What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

What should Ron Paul do now?

  • Prepare for an Independent run (53%, 5,975 Votes)
  • Don't support Romney and try to slowly take over the GOP (20%, 2,299 Votes)
  • Join Gary Johnson as Libertarian VP candidate (15%, 1,686 Votes)
  • Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand's chances for 2016/2020 (9%, 992 Votes)
  • Officially drop out of the race and retire from politics (3%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,251

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Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • D. E. Harris

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul. Although I am a Democrat, I greatly admire your vigorous support of our civil liberties. I may not agree with you on all issues, but I am heartened by your guiding principle of keeping the government, local, state, and federal, out of our private lives. Your team showed the power of your ideas when they took control of the State GOP Convention here in Maine. Please continue this effort to restore the Republican Party to an institution that supports the citizens rather than trying to tell them how to live their lives. You yet may convert some of us Democrats to your party.

    D. E. Harris
    Brunswick, Maine

    • Molly Malone

      There are already many of us that have converted!

  • Fabio Costantini

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul. You have inspired so many with the true sense of what America was and still should be. Thank you for being true. God Bless You.


  • Ron Falco

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
    As to what Ron Paul should do now, endorse Romney. I am not a supporter of Mitt Romney but I do like Paul Ryan. I think he will make a great president someday and his Vice Presidency will help make that happen. Why endorse Romney? Which is worse – possible 8 years of Romney or 4 more years of Obama? Obama will destroy this Country and whatever liberties we have left in 4 years – especially since he will be a lame duck President and accountable to no one. Romney is going in the same direction but considerably slower. We can survive with Romney. I don’t think we will with Obama. Gary Johnson will not win this time and can only hurt the Republicans. Libertarians, like me will have our day but this is not the time.

    • Surfisher

      You are Kidding…?!

      Stuttering Comedian of the Year Award (and free dunce hat) goes to….”drum roll,… please”:

      P. Ryan

      Hilarious expose by the Young Turks:



      (even with Britt Hume trying to spoon-feed him, P. Ryan still chokes…perhaps Britt’s helping spoon was too large…).

  • hopeful in maryland

    Happy Birthday Ron,
    I voted for you last election as a write-in candidate and I will vote for you again this election. You are the only choice to save this great country of ours from falling over the cliff into sharia law, which is happening right under our eyes in the USA . Fiscally, your plans to make America strong is the only one that will work, and voting for Romney will only put us deeper in debt……..Good Luck and GOD bless……..

  • Mike

    I prefer that he run as an Independent so I don’t have to go through the effort of writing him in on my ballot. Neither Barry nor Mittens is getting my vote. Absolutely not.

  • dirck

    I have voted for Third Party candidates in every presidential election since I became old enough to vote,48 years ago .I have always argued against the jerks who call a vote for third party candidates a “wasted vote”. This time, however, I am going to vote for Romney because it looks like a very close election and we need to do everything possible to get Obama out of office .I urge Ron Paul to endorse Romney in order not to split the Conservative/Libertarian vote and thus give the Socialist Obama a better chance of winning .

  • Happy Birthday Ron Paul,

    in Tampa, the future, not only of America, but the entire World will be at stake.
    There is only one NOMMENEE! RON PAUL, either ww3 will come, or/ and a GULAG ERA in America is underway. Judge Carter ( Former Marine! ) is under enorme pressure, but will rule before the Convention and the Rulling SHOULD BE: 1. DELEGATES ARE FREE TO VOTE THEIR CONCIENCE, other way is Chaos and NO RIGTHS ANYMORE. We”d want to see the END OF THE FED; Dr. Paul leading Peacefully! the freedom-liberty Army. <We"ll WATCH! We cannot intervine, NOT YET.

    Sincerly yours
    aurel barber

  • MgrayPatriot

    Dr. Paul, I fought at the Texas Convention to get delegates to Tampa for you. Those patriots are behind you 100%, no question about it. You will be nominated from the floor and the GOP will be doing backflips. I know there’s been some things going on in your campaign that you haven’t been able to share with your supporters. Don’t let this trouble you. The people who know what you stand for, like your delegates, will not doubt your consistency that you’ve proven time and time again. I will be praying for you an your delegates in the coming days. It’s a great time to be alive!

    • Surfisher

      Lexington 1775 — The Shot Heard Around The World.

      Tampa 2012 — The Shout Heard Around the World!

      Come to Tampa American Patriots — come in the millions! The voices of the Many cannot be silenced by the Few!

  • Molly Malone

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. I will vote for you no matter what. When I tell my friends this, they say you are unelectable. Why? Because you do not have the backing of the banksters and corporate thieves? That is the only reason I can see. Wake up America. Romney is NO better than Obama. Vote for Dr. Paul, no matter what. Take America back.

