What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

What should Ron Paul do now?

  • Prepare for an Independent run (53%, 5,975 Votes)
  • Don't support Romney and try to slowly take over the GOP (20%, 2,299 Votes)
  • Join Gary Johnson as Libertarian VP candidate (15%, 1,686 Votes)
  • Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand's chances for 2016/2020 (9%, 992 Votes)
  • Officially drop out of the race and retire from politics (3%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,251

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Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • Sergio Tkacevski

    Dear Congressman Ron Paul,

    Please do not endorse Mitt Romney or Gary Johnson for President.

    My mother and I are here to support you all the way.

    Please stay in the race. We hope that you will win the nomination for President.
    If you win the nomation for President, we hope that you will defeat Barack Obama in November.

    Your handicapped U.S. Citizen,

    Sergio Tkaczevski.


  • Sonny

    LOL. After reading all these comments about how you Loons all love Ron Paul, I threw up and rubbed it all over a picture of the demented Doctor. You GoofBalls are really something else. Sounds like your all ready to goose step into the showers with your noses up his ass. What a bunch of Putz’s.

    • Paul

      People like you are part of the problem! Who do you support Sonny? A lying douchebag? Good luck with that. Let’s just see what happens in November. Ron Paul has my vote.

  • Dr Paul need to keep spreading his true conservatism because he is teaching the young which will have to deal with the mess my generation have left. plus the road to fascism we are on.

  • Laura Taff

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ron Paul. Congratulations are in order that you made it to this ripe old age since most of us are bottoming out much earlier.
    Please run on the LP party. I had already intended to write your name in anyway and I keep telling people to do the same. There is NO ONE to vote for up there that is honest, doesn’t have Swiss bank accounts, wants to get us back into a war the list just goes on and on. I want you to straighten out Washington and get rid of all the fluff .
    No matter…my vote goes for YOU even if I have to write it in.

  • max white

    i will not vote for rommeny or obama only you dr paul, only you!

  • J M Damon

    In my opinion Ron Paul should run as a Libertarian.
    He did well to participate in the primaries where he has garnered great popular support, but neither the Republican nor Democratic parties are capable of being reformed.
    They cannot be wrested from oligarchical control.

  • Jim Young

    Ron Paul should run as an independent candidate. Party affiliation would just be an obstacle to such candidacy because all political parties present negative aspects and philosophies to MOST voters.

  • Eric

    Yes, they could change the rules… at the next convention when they vote on party platform, policies, and bylaws.
    For as much as I would love to see Dr. Paul on the LP ticket, I honestly don’t think it will happen his year.

  • Cantstandit Nomo

    Oops… one correction on my previous comment… Pres. Ron Paul and VP Jesse Ventura… that is one hell of a winning ticket! I agree with the comment below that mentions this combination. Wow! That would knock their socks off! Ron has the moxie and Jesse has the pazzazz! Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Continue to heal our nation, if you can only find a way.

    • Sonny

      Both of those Nuts are crazy as a shit house rat.

      • ed

        they may be crazy but at least they arent corrupt like nobama & robme

  • Bruce Mann

    Establish a third party.

    I am 64 and have voted for Ron since 1988.

    Restructuring government now is the best way forward in my opinion.

    Call it the Whigs – or something like that.


    • Deng


      Appreciate people like you who have been long time supporters of Ron Paul. I just realized about Dr. Paul since Jan 2012.


    • Sonny

      How did you ever get so stupid in only 64 years?

  • Cantstandit Nomo

    Ron Paul deserves his rest. His herculean effort to bring the RNC to the Liberty Movement is nothing short of a legendary legacy. That being said, there is no way around it, we need him desperately. If Gary Johnson could join him as VP in an idependent run, I believe they could shake this country up! And that is what is sorely needed. However, if Dr. Paul is weary of the fight it is true that we should pick up the fallen banner and struggle on. Even if didn’t run independent, please one more term in congress… we are turning the tide on the FED but it is evident that it won’t happen this year. Come on Dr. Paul… you are obviously one of the most healthy members of the house. Keep on keeping on. We are with you!

