What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

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What should Ron Paul do now?

  • Prepare for an Independent run (53%, 5,975 Votes)
  • Don't support Romney and try to slowly take over the GOP (20%, 2,299 Votes)
  • Join Gary Johnson as Libertarian VP candidate (15%, 1,686 Votes)
  • Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand's chances for 2016/2020 (9%, 992 Votes)
  • Officially drop out of the race and retire from politics (3%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,251

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Photo by Gage Skidmore.

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311 responses to “What Should Ron Paul Do Now?”

  1. samra

    Ron Paul IS THE ANSWER!
    Dr. Paul Happy B’day, do NOT give up, do NOT fear enemies! Call Jessy Ventura back from retirement to be your running mate for Independents. He WILL enthusiastically join you! You’ll become the most dynamic & honest running team in the US history appealing to libertarians and honest red necks alike. And when President and VP, just do NOT take orders from Netanyahu nor bankers, neither from military-industrial complex -remember Dwight Eisenhower. Please restore USA back to the status of respected nation, the rest of the World doesn’t hate!
    Moral integrity brings us back the economic prosperity-do NOT doubt that.


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  2. Tab Sheehan

    Why oh why did the mainstream media sabotage your campaign, Dr. Paul? How is it that you won the primaries in all these states, yet the news ignored you until you seemed to go away. Did the henchmen from the Illuminati/Bluebloods pay you a visit in the night so you would quit?

    Why oh why did the military forbid the enlisted to attend your rallies?

    This is clearly a most abrogated political hijinks in what is left of America.
    I am very sad to have witnessed such a blatant manipulation of reality, media and spin on a perfectly electable candidate–a candidate that would have perhaps given this country one last chance to not sink into the abyss of corruption and corporations.

    Well, I do hope you consider running as an independent. If you do not, the only real choice I feel the American people have is to NOT VOTE–what will the two-headed serpent do when no one votes for it?

    I wish everyone out there peace, unending joy, and the blessing that is daily life here on Earth.

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    1. William G. Sharp

      Dear Tab, I feel the dismay in what you’re saying. Unfortunately, there is an unavoidable reality to the situation. I certainly don’t trust or like Romney, but I hate Obama. I wish an independent run by Ron Paul could work, but it will in fact hand a victory to Obama! There are just too many Americans that just don’t get it, and still more that don’t care! Everywhere I go I find ridiculous amounts of people that refuse to even vote, because the outlook seems so hopeless to them. It’s a really bad situation we’re facing for sure.

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  3. Paul E

    Who the hell is Gary Johnston? I only care about Doc Paul. Have Gary Johnston be Doc’s running mate, not the other way around. Come, now. I’m still writing Doc in when I vote. I cannot, in good conscience, vote for ANYONE else.

    Happy birthday, Doc!

    ~Paul E.

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  4. robin

    A compromise and deal with the RNC and the delegates…Sounds like a pact with the devil to me. When will people learn the platform means nothing and Rand Paul speaking prime time=Oh, come on…What a disappointment if this is true? The fight for liberty going out with a flicker….I have voted for 40 years and you absolutely can’t compromise what is just and right…

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    1. robin
  5. Lisa Majors

    Dr. Paul, I am 50 years old & new to all this political, economical, social, enironmental concerns we face now. I have seen how you have faced a lying, corporate media mafia with grace & integrity. I have seen how you have been constant in fighting for what is just, fair, & righteous! I have researched many things & see that your words & actions are true. Thank you for your wisdom & leadership. As far as voting…I will never, never, never vote for Romney or Obama!!! I will vote for Gary Johnson/libertarian! God bless you, your family, & all the friends & supporters of Ron Paul!

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    1. Rich Grise

      I won’t vote for anyone BUT The Good Dr. Paul. If he gets swindled out of the nomination, I will write in “Ron Paul.” It’s just that simple.

      Ron Paul or None At All!

      Now, the idea of GJ as veep is kinda interesting – I wonder what his platform is?

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  6. Barry

    Please keep going Dr. Paul! America and the world need your leadership!

    Support from South Africa!