  • gerry schuh

    MEDICARE – SOCIAL SECURITY – HEALTH CARE – (You pick something) CAN NOT BLAMED for OUR Economy….IT IS the FOOLISHNESS of the People Approving, amd Handling the Budget
    This Election is being Railroaded…Side Tracked….
    OR to NEGOCIATE with.
    2. Balance the BUDGET
    3. NO MORE LOANS!!!! – SAY “NO” to the Beggers “FreeLoaders”
    You “can’t just” take Out LOANS, and Hope that “IT IS Enough”. (There is always Next Year’s BUDGET) kind of Thinking. YOU Have to “DO the MATH”…Figure IT Out!
    You have to REALIZE what you are DOING.” THINK.” SEE the BIG Picture. . . . .
    “ALL of us TOGETHER”.
    The People with a Passion to BUILD their IDEA’s are being Stifled/Stopped In their Tracks.
    It Appear’s that BIG is Better and the “AIM” is to be a “One Name Company” With a FEW People Running IT. This WILL “NEVER” Happen.

    The “BAILOUT” was Money Laundering, Pooling Bad Debt and Relabeling IT. Merger’s, Transfer’s, Renaming, IS BAD practice, IT CANNOT Keep Going ON.
    These People in the BAILOUT “Never PAID any MONEY BACK” it was Relabeled as another Fund in the “National Debt”.
    Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid are being scrutinized and are being “Tapped Into” by Vulture’s who want to use this for their own means.
          Just as the pioneer’s from Ellis Island in the 20’s and 30’s became Tax Payers….So will the New Pioneer’s who come Now will also be Taxpayer’s, AFTER, we School them and Relieve them of their Tax’s and ALL the other things WE Do to Help. It COST the Working Middle Class. As Generals send in Young Men & Women to their Death…for a piece of REAL-ESTATE…….so do Senator’s and Politician’s send the Working middle and lower class People to their Total sacrifice and suffering, and reduce them down to pauper’s, so they can be the pawn’s of the King’s and Queen’s.’
    It is hard for me to understand, how people from all over the world can get together…in our nation’s capitol, or Any country’s capitol (Government) and decide Lets finance War..better weapons, Smart Bombs…”lets Send in 100,000 troops we will probably get 50-60,000 back and 1/2 of those wounded. “That sounds LIKE a GOOD IDEA”.    
    Tax the Working middle class (the FEW that Foot the BILL) the Backbone of this Great Nation…Let them” Foot the Bill.” Did you ever think what “The Business” of Refunds is for….. it’s”The Greedy Ones.”
    If a Family has to many bills, they can’t spend more. They have to STOP and figure out a plan on” How to live.” Without spending More, or go to court, or maybe jail. IN other WORDS they are HELD “ACCOUNTABLE for What They DO” They can’t RAISE their DEBT Ceiling… (What an Idea.) This really is complicated isn’t IT………. We need people who can Think, and are Accountable for their decision’s that they make for we the PEOPLE.
    Please Think about “What YOUR Job IS,” and what is in FRONT of your Nose…and know if you can’t handle it WE Will Need to Find People Who CAN.
    Do You really think another LOAN will HELP….or more MONEY is going to Solve the Problem?
    There is NO WHERE in the CONSTITUTION that State’s, that a “FEW MUST SUPPORT ALL” the People. IS There???

  • ConservativeWarrior

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Thank you for the many years of service to our Country and for standing on the principals our great Nation was founded upon. What should Ron Paul do? He should do as he has always done, whatever is best for America. Keep on LEADING.

    • Robert

      “What should Ron Paul do? He should do as he has always done, whatever is best for America. Keep on LEADING.”….

      Amen Conservative Warrior, couldn’t have said it better myself. Best comment: “as he has always done, whatever is best for America!!!!!””

  • Dimitrios Hatgistavrou

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul,

    May God Bless you and your family with good health. May he also save the USA by making people see the truth;



    You are a true statesman and will lead this intellectual revolution. I hope and pray that we Americans WAKE UP and END THE FED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Mitchell

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul !!
    As a Disabled Veteran I ask this of you. You and I know that this is your last opportunity to run for President. The RNC have done nothing bit disrespect you. Therefore, I ask that you run as an independent, if it is Financially amicable with you. We need your Policies, Foreign and Domestic, to get this Country on track, and to bring our troops home. We enlisted to defend our Country, not to fight for Corporate America! With the Central Banks, and the Federal Reserve Financing Candidates from the RNC, and the DNC, what choice do we have but to elect their Representives. Those that say support Romney in order to beat Obama are Blind to Corporate Rule. You and I know they are just puppets. The Truth is it’s Ron Paul vs The Federal Reserve, and Corporate Rule !! You’ve given so much, I’ll respect any decision you make except the support of Romney! Real Ron Paul supporters never concede !! Neither should you. God Bless You

  • Aaron

    Well, I think you should try to win at Tampa. You have a lot of supporters gathering already. However, if you are to lose the nomination, I wouldn’t fret any longer. I would retire, but not necessarily from political speaking; you deserve a break. You have educated and inspired a generation, Dr. Paul. Leave it to us to fix this mess.

