Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 77th birthday today!

Submit your birthday wishes as a comment to this post! Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

  • Ming Turner

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for being such a hero, not only America needs you, but the whole world needs you! You have a beautiful soul that so far no one can compete with you… I’m a Chinese, not a citizen yet, but I love you no less then any American. I only wish God would richly bless you and give you many more good years with all the joy and amazing health & energy, so that you can still be shinning in this dark time of America…

    With all respect!

  • Paul

    Happy Birthday Ron paul. i agree with you on about every single thing. i think u would make the best president we have had in many years. As much as i wish u could be president, i know now that it will not happen. Because of this i wish you would not run because you would be taking many votes from romney but not many from obama. Obama supporters will support him regardless of anything he does. Romney and Paul ryan are by far the lesser of two evils therefore i will be giving them my vote. You are definitely my first choice for president. i really wish romney would step down and let u run but i am positive that will not happen.


  • Jon

    Happy birthday, Dr. Paul! I am 31 and have never voted, but I intend to this year. I am voting RON PAUL regardless of the names and/or affiliations on the ballot. I, too, shout my support for you/us everywhere I go.

    • Paul


  • Sonny

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you old Coot. Enjoy your birthday and thank the Good Lord that you are too old to run for anything again. You have made a fool out of yourself for so many years now that it is time to give it a rest. The really sad thing about you getting too old to run again is that all these fools that think you have something in that black bag you carry that can help this country, will have to find another Loon to follow. There is no shortage of idiots in this country and this website is proof of that.

    • Paul

      ur an idiot. ron paul made idots of other candidates but never made in idiot out of himself. he stands for freedom for our country and common sense in government. if u dont like that then i can see why u think hes a fool

    • Michael

      why are you on this website then you piece of trash?
      you are right about 1 thing. “There is no shortage of idiots in this country”
      and your the biggest one of them all. take your hate elsewhere, and get an education! its one thing if you disagree with someone, but there is no reason to insult them when they did nothing to you. especially on their birthday.
      if you hate freedom, thats all you have to say. clearly you do, or your just beyond ignorant. I’ve never understood why people like you invest so much of your time specifically searching the people you dislike on the internet just to leave hateful disrespectful comments about them. it really doesn’t matter though, because Ron Paul will have a fantastic birthday, and an amazing presidency while you will be stuck exactly where you are. LOL I know thats got to hurt.

    • not2bad

      Bleated like the true foolish little sheepie that you are Sonny.

  • Michael

    Happy Birthday Ron! I hope its a good one! you are an amazing man and I truly appreciate everything you have done for this country. As someone who was never interested in politics, you have inspired me to get involved.

    Your message has been heard near and far, around the world you’ve raised the bar, although the media’s biased millions know who you are, no one can block the light of the brightest star!
    your the champion of the constitution with real solutions, Dr. Paul’s got the antidote for all the political pollution, its time for your idea’s to change the institution, no army can stop the principles of liberty or its distribution!!!

    ha ha, not my best rap but you get the picture. anyway, you have my respect.
    have a great day sir, you’ve earned it!

  • Nielsen

    Happy birthday Ron Paul i wish you would give yourself (and us) the present, running independently for The White House. You may just win. And USA need your common sense.

  • French Canadian

    Doctor Paul, you have inspired the whole World.
    May you have a very Happy Birthday!

    “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men, the conviction and the will to carry on.”
    Walter Lippman

  • Happy, HAPPY Birthday Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul! Before I knew anything about politics and cared not too? You came along and not only woke me up, but MANY others as well!! Your legacy will live on well beyond our lives and your enlightenment’s and TRUTH are very much appreciated! Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do…We LOVE you and your efforts. Happy BIRTHDAY Dr. Ron PAUL! 🙂

  • siteunseen

    Happy Birthday Ron Paul….keep up the good work and blow them away in Tampa (figurative only)! We’re all watching and waiting to see what happens in Tampa, FL. Actually we’re hoping against all hope you’ll be the True Nominee! America Needs you Dr. Paul! No more counterfeit currency….VOTE RON PAUL 2012!

  • not2bad

    Happy Birthday Congressman and Dr. Ron Paul!! You’ve been an inspiration to so many. We all wish you the best and are all still behind you.

    Support and elect Ron Paul 2012 for POTUS and for America and Americans first for a change!!

  • Laila

    Dr. Paul~
    Happy Birthday to someone who has given our Nation a bit of hope. You have awakened the youth to the truth and fairness of our Constitution, something which I hope they do not forget.
    May this day bring you great happiness and wellness!

  • Tom Flowers

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. The Liberty Movement’s respect and appreciation for your tireless work cannot be put into words. You are a true American Patriot, Hero, and Icon. Please push on, sir. You are more than loved by your followers. In Liberty, Tom F.

  • John Kramer Chinn

    Mr. Paul, Family Man/Doctor/Congressman/Statesman/Educator/Patriot
    Best Wishes on the Anniversary of your birth. I could go on and on about the views you espouse. Suffice to say: They are the views I was brought up believing. Personal Liberties/Freedoms, Personal Responsibility, stay out of other countries affairs, save your money (sound money)… in a “DEMOCRAT” family. I still have a “D” after my name, however, in a County and State long considered “Democrat”, I have heard many Democrats saying over and over, “I didn’t leave the party, the Party left me”.
    You Sir, are a TRUE Statesman. I am confident the Founders are somewhere applauding your efforts to revive their ideas…
    “What have you given us Mr. Adams? … A Republic, if you can keep it”.
    Thank you for reminding us, it is OUR Republic to keep. It is OUR Constitution to defend. Thank You Sir, for re-lighting the brush fire of Liberty.
    Happy Birthday Sir, and Very Sincerely, many many more.

    • robin

      Thank you John for your wise words as a former “liberal democrat” for over 40 years….Dr. Paul has been our inspiration….

  • robin

    Dr. Paul….There are no words to express the impact you have made in our life as we made a tremendous paradigm shift in our thinking and the way we live our life. You taught us what it means to be involved in our government and are part of our awakening, so we can wake others as well. We hope and pray that your greatest birthday gift is yet to come and that is you will be nominated in Tampa. Your integrity, which most pay lip service to, your values and principles upon which you live your life and have carried into your long political career, is a model for all of us no matter what our age. We hope you have many more birthdays in the years to come and no matter what happens, have made a tremendous impact on the lives of people around the world. Your message will only grow in the days to come and we know it is up to us to carry the message of liberty around the globe as we find ourselves in a very dark time in our history. Happy, Happy Birthday to a GREAT STATESMEN and human being. A Christian who leads by example….and that’s what I will continue to remind people I know…

  • Erika

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for The People even when you were standing alone. You do not stand alone any more! 🙂 We love you!

    The Roberg Family
    Caleb (age 6)
    Andrew (age 4)
    Gavriela (Gavi – age 2)

  • Lily

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul.
    I hope you are enjoying your special day.

  • Steve

    Happy Birthday Mr. Paul. You are my president no matter what. Thank you for your consistency and unrelenting stance for what is right. I hope there is a big surprise coming at the convention…..

  • Arpy303

    Thank you for being such an inspiration! Your dedication to us has created two movements in your honor. I am so proud to have been blessed by your words. I will spread them as far and wide as possible! Happy birthday!!! 🙂

  • Spaniard

    Happy birthday, Dr. Paul!! It has been a real pleasure to learn from you all these years, so here is waiting for many more to come! My kindest regards from Europe. I hope you have the best of days.

  • Guy

    Happy birthday Dr. Paul. thank you for everything you do to for the cause of freedom and sensible government.