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  7. Robert Bussey

    The disenchanted Democrats are looking hard for somebody to vote for, just like the Republicans.
    If Ron Paul is on the ballot in November, every Ron Paul supporter, whatever party affiliation, must cast an absentee ballot for him and they must be counted and they must keep a mail delivery confirmation receipt. This “too easy” voting manipulation by the electrons must be stopped.
    You will know how many votes for Ron Paul were actually cast, because the RP supporters will unite and make public their choice. There is no need for secrecy when you are voting honestly and the candidate is honest and sincere.
    You must vote your heart and your conscience and never fear or doubt because of the split ballot lies. If the voting wasn’t rigged during Daddy Bush/Clinton election, Perot might have won. Of course, this was before Baby Bush proved that the Democrats and Republicans were IDENTICAL and run by the banksters!
    Lets talk Dr. Paul into running with Napolitano, I like that idea!

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    1. Rich Grise

      I think when The Good Doctor gets to the White House, He should appoint Judge Andrew to some sort of judicial or legal job. And Dave Barry as his press secretary! :-)

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  8. John Madigan

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Paul several years ago. I have followed his work since and have been a supporter as well.
    I am now in my 80′s and look back thinking that I made a huge mistake in 1992 when I supported and voted for the 3rd party candidate. (As did about 20 million other good citizens).
    This allowed the Democrat(Clinton) to win.
    I fear as much as I like Ron Paul, a 3rd party approach would lead to another democrat(Obama) to win.
    Can we endure that? Please support Romney and then help abolish the Fed-the biggest fraudulent organization in our country.

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  9. David Verner

    He should retire. He’s done a good job and should get a chance to enjoy some time for himself and enjoy his family. We need to pick up the slack and work together to fix this country. We may need to find a new beacon amongst us but We can do it.

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  10. Leon Stansfield

    Shake up the Republican convention with something totally unexpected.

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  11. PETER


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  12. Nick

    put himself up as a write in candidate or run third party. the establishment GOP would have a cow because he would take a lot of votes with him and, quite frankly, after the corruption they have shown during this election cycle they deserve to lose. Not that it would make a difference since romney and barry are the same puppet.

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  13. Mr. Berke

    What is wrong with you people???!!! The Fat Lady has NOT sung yet!!! WAKE UP!!! I’ve never seen anything like this! Every Ron Paul supporter in the Universe doing everything possible to sabotage his/our Presidential candidacy! Good folks, fellow citizens, and fellow patriots, all of us should be continuing to do every moral thing that we can do to make sure that Congressman Dr. Ron Paul GETS NOMINATED for President next week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida! Then we ALL should take it from there!!!

    So please let us ALL stop the nonsense, the worrying, the supporting Gary Johnson, the quitting, the saying and writing and posting and doing every kind of utterly stupid, idiotic, moronic, brainless thing! Let’s fully concentrate on securing the nomination of the Republican Party, for President of these United States of America, for Dr. RON PAUL!!! Then, NEXT WEEK, if the nomination is stolen from us, we’ll take it from there! Please, a little sanity here would be advisable!

    Please RESTORE AMERICA NOW!!! Please VOTE FOR DOCTOR RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012! The doctor is in the House! The good doctor is in the White House!

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  14. Commenttime

    Ron Paul should team up with someone like the judge and or Gary Johnson and go third party. Millions would gladly leave the liers behind and jump ship to vote for someone who can again get into the debates. Go third party and get it done.

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  15. Daron Lunsford

    Don’t give up Ron.

    We still do not have to settle for one of these two jackasses.

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  16. gerry schuh

    ALL IS Well….to Move Ahead and Remove the Obstacles in this Economy – OBAMA/ROMNEY – they are – Con-men, flim-flam men….see this, than they DO THAT, Distributors of WORDs…given to them by ALL their MONEY People….Blocks of Money….You can PICK them OUT – WHO THEY ARE. Countries, Foreign & Domestic Corporations… BIG Money….You Get the PICTURE. THIS IS WHAT You & WE are Dealing With…DO WE Have a PLAN??? Lets “GET On IT!” We have to FIRE them and HIRE a NEW WAY….,a NEW HORIZON is ON the WAY. Let’s “GET IT DONE.”

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  17. Kansas Bright

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!

    Please be President of the United States of America. We do NOT want Romney or Obama – both support the destruction of the USA and freedom.