  • Nick Angelo

    First of all God Bless u and Happy Birthday Dr. Paul. Have been checking out this site for a year or two and learned an awful lot from Mr. Paul. Voted for him in the primary in my state of pa. Have never wrote in a vote before and would like more info from the nice people on this site. Had some one pull me over yesterday after seeing all the ron paul stickers on the back of my van to tell me he was going to tampa this weekend. WOW. Amen.

  • B. Myers

    For such a time as this…..Keep going and don’t give up!!!

  • William K. Allen

    What Dr. Paul will do in the future is for him to decide. He probably knows better than any of us where his efforts would be most effective. He has already given so much of himself to his beloved America.

    He truly is A LEGEND IN HIS OWN TIME.

  • samra

    Ron Paul IS THE ANSWER!
    Dr. Paul Happy B’day, do NOT give up, do NOT fear enemies! Call Jessy Ventura back from retirement to be your running mate for Independents. He WILL enthusiastically join you! You’ll become the most dynamic & honest running team in the US history appealing to libertarians and honest red necks alike. And when President and VP, just do NOT take orders from Netanyahu nor bankers, neither from military-industrial complex -remember Dwight Eisenhower. Please restore USA back to the status of respected nation, the rest of the World doesn’t hate!
    Moral integrity brings us back the economic prosperity-do NOT doubt that.

  • Tab Sheehan

    Why oh why did the mainstream media sabotage your campaign, Dr. Paul? How is it that you won the primaries in all these states, yet the news ignored you until you seemed to go away. Did the henchmen from the Illuminati/Bluebloods pay you a visit in the night so you would quit?

    Why oh why did the military forbid the enlisted to attend your rallies?

    This is clearly a most abrogated political hijinks in what is left of America.
    I am very sad to have witnessed such a blatant manipulation of reality, media and spin on a perfectly electable candidate–a candidate that would have perhaps given this country one last chance to not sink into the abyss of corruption and corporations.

    Well, I do hope you consider running as an independent. If you do not, the only real choice I feel the American people have is to NOT VOTE–what will the two-headed serpent do when no one votes for it?

    I wish everyone out there peace, unending joy, and the blessing that is daily life here on Earth.

    • William G. Sharp

      Dear Tab, I feel the dismay in what you’re saying. Unfortunately, there is an unavoidable reality to the situation. I certainly don’t trust or like Romney, but I hate Obama. I wish an independent run by Ron Paul could work, but it will in fact hand a victory to Obama! There are just too many Americans that just don’t get it, and still more that don’t care! Everywhere I go I find ridiculous amounts of people that refuse to even vote, because the outlook seems so hopeless to them. It’s a really bad situation we’re facing for sure.

  • Paul E

    Who the hell is Gary Johnston? I only care about Doc Paul. Have Gary Johnston be Doc’s running mate, not the other way around. Come, now. I’m still writing Doc in when I vote. I cannot, in good conscience, vote for ANYONE else.

    Happy birthday, Doc!

    ~Paul E.

  • robin

    A compromise and deal with the RNC and the delegates…Sounds like a pact with the devil to me. When will people learn the platform means nothing and Rand Paul speaking prime time=Oh, come on…What a disappointment if this is true? The fight for liberty going out with a flicker….I have voted for 40 years and you absolutely can’t compromise what is just and right…

  • Lisa Majors

    Dr. Paul, I am 50 years old & new to all this political, economical, social, enironmental concerns we face now. I have seen how you have faced a lying, corporate media mafia with grace & integrity. I have seen how you have been constant in fighting for what is just, fair, & righteous! I have researched many things & see that your words & actions are true. Thank you for your wisdom & leadership. As far as voting…I will never, never, never vote for Romney or Obama!!! I will vote for Gary Johnson/libertarian! God bless you, your family, & all the friends & supporters of Ron Paul!

    • Rich Grise

      I won’t vote for anyone BUT The Good Dr. Paul. If he gets swindled out of the nomination, I will write in “Ron Paul.” It’s just that simple.

      Ron Paul or None At All!

      Now, the idea of GJ as veep is kinda interesting – I wonder what his platform is?