What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

What should Ron Paul do now?

  • Prepare for an Independent run (53%, 5,975 Votes)
  • Don't support Romney and try to slowly take over the GOP (20%, 2,299 Votes)
  • Join Gary Johnson as Libertarian VP candidate (15%, 1,686 Votes)
  • Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand's chances for 2016/2020 (9%, 992 Votes)
  • Officially drop out of the race and retire from politics (3%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,251

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Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • PRS

    Dr. Paul, you need to go out with a BANG! Run independent! Upset the apple cart. Make them worry. They need to start doing some serious worrying and you’re the guy to make that happen! Because the truth is, otherwise, we’re left with a hopeless situation.

  • Sir, we desperately need you, you are our only hope for 2012, if you don’t run, I can’t vote because I am sold out to your dream and vision for a free America!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Tom Reighard

    Everyone wants to tell you what you should be doing now. I say, “Do what you damn well please!!!!” Thanks for your service.

    • Surfisher

      Off Topic — Julian Assange’s Speech On Balcony Of Ecuador’s Embassy In London
      Watch this 9 minute video — The BO gets exposed for what he is…a wannabe Dictator of the World !

      Did British police actually invade the sanctity of the Ecuadorian Embassy? If true, that’s an Act of War!

      Anyway, congrats on the small Nation of Ecuador standing up to the Big Brother bullies!


  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN 2012 —Come to Tampa on the 26th Real American Patriots — a Million+ True Americans are expected to show — be One of Us!

    Don’t delay — start your trip to Tampa today!

    US Federal Election Law states: NO Delegates can be bound!

    All RNC delegates in Tampa are free to vote their conscience — meaning Ron Paul MUST WIN (or they have no conscience)!

    Real Americans, be part of this historic moment —over 70 news media from around the World will be transmitting LIVE this momentous LAST CHANCE to WIN our Nation back from the Criminals in Power!


    • Surfisher

      Lexington 1775 — The Shot Heard Around The World.

      Tampa 2012 — The Shout Heard Around the World!

      Come to Tampa American Patriots — come in the millions! The voices of the Many cannot be silenced by the Few!

  • Michael Lemuel

    Doctor, don’t give up or I won’t have anyone to vote for. I may disagree with your foreign affairs plans, and your willingness to believe pot only affects the user, but your my only hope to start an American recovery. Can we really risk ideas like “a woman can’t be made pregnant while being raped”. Who is going to stand up against men who’ve been raped. You’ve paid “malpractice” insurance and “health” insurance. You know that insurance companies rake in higher profits than the medical community. You know that “entitlements” are earned some by the sweat of the brow others in the only justice provided to a young victim. Don’t fret taking votes from the ROM. He’ll be just as bad for the American way as OBama.

    This is your time to stick it. Call the Reps on their idiocy and declare yourself forced to reenter the race. Come out guns blazing for transparency in all sections of government (pardon only critical military intellegency).

  • Dave

    I Don’t trust politicians as far as I can throw them. They always say one thing and do another. But you appear to have a good head on your shoulders and a huge following. You should run as a independent you still have plenty of time.
    I would rather see you as president than anyone else. When you speak I hear the spirit of America the beautiful in your words. Let freedom ring!!

  • Glen

    Mr. Paul, I think you should run as an independent. As you well know sir the USA is turning into another country. Run as an independent, and you will have a good chance. Also reign in the TSA so we can fly again, and STILL keep our dignity and pride and self respect when we do fly.

  • dale truckenmiller

    the more votes you pull from romney the greater the chance oboma will win
    right now you need to do whats good for the country
    thank you for trying
    maybe next time

    • Guy

      What a rediculus statement. Vote for deception, fraud, outright corruption? That’s what’s good for the country?

      How could anyone vote for this Romney clown after knowing the facts of what occurred during the primaries.

      And you want me to support him? For the good of the country? You’re joking, right!

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul MUST run as independent — we simply cannot allow the mockery of two clowns “debating” each other!

    Ron Paul will be finally in the limelight — and all Americans will see him destroy in a debate the BO and the Mitt!

