Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is celebrating his 77th birthday today!

Submit your birthday wishes as a comment to this post! Let’s have a show of support for Ron Paul that the establishment will never forget!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Paul!

  • Steven Brooks

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your 77th! Hope you will be our next President!

  • Fellow American

    Happy Birthday Ron! Hope your 77th year brings you much joy.

  • Norman Andrews

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

    And thank you for your heroic efforts
    in pursuit of Liberty and in following the Constitution.

  • Anthony Claudio

    Happy birthday Sir. Wish you many happy productive years ahead. It’s a shame the American public is still not ready for the real change you offered. We continue to meander like sheep to the slaughter, expecting a better outcome but doing the same thing. Mass Insanity..

  • Allen

    Great to hear that you turned 77 years young. Need some one like yourself that can see local, national and international issues from an impartial view point and yet knows the best path for this country and can keep a promise.

    I view what makes sense and do not go by the party-line and really believe that we must terminate all wars in order to first concentrate on issues at home.

    Would definitely vote for you this November.

    Keep up your optimism and high-spirits. Again have a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Paul and we wish you the very best for the coming years.
    Please consider a write in campaign for President. That’s what we plan to do is write you in for President and so many others are doing the same.

  • Alan Faulkner

    Happy Birthday Mr Ron Paul, from Canada. We can’t vote for you, but you are an inspiration to the whole world !


  • CDR Joe Thompson

    May u have many more Happy Birthdates and yes, you have my vote come November.

  • Robert Butler

    Happy 77 Ron. Of course we would all be happier if the Republican establishment would allow you to articulate the dire debt situation our country faces at Tampa.

  • Jeff Baird

    Mr. Paul..Many Happy Returns…May you have another 77 times at bat.
    I am so frustrated that you were not allowed a shot at the Presidents spot..It really speaks volumes about this country and who really runs it…And the BRAIN DEAD AMERICAN ELECTORATE..

    All the best

  • Dave

    Belated best wishes and Happy Birthday. I am still going to vote for you in November!

  • Les Macek

    Sto Lat, Sto Lat nie zia zia nam! An old Polish birthday song of good wishes. Translated, 100 years 100 years may you live to be .Thank you for all your efforts, you are a great patriot.

  • Debra Anguiano

    Happy Birthday and may God always bless you and your family! From the Anguiano family of Las Vegas…we love your style 😉

  • Cherry

    Happy Birthday to the best of the best out there supporting real integrety. May you be blessed abundently with health and wisdom
    and have favor wherever you go. In Jesus name, amen.

  • Tracey Milligan

    My Best Wishes for A Happy Birthday Ron…and may you have many more.

  • Cindy (Clarity9)

    Happy Happy Birthday, Ron. You are the ONLY candidate for president who is honest and transparent and IT scares the hell out of mainstream. Its like you have to be a dishonest person to BE taken serious as our President. I say Hell NO. Feel happy that you’re so RIGHT and good for our new world order. RON PAUL you are a wonderful Healing Balm in these Horrid times. xoxoxoxo Thanks for the courage to pave the way for a really FAIR small GOV.

  • Richard

    Your computer system continues wiping out My Birtday(belated) wish!!

  • Richard

    (A third attempt) A (belated) Happy Birthday to Mr. Ron Paul!! Will your views; (Get out of foreign wars; stop deficit spending; slash the federal budget, to protect The American Government’s future ability to survive and thrive; and more), gain more momentum become reality??

  • William K. Allen

    My very best and heartfelt wishes for you on this special day. Historians may not properly give you credit for being a true patriot and the greatest statesman of our time but we, your fervent supporters will. Words fail me when trying to express the depth of my admiration and appreciation for you and the things you have done for all Americans. You are truly a force for good that has impacted the entire world.

    Posting from Medellin, Colombia, SA

  • Reina Griffin

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. You are a blessing to us. Please don’t leave us. We need you. We pray for your happiness, welfare and protection. We are with you all the way and all the time. Thank you for your courage and your integrity. I am sure that fraud was the reason why you did not make it. Everybody I talk to loves you. I have your bumper sticker on all my car windows and people hunk at me all the time putting their thumbs up. God bless you for the good you do. Happy Birthday !!!!