Ron Paul: Interventionist Policies Make Us Less Secure

by Ron Paul

Last week the House passed yet another bill placing sanctions on Iran and Syria, bringing us closer to another war in the Middle East. We are told that ever harsher sanctions finally will force the targeted nations to bend to our will. Yet the ineffectiveness of previous sanctions teaches us nothing; in truth sanctions lead to war more than they prevent war.

Until last year, Libyan sanctions were touted as a great success story. The regime would change its behavior. Yet NATO bombed the country anyway.

Last week we learned that President Obama signed an intelligence “finding” directing the CIA to covertly assist rebels in Syria. The administration seems determined to fight yet another war in Syria that has nothing to do with American national interests.

We already know that a similar “finding” was signed under the latest Bush administration directing US intelligence to undermine the Iranian government and promote regime change there. Neoconservatives have long demanded that we overthrow the Syrian government before moving on to war against Iran. This bellicosity continues regardless of which party is in the White House.

In Syria we see once again we see how our interventionist policies backfire and make us less secure. Recent news reports point to ties between the Syrian opposition and al-Qaeda (and other extremist groups). A recent article in the Guardian, a British newspaper, exclaimed that, “Al-Qaida turns tide for rebels in battle for eastern Syria.” The article quotes an al-Qaeda leader in Syria saying that he meets with the main US-backed Syrian rebel organization, the Free Syrian Army, “almost every day.” So by promoting civil war in Syria we end up fueling al-Qaeda.

According to another recent press report, German intelligence services estimate that nearly 100 terrorist attacks have been committed by al-Qaeda or related organizations in Syria over the past six months. Last month a suicide bomber in Syria killed a defense minister and several top government officials. The US government, which has been fighting a “War on Terror” for more than a decade now, refused to condemn that act of terrorism.

This raises the question of whether the US administration is supporting the same people in Syria that we have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed these same concerns earlier this year when asked whether the US has been reluctant to arm the Syrian rebels. She answered, “To whom are you delivering them? We know al-Qaida. Zawahiri is supporting the opposition in Syria. Are we supporting al-Qaida in Syria?”

That is a very good question. It clearly demonstrates that the United States has no business at all being involved in the Syrian civil war. In the 1980s we supported a resistance movement in Afghanistan that later gave birth to elements of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. When will we learn our lesson and stop intervening in conflicts we don’t truly understand, conflicts that have nothing to do with American national interests?


  • Mike “Vag Pounda” Smith

    Cant wait for Tampa…I heard Ron will have a suite filled with hot sl*ts. He will be loaded up with viagra and will fill dem hoes with his hot seed!!!!! RON PAUL IS A F*CKIN PIMP.

  • French Canadian

    71 Year Old Taken To The Ground For Questioning Paul Ryan (Video)

  • French Canadian


    “Hey French Canadian, do you think Ron Paul might have a Ace up his sleeve. We know he can’t show his cards to those dirty crooks. I think he is going to Rock The World!”

    I sure hope you are right. I am dreaming of Ron Paul to Rock The World…lol

  • Scott R


    Now that Romney has picked Paul Ryan, does that make you more or less likely to vote for Gary Johnson?

    Please DO NOT write in Ron Paul. If a 3rd party has ever had a chance to have a decent showing, it’s now. Even if he doesn’t win, we need 15% to get into the debates. It doesn’t look like Ron Paul will be going 3rd party either. If he was, he wouldn’t be backing off so much ahead of the convention.

    It is time to devote your time to Gary Johnson.

  • hookagold

    “Interventionist policies make us less secure”

    What’s going on in the Middle-East? MESS! That’s what’s going on

    What’s going in in the US Government? MESS! That’s what’s going on

    MESS plus MESS equals ‘BIG MESS’ That’s what’s going on

    Hey French Canadian, do you think Ron Paul might have a Ace up his sleeve. We know he can’t show his cards to those dirty crooks. I think he is going to Rock The World!

  • dougalas

    The issuance of currency is nothing unless individual citizens do some work for it. This is why the Elite are so obsessed with the control over energy. If the citizens would become content with their existence then they would not care to burn the Elites power over energy. The Elite issuance is based on the consumption of oil.

    • dougalas

      Let the Republic of properly educated citizen decide when new currency should be created for the next generation.

  • French Canadian

    What is going on here???????????????????????????

    Benton: ‘Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor.’


    Ron Paul has announced he’ll seek a positive, non-confrontational stance from his campaign during the convention, and even will snub some gatherings planned by supporters because his campaign isn’t controlling them.

    Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton wouldn’t discuss negotiations between the two camps or the timing of [Rand] Paul’s speech, but said, “We have been told that it will be a very prominent time.” Benton said by email that Ron Paul is not expected to speak, but that Romney representatives “are working with us (on) other ways to recognize and honor Ron at the convention.