    • Surfisher

      p.s.forgot to add — that is after Tampa (let’s not give up YET)!

  • cindy

    Regardless of all the media hype_ I will be voting for the right man, Ron Paul_Thank you so much for just simply being brave and true in the face of greed and evil_you have lit a fire under a few asses, and more importantly lit up the torch of liberty in the hearts and souls of truth seeking people around the world_I am proud of you as an American spokesman, not to mention Texan_Happy birthday and God bless you!

  • Joseph Salomone

    I believe that Dr. Paul should endorse Gary Johnson. If Ron Paul can rally enough of his supporters to join the Libertarian Party, we could see the start of a three party system. I know that I, like many other Americans, have lost faith in the current two party system. Currently both parties end up doing the same thing, and both parties are corrupt. American needs a new party which is not influenced by corporate greed.

  • French Canadian

    “Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world. ” (Jane Addams)

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — spot on!

  • Andy

    Happy Birthday Ron! If i was you i’d have one wish- for the media to be fair. If you were publicised as much as the other two, you’d be the next president hands down. There is still a chance because people are waking up! This governments policies have been tried and will fail. The only way out now, is to get back to the truths and ideals that you stand up for. Thank you Ron Paul for all of your honesty. Go Ron Paul!!!

  • French Canadian

    And by the way, take a V.P like Judge Andrew Napolitano or even Kuchinick… or Ben Swann. You will rock the WORLD!

    The more I think about it, the more I am sure of your Victory if you run as an Independant and get great people in your team like the above I’ve mentionned.. You will have a Royal Flush in your hands.

  • I would hope it was possible to run as vp with Gary Johnson. You could move into the white house like Col House did with Woodrow Wilson. You could dismantle the Fed Just opposite of what they did to start it. If not I would hope you could run 3rd party I have heard you only need 39% of the vote to win but I realize it would be hard to get enough money to keep you going. I will support whatever you do. Happy Birthday from the Wolfer Family.

  • Roman Aleksander

    I a a DEM and even I would vote for Ron Paul over traitor Romney or spineless Obama.

  • French Canadian

    Go Independant! You will have a BIG surprise and so will Romney and Obama…lol
    You have no idea how BIG is your support.

    It is your LAST card. Play it. Yo have an Ace od Spades.

    All the other options are bogus:

    – It will take too many years to take the GOP back. Your country doesn’t have that kind of time if it wants to survive.

    – We don’t want you V.P. for the Libertarian Party, we want you President.

    – No point in supporting Romney for Rand 2016/2020, there might not be 2016/2020 years on this Earth if you are not President in 2012. These scumbags will probably have blown out the Planet by that time with WWIII.

    – Don’t drop out of the race. Don’t even think about it. We all need you so badly. Don’t give up on Humanity. Go all the way! We will follow you.

  • Eric

    Due to Libertarian bylaws, during their convention the person who receives the most votes becomes their presidential candidate. The person who receives the second most votes becomes their VP candidate. Unfortunately since Dr. Paul was running as a Republican nominee during the LP convention, he is illegible to run as Gov. Johnson’s VP.

    I would love to see him, however, run as an independent. I am certain there are plenty of qualified men and women that would love to be his running mate. But the question is will he be able to get on enough ballots in time (especially in the so called “battle ground” states) in order to get elected? I hope their is and I know that with his support he would easily be able to get the necessary signatures needed to be on the ballots in all 50 states if it were to come to that.

    • Eric the Libertarian party could change their rules after all they are just rules not the law. If the republican party can change rules anytime they want the libertarians could as well.

  • Jon

    An independent run would be pointless because of sore loser laws in a lot of states.

  • Justin Shenk

    Dr Paul,
    You have a bigger support base than you can even imagine. You owe it to us to run independent. We will be voting for you no matter what, if the rest of the country knows you’re still in it to win it, you have a chance.

    It is far better to burn out, than it is to fade away.

    God bless you, sir!

    Justin Shenk
    Oath Keeper, Patriot, Husband, Father, American, Statesman.

    • Thank you for your service I too am an Oath Keeper.