Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 77th birthday today!

Submit your birthday wishes as a comment to this post! Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

  • P. Anderson

    Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

    Can’t thank you enough for your courage to stand for the principals of Liberty. I Thank You for bringing this message to the youth of our country, for they are the future, and I am hopeful the R3VOLUTION will prevail.


  • Richard

    Happy(belated)Birthday to Mr. Ron Paul!! You have brought new thinking to America’s Political Process! Will what You have started; (Get out of foreign wars, make drastic spending cuts; to bring America’s financial system to order; end deficit spending; and more); be followed up, and gain momentum??

  • Terry Hayward

    Happy Birthday Ron.
    Many thanks from Canada.
    Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • Regina Schoenberger

    Hey Dr. Paul,
    Happy Birthday! 24 year old female from Princeton, New Jersey here, backing you 100% I’ve listened to almost every single presidential debate this year and in the past and I can’t agree with you more. PLEASE try to come speak in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. I attend Drexel University in Philadelphia and there are a lot of students that support you here. Although, I have a more liberal stance on social issues… I couldn’t care less about those right now. Your campaign’s platform covers all the appropriate and essential issues that need to be dealt with in this country. I can just tell by the tone and conviction in your voice that you truly are the revolutionary spirit this country needs!! The republican party has lost sight of the founding father’s goals and beliefs and you are the man to restore it. RON PAUL 2012!

  • Reuben Garrett

    happy (belated) appearance day, Ron Paul!

    you’re an American hero – keep up the good fight!

  • Naomi Bennett

    Happy Birthday , Dr. Paul!! Thank you for all of your good work …
    America needs you !!

  • Denise Cluley

    Even though I am a day late. They say rather late than never.

    Happy birthday Dr. Paul may you have many many more. It is so refreshing to have somebody in this day in age that is so honest. We are a declining society.

    Thank you for all your hard work to audit the Feds.

    A lady who came to this country 25 years ago for a better life.


  • Joe

    Thank you for being the only person running for {any} office that still believes in the constitution and bill of rights here in the U.S. of America. So much mud-slinging and negative remarks from the “supposedly” Americans{?} that want the title for all the wrong reasons. I will not vote for anyone other than Ron Paul in November — way too much government and lobbiest in Washington now. Dr.Paul, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this your special day — Hope my vote for you will do until you make it to the White House – after which I will send you a congratulations {Mr. President} Always stand tall and firm in your committement to the United States of America. May God bless you, your family, and the United States of America.


  • Cam

    Happy 77 Ron! Thank you for being a real patriot and standing by your and our countries principles.

    Please please please consider a third party run or backing Gary Johnson. It’s plain to see that Romney or Obama will be a disaster to America and even though liberty is rising I fear our country will not make it another 4 years without real leadership. These guys stand for everything that goes against my moral fabric and being. The corrupt political theater makes me truly sad and frightened.

    Hopefully you can forget our countries woes for the day and celebrate a wonderful birthday.

  • barbara

    Scares me to death seeing the people were stuck with! If Romney is elected, he will do the same as Obama-Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. I HAVE been calling Congress about all the crap. Thank you caring!!

  • Lydia Dominelli

    Happy Birthday Dr Paul.

  • yalda

    I love you. America needs people like you. happy birthday and God Bless You .

  • Cathy

    You are everything this country needs right now. Whatever you decide, know that many out there love you. I will keep my sign up in my yard and wear my Ron Paul hat. Maybe it will continue to wake people up. May this be your best birthday ever.

  • Linda Stoll

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thanks for all that you are doing and all that you stand for… Hope this is an amazing year for you!! Many blessings!

  • Andrés Ayau GUATEMALA

    Dr. Paul, happy B day and God Bless you for your constant fight for freedom. We are following your trail. Thanks

  • Ernest

    Happy birthday Dr. Paul! Thanks for giving us “real” hope and change!

  • You are still the best candidate. Happy 77th!

  • Elizabeth

    Wishing you all the best, you have given us the best!

  • David

    Happy birthday Doctor Paul, And thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.
    By the way, I’m honored to say we share a birth date.