    “Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor,” he added.”

    • dougalas

      Yea, but who has got the balls to stand up to monetary policy. Monetary policy is the life blood of any given civilization. That power that has power over issuance is that power we need to take control over.

  • French Canadian

    Max Keiser gave a CRUCIAL interview today… you have to be out of your mind to not listen to it. Knowledge is power!

    Max Keiser interviews starts with a Ron Paul video, where he warned people of what will happen and is now happening. DO NOT MISS this interview.

    The interview starts at 0:36:01 (including Ron Paul preface)… just advance the cursor at that time.

    Sunday, August 12 edition of Infowars Live, Alex hosts Max Keiser

  • douglas

    The IRS was criticized on its taxation of American Olympic athletes. While the British waved all athletes from taxation. The truth is that all the IRS tax money paid by Americans goes into British Banks owned and control by the same families who own and control the Federal Reserve. Just another slap in the face to Americans who fight to be at the top.
    All US corporations are tied to the Crown through the Rothschild monopoly over international monetary policy. Yet, if the Crown dared to investigate their power against Rothschild they would be eliminated. So, in the mean time they just enjoy the ride.
    The American Revolution won Political Freedom but never has fully achieved economic freedom. The battle for economic freedom rages on through representatives like Ron Paul.
    All the glitter and gold is washed in the blood of the innocent. Meanwhile the tabloids of the closing ceremony show the smear of media disgrace.
    Who controls the media? What a discussing display of media newspapers, like toilet papers over the closing ceremony. What is their message with this? A true public manipulation rooted in mind control.

  • French Canadian


    I agree with you. If we can defeat these evil banksters, they will never be able to install their NWO. This is what I have been saying for years, they are the real ennemies, not Israel, not the Islamists and none of the other countries.


    Sure we can joke around, but not by misleading who the real ennemies are. Too much misinformed people would believe this joke insn’t a joke and is the truth. Just think about the antisemite KID who comes here and usurp my pseudo. There are legion like him who do not understand what is really going on here.

  • French Canadian


    Do you really think that the Jewish Banksters care about Israel or the Jews? They do not give a damn about the Israelis or Israel. This is why they are arming Al Qaeda (Israel ennemies) in countries like Libya and Syria, so they can gladly kill Christians and Jews. Why do you think they are giving these countries to the Muslim Brotherhood who are ennemies of Israel? And why are they giving 7 times more money to Israel ennemy than they are giving to Israel? Do you really think they care about Israel and the Jews? Come on! Let’s get real here.

    Do you think Americans like Al Gore, Cheney or Bill gates care about USA and Americans? They do not give a damn about either of them.

    Do you think that Queen Elizabeth, her cousin Beatrice and Prince Charles gives a damn about Britain and the British? Come on Surfisher… try to see the big picture here.

    They want you to die so they can install their NWO. They want a 80% reduction of the world population. These scumbags don’t give a damn about any country or any nation… they are in this only for themselves.

    • Citizen

      French Can,

      What’s with all of the NWO paranoia?

      Don’t get derailed by all this Zionist rethoric and fear mongering…

      The real truth of the matter is simply the CENTRAL WORLD BANKSTERS are manipulating the world economy at our mutual expense.

      As long as people keep believing in the “Good Faith and Trust in Government” they will continue to get “fleeced” like sheeple.

      If there is ONE single thing that we must collectively do, it is to seek ways to stop using the FIAT CURRENCIES of all Central Banks, that’s what empowers them!
      If you love your country, then use whatever alternative currency you and your community find acceptable!

  • French Canadian


    I’m suprised of the picture you just posted, because this mean you still do not understand the NWO plan.

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — gee, can one ever joke here…?

  • Surfisher

    Our foreign policy in a nutshell (a picture worth a thousand words).

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul: Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t cut anything of substance – Cavuto, Fox Business

  • French Canadian
  • robin

    Someone I know posted this….Movie trailer of Obama

  • robin

    They ‘must think we are totally stupid thinking Paul Ryan is a libertarian and anything like Ron Paul. Also, is the media so dense that they don’t realize that the delegates are suppose to pick the VP, not Romney and not before the convention. We should be happy, not!


  • nevadasmith

    If this is how Ron Paul goes out, with a feel-good rally in Tampa, away from any real or third Party action–Which could have been free rolled with Americans elect–Then I have been had. I have been suckered by Ron Paul and The Republicans.
    “What Profit a Man that gains The World and loses his Soul”

  • French Canadian
  • French Canadian

    I wonder how RAND Paul feels now that he has not been chosen to be Romney’s V.P.
    Does he still thinks that it was a good move to endorsed Romney? I wonder.