  • Linda Orf

    Romney should utilize the amazing intelligence of Ron Paul and maybe – give him Bernanke’s job!

  • Frank Benedetti

    This election and the principles of Liberty and Freedom are too important to be left to politicians and the greedy, disconnected, unprincipled plutocrats running this country and its people into the ditch. With neither major party having a constructive plan (not telling us is the same as not having one), having a clue as to the common values shared by average Americans across this Country, and having the audacity to think they can shove any idiot lackey down our throats whose willing to do their bidding; You should join with the Libertarian candidate Johnson and raise the minimum wage so that government “assistance” isn’t necessary, firing all the government assistor’s, regulator’s, and their support staff, shutdown the income tax–all 72,000 pages of it, then give every American the same pension and medical care the federal politicians get. I know its a bit overdue, but Dr. Paul you can get it done–after all your an American…

    • Linda Orf

      When I come to Texas we can have some really awesome kitchen table talks! Small world we frequent the same news letters.

  • jeff ray

    A Big Happy Birthday Dr. Paul, you are a true Statesman and Patriot. You will always have my vote and support. As a Democrat and Ron Paul supporter it is sad for me to see how the GOP chose the guy with the bucks instead of the brains and know how to get the job done. I think whole heartily that you could win it all and lead this country back. Thank you very much for your service and I wish you all the very best. Stand tall and vote for Paul, 2012.

    • Surfisher

      jeff ray — spot on!

      Happy 77th Birthday Ron Paul — may you be blessed with many, many more to come!

      Remember George Burns — at 100 he was a hit at the Johnny Carson Tonight Show and still sharp as a tack!

      Ron Paul — All good people on this planet love you, and wish you all the best!

      You are the last beacon of hope in a world that’s plummeting into darkness!

  • Attention All Delegates.
    Vote your conscience, for you are protected by FEDERAL LAW.
    Do not be intimidated by GOP bullies.
    Now is the time to STAND!

  • Kathleen M. Larkin

    At this point, Job #1 is to defeat Obama. Supporting Romney is going to be the best option, BUT … you should demand that you get your Mass. votes back! With some Libertarian input at the Convention you can accomplish a few of your ideas. Auditing the Fed! (Now, there’s an idea!) I also think you have a large enough base of dedicated, organized and super-smart people that offering to track/audit/insure that the overseas Military vote takes place in each of the States might catch the attention of the Rhinos who have the creativity and energy of a garden slug.

    But, Obama has to get gone and we’re not big enough YET to swing an election in our direction; we can only prevent it from swinging in the GOP’s direction. But the GOP should be willing to walk a mile for our vote.


    • Surfisher

      Kathleen M. Larkin — if Rmoney had a chance against the BO…your post may have validity.

      But Mitt has none — and with his choice as P. Ryan for his sidekick, his UNELECTIBILITY has even gotten more obvious!

      Ben Swann’s Reality Check — 4 minute video.



      Funniest sophism (P. Ryan): “This Bill offends my principles, but I’m gonna vote for this Bill in order to preserve my principles…”! (minute 3:10 to 3:21)

      LOL — that’s not even sophistry, but plain idiocy (perfect match with Rmoney…who has NO principles)….

      No wonder the Mitt made himself even more UNELECTABLE (by choosing this Ryan clown for his sidekick).

    • Surfisher

      The P. Ryan DECEPTION — watch this 9 minute video.


    • Surfisher


      This kid doesn’t pull any punches — P. Ryan Just Another SCUMBAG Politician (7 minute video):


      p.s. when referring to this creep, make sure you use P. Ryan (not Paul Ryan…since the Mitt was “clever” enough to select one that has a similar name as PATRIOT RON PAUL)!

    • Surfisher

      Stuttering Comedian of the Year Award (and free dunce hat) goes to….”drum roll,… please”:

      P. Ryan

      Hilarious expose by the Young Turks:



      (even with Britt Hume trying to spoon-feed him, P. Ryan still chokes…perhaps Britt’s helping spoon was too large…).

    • Guy

      defeat Obama? Why would I vote Republican after watching the corruption in the repub primary. Not me. No WAY!!!

  • Carol Jean O’Neil Goodwin

    President Ron Paul! This is all I have wanted to see since the ’88 campaign. I will not be swayed from my pledge to vote for you and you alone with of course Judge Napolitano. I will not be satisfied to settle for a shirt that says “Don’t Blame Me; I Voted For Ron Paul”! No one else has the honesty, integrity, knowldge you have nor the where with all to use it to turn our country around. You told us you would stick with it till the end and many of us pledged our support. I will NOT take down my RON PAUL for PRESIDENT 2012 signage until after the 6th of November. I will continue to pray for President Paul if it takes divine intervention. I think God is tired of the treatment He has received up until now. We The People are talking to Him fervently to help us save our country.