiased way, but from her body language and the way she asked her questions, it really seemed like she just didn’t get it. It saddens me that ppl STILL don’t understand after DECADES of Ron Paul repeating this same message.