    The FIRST law statute of the United States of America, enacted in the first session of the First Congress on 1 June 1789, was Statute 1, Chapter 1: an act to regulate the time and manner of administering certain oaths, which established the oath required by civil and military officials to support the Constitution.

    The wording of the Presidential Oath was established in the Constitution in Article II, Section 1, Clause 10.

    “I do SOLEMNLY swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, PRESERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States”

    The requirement for all Federal and State Civil officers to give their solemn and binding Oath is established in Article VI, Section 1, Clause 4.

    “I do SOLEMNLY swear (or affirm) that I will SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God”

    They are BOUND by their SOLEMN Oath to support the Constitution, and should they abrogate their Oath by their acts or inaction, are subject to charges of impeachment and censure (political offense).

    (civil offense) Solemn: “LEGALLY binding, Common legal phrase indicating that an agreement has been consciously made, and certain actions are now either required or prohibited”, “The other requirement for an agreement or contract to be considered legally binding is consideration – both parties must knowingly understand what they are agreeing to”.
    Bound – “Being under legal or moral obligation”

    This means that every person within the three branches who was required to take the solemn Oath can be prosecuted for breaking it.

    We should start at the state level as they are held to support and defend the US Constitution and the state Constitution. Remember they are law here in the USA. Start with showing every instance where they broke with the Required Oath(s) and demand they follow the Oaths and NOT follow all illegal “laws”, “bills”, “amendments”, executive orders – that would be ALL of them, etc or be prosecuted. And do it, REQUIRE and demand prosecution.

    Go to tenthamendmentcenter. com and you can get the ban and nullify forms.

    Like NDAA, ban UN’s Agenda 21 (where we are no longer allowed to own property, businesses, cars, and live in rural areas – but must be moved so that the UN has easier access to America’s natural resources, Alabama is the first state that stopped this – The Alabama Senate Bill (SB) 477 legislation, known as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act), etc.

    This is our land, our chosen legitimate government under attack from within just like what happened to Germany and its constitution.

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  18. Dr Jens Jacobsen

    Dear Dr Paul
    As a South African outside of the US, it surprises me that your country men have not seen fit to make you the front runner for the Presidency.
    Your wisdom and moral integrity are essential ingredients for the future of the United States.
    I hope that there will be some common sense at the convention and that you will stand to be elected.
    God Bless you and the USA. Happy Birthday.
    Jens Jacobsen

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  19. Susan Thomson

    Best wishes for a very happy birthday and many more!

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  20. robin

    This was in response to my comment about Ron Paul supporters who will be voting for Romney if Ron Paul is not nominated, so as not to divide the party and get Obama reelected because they are afraid of what is in store for us. They better wake up that Romney isn’t going to save them from an economic collapse and civil unrest. He is going to take us down the same path.
    “No, I think it isn’t that way. I truely think America is afraid of division of votes or Obama will indeed win another term and America will see alot of blood shed.” I’m ok with revolution, but not alot of Americans can stomach it. I love Ron Paul.”

    Apparently, those that will be voting for Romney as Ron Paul supporters don’t seem to understand what so many of us have been saying. If Romney is elected, he will pick up exactly where Obama left off that’s why he is the “anointed one”. I was also very surprised to hear Lew Rockwell say recently that Romney will be even worse because he is even more of a war monger and his absolute loyalty is not to the people in the US, but to Israel and his friend the prime minister. Come on people, he just got a lot of illegal contributions from diamond dealers tied to the “blood diamond industry” in Israel. How can any Ron Paul supporter vote for Romney after what he did to Ron Paul by showing that he totally lacks any moral or ethical standards by sitting on the sidelines doing nothing to stop all the fraud. People=don’t you get it. Everything has been predetermined and why they chose Romney because he is just another puppet and thoroughly corrupt. The whole idea is to collapse the dollar no matter who is in office, and then civil unrest will be inevitable. At least we can vote our conscience and not sell out and why nothing ever changes. This is our real test and it appears so many are letting fear dictate what is just and right. My parents lived through the Great Depression, but this will be far worse and why everything has been set and Romney supports it. Who are you kidding? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE and this will not change anything, but at least you can stand by your principles as Ron Paul has done by NOT COMPROMISING THEM out of fear. All I can say to those Ron Paul supporters thinking of voting for Romney, this is YOUR GREATEST TEST just how much you believe in liberty and our Constitution and just what INTEGRITY you have. FEAR is used to enslave people and you are falling right into the Venus Fly Trap….

