What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

What should Ron Paul do now?

  • Prepare for an Independent run (53%, 5,975 Votes)
  • Don't support Romney and try to slowly take over the GOP (20%, 2,299 Votes)
  • Join Gary Johnson as Libertarian VP candidate (15%, 1,686 Votes)
  • Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand's chances for 2016/2020 (9%, 992 Votes)
  • Officially drop out of the race and retire from politics (3%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,251

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Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • Abe

    Happy birthday Ron. The convention hasn’t started yet. It aint over til the fat lady sings. Everyone that’s not a sheeple sees what the GOP and the lame stream media is doing. “Don’t give up the ship”!

  • Randall

    Retire from politics and go on a speaking tour or some other way to help raise the level of awareness and move the thoughts of americans toward more common sense.

    • Paul

      And then who would be President? I’ll tell ya who, either way it would be a lying sack of $hit. Ron Paul for Pres or nobody.


  • Riazzo

    Happy Birthday Ron!

    Please do NOT split the vote but running independent! We must defeat this new socialists movement taking over our Country.
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

    I respect your views and supported you throughout this race, but the time has come to stand together.

    Have a Great Day!

  • Jolene

    The liberty movement needs to come together. If Gary Johnson and Dr. Paul united, we would be a force to be reckoned with. Otherwise. we are divided. It’s simple. Happy birthday Dr. Paul. See you in Tampa.

  • I will not ever EVER vote for an establishment Republican or Democrat. They are what has been destroying our country all my life. A vote for either is a vote for tyranny. I will write in Ron Paul. The only reason I would consider Republican is to vote for Ron Paul.

    • Jolene

      If you want to waist a vote and divide the movement, that is fine. I hope more than anything that Dr. Paul pulls off snagging the nomination. If not, please consider voting for Gary Johnson. Keep the liberty movement united!

  • robin

    It appears some of the “so called” Ron Paul supporters are locked into the same GOP mindset we have been fighting in my area and that is the ultimate goal has to be to get Obama out and put in another head of the same monster=Romney. It appears you have not learned anything this year and have a moral and ethical compass that blows with the wind. You can not compromise integrity, so by voting for Romney you have ultimately sanctioned everything that this man stands for and has done by allowing things to unfold as they have. His hands are stained not just during this primary process but during his entire career. Keep in mind he never served a day in the military and avoided the draft. None of his sons have served, yet he is all too eager to send other people’s loved ones off to die or come home maimed for life. When will people wake up? Tax evasion(what is he hiding), soliciting foreign contributions, in bed with the prime minister of Israel, in bed with banksters, corporations, looked the other way in election and voter fraud, and the list goes on and on…I have to vote my conscience and why nothing ever changes. Those that are voting for Romney now have failed the most important test….Obviously they learned nothing from Ron Paul…

    • LFRD

      No, I think it isn’t that way. I truely think America is afraid of division of votes or Obama will indeed win another term and America will see alot of blood shed. I’m ok with revolution, but not alot of Americans can stomach it. I love Ron Paul.

  • Sonny

    Happy Birthday, you old Goat. Hope you have a wonderful day and come to your senses and finally realize that your political days are over. You have been there for many years and have accomplished very little except to have excited a bunch of Loons out here in La La Land that will be completely lost without you and your flute. Please take all these idiot Paul Bots with you as you march off into the sunset and insanity.

    • john


    • Paul

      Sonny, you said ” out here in LaLa land “. “Out here” would imply that you sir are in LaLa land. And I know there are many others there with you. As for the rest of us who actually have common sense, we will vote for Ron Paul!

  • Nick Ford

    Happy Birthday, Ron! You have my vote. I’ll be writing you in if I have to!

  • R.W. Goettge

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul. May God bless you richly.

    I voted for you here in Virginia in the Primary. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough momentum to secure the GOP ticket. You by far would make a better President then Obama or Romney in my humble opinion.

    However, I beleive job one now has to be a laser focuson getting President Obama out of office. That being said, I would hate to see your voters stop supporting the GOP and dilute their votes to the point that Obama is relected!

    Romney isn’t the best choice by a long shot however he is the best between the 2 people that appear now to have an honest chance of winning this election.

    If you could join Romney’s team as a Cabinet member and correct or eliminate if necessary as many as possible the US Treasury, IRS, Department of Education, and the Department of Energy, and especially the Govenment’s suppression of Christianity and Christians in our country that would be H-U-G-E for our country!!!

    Then if you are able to run next term for President I will be by your side again here in northern Virginia to help you with that effort locally.

    Job one for all consrvative and Christian Americans right now though must be to ensure President Obama does not get a second term in office to further destroy America!!!

  • paul

    I’d like to see a convention takeover, but thats just my fantasy – HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON

  • Ginny Emerson

    “What Should Ron Paul do now.” ? Run as an independant and become our next President. Iwill write him in if need be. What and intelligent decent gracious couple Carol and Ron are. I want to see this family in the White House doing my business. Ginny Emerson Montana

  • Dennis Swanson

    Run independent, so we have someone to vote for.

  • Bonnie Fuentevilla

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul !

    You have my vote.

  • Kerry Cox

    The above comment says it all.
    Ron Paul is,literally, one of a handful of politicians world wide to be respected for his moral stance,philosophy and genuine intent to help his country.
    This, coming from a Kiwi with little respect for American policies or politicians…many non-Americans feel as I do as well as Americans who have lived overseas.
    Go Ron Paul.

  • Bill

    A cabinet level post as monetary advisor to the President … re-build the treasury, including the IRS into a smaller, nimbler, fair tax system.

  • Run,run,run independant. Its a long shot but so was the victory claimed by the revolutionaries in the war for independance. If jehovah is with us who can be against us. Ron Paul will win no matter what the media (enemy) says.

  • Ron Paul should endorse Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party for President. Goode/Clymer 2012 http://constitutionparty.com/

  • robin

    The priority now is the convention and all efforts have to be on this now. If you haven’t left yet, keep us updated on what happens at the convention and any other delegates on here. This will be a historic convention that we will be watching with baited breath. They will pull every dirty trick in the book to silence Ron Paul supporters-including the media who will of course continue to black out events and manipulate the facts. People in my state that were disenfranchised are working hard in the trenches to take over the GOP and get rid of our state chair, etc. We will pray that justice is served…

  • Paul Dwyer

    Keep Exposing:

    Happy Birthday Ron,
    Paul Dwyer

  • Sharon Waranius

    Happiest Birthday to you Mr. Dr. Ron Paul

    You have spread hope throughout the land. You have educated the ignorant. You have energized the masses. You deserve more than I can give you. I’ll give you my vote along with my respect, appreciation and motivation to carry on your wisdom.

    God bless you Ron Paul.