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  21. dominick schiaretti

    RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL!…He’s the only one who can kickstart,the Liberty movement,into a position of prominence. Yes it will fight on. “but”…just think of what eight years of Dr. Paul would do for this country! D.r Paul I BEG!of you. Run 3rd party. WE CAN WIN!!!….

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  22. Mike Filippini Jr

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ron Paul!

    My family and my support is behind you. Ron Paul 2012!

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  23. Wayne Knight

    Continue to shake up the GOP, build upon the progress that has been made.

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  24. Steve

    I can barely pay my bills and if I put a lot of effort into it, I could collect public assistance funds – but that is just crazy. I always find a way to get by.
    BUT, if there is a way Ron Paul can effectively run for the Presidency, I would find a way to make at least a $500 donation for the campaign. I would find a way to sell things I own and be deprived of them, to come up with the money. I have already made donations on many occasions.
    AND, I hope that others would likewise find a way, even if it was a bit painful, to do the same.
    We have to find a way to get the crooks out of Washington. That effort would be started with Dr. Ron Paul as our honorable President.
    This effort will take a lot more than just prayer.
    Most Americans simply will not get out of their comfort zone to fight for their rights, their country and their lives.

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  25. Sean Michael

    Endorse Gary Johnson!

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  26. Santos

    Happy Birthday Dr. Paul!
    BTW the libertarian party has already chosen a VP at their national convention.

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  27. steve knight

    stay the course & happy b-day!

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  28. Maria

    I vote Dr Ron Paul even is not name on.
    Write Dr Ron Paul on it and check mark it.
    He, should be the next president of the US.

    I can not see why not, he, is just the guy for the job.
    I am disappointed in how Seattle WA did not show more support for him, do to media propaganda I think.
    For a life the way should be.
    Feel free and be free.

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  29. Sarah

    I’ll tell you what he has done: He has WON MY VOTE! He will be on my ballot Nov. 6, 2012!

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  30. Jesse McMuffin

    The Convention hasn’t happened yet! Ask this question next week you dumb & dumbers…..

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  31. Rygar

    Don’t Give up on Ron Paul and the Libertarian agenda! Swap your vote with someone in a Safe-state in order to get write in votes for Ron Paul! Join the VOTE SWAP 2012 group on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/VoteSwap2012

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  32. John Huntzinger

    I think Ron Paul should support Gary Johnson, and become part of what Gary Johnson is doing in 2012. I think Ron Paul would make a great Sec. of Tresury, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Sec. of State, of Vice President in Gary Johnson’s effort to spread liberty. What a great impact this would have upon Gary Johnson’s effort. I think Ron Paul doing this would be enough to get Gary Johnson in the debates with Mitt and Barrack, and would give a real chance for Gary Johnson to come out a winner. What a momentum shift to have Ron Paul. Ron Paul…..please don’t sell out to Mitt like your son did!!! His positions are totally oppisite of yours. Please go with Gary Johnson, and you, Mr. Ron Paul, will make Gary Johnson and the liberty movement a force to be reckoned with!!!

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  33. AJ

    Happy Birthy Day Ron

    Run as independent
    not because Obama and Romny are not good….reason to small
    Run because world need a change

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  34. Robert

    Dr. and Veteran Ron Paul,

    Happy Birthday to a real American heroe. I know that your probably getting a bit tired of fighting the good fight, but you have come along way to stop now. I too will be voting for you again, write in if I have to.

    I personally would like you to stay under the Republican ticket so as to pull votes away from Mitt, even as a Republican for many reasons, not one includes the re-election of the Pres. But the way I see it, it is either a black or white, Lobbyist mouthpiece and to me, it don’t matter what mouth piece is there, America is still ruined.

    Gary Johnsons VP would be great/ or independent, would be great, but being independent would bring more fodder for the Negative Fox News, etc.. Lobbyist establishment supporters to ruin your great reputation.

    Either way Ron, I love and respect you for what you are and have done for this once proud and great country. You will always have my support.

    And as a fellow Vet myself, from a family of retired and active military, God Bless you for all you have done.


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  35. AREMIS


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