What Should Ron Paul Do Now?

Photo by Gage Skidmore

What should Ron Paul do now?

  • Prepare for an Independent run (53%, 5,975 Votes)
  • Don't support Romney and try to slowly take over the GOP (20%, 2,299 Votes)
  • Join Gary Johnson as Libertarian VP candidate (15%, 1,686 Votes)
  • Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand's chances for 2016/2020 (9%, 992 Votes)
  • Officially drop out of the race and retire from politics (3%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,251

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Photo by Gage Skidmore.

  • small clothier


    the two party system does knot exist when the incumbent party does knot run a slate of candidates just assumes that the existing candidate is adequate. a check of the constitution is in order, that the two party system, the electoral college does knot infringe on WE THE PEOPLE by life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

    i believe that the two party system, the electoral college, federal reserve has allowed certain monetary and political policies to cloud our collective judgement called democracy.

    Benjamin Franklin paraphrase: that those who trade some of their liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

    AWL (a sharp pointed object used to blind)
    Apart Y Ink

    breach of peace judicative logic
    white crane aka big bird legislative logic
    garden of eden executive logic





  • Gary

    A vote for Ron is a vote for Obama. We need to work within the party to effect change. Maybe the platform commitee will listen to some of our ideas on debit reduction.

    • MadPepperJack

      And War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, More is Less, yes?

      A vote for RON is a vote for RON. His votes takes from both “liberal” and “conservative” pools, and quite frankly, if it weren’t for people like you, with such defeatist attitudes – cause let me guess, you’ll probably next say that Ron Paul had no chance of winning and voting for him is throwing away your vote – he would already clearly be the next president.

  • Lainie

    Ron Paul exposed the GOP for what they truly are during this election and even though it’s been literally painful, I’m glad we know. If he had started out as an Independent, I never would’ve realized just how bad both parties are.

    GOP….come November, we’ll remember. Ron Paul supporters weren’t the only ones watching you and all your corruption this election, trust me. And thankfully, Ron Paul doesn’t just have Republican support. He has disgruntled Democratic support (that’s me!) and Independent voter support as well.

  • Masood Akhtar

    Ron Paul, Never give up, the whole world needs you!!

  • Lynn House

    The smoothest move would be to endorse Gary Johnson and bow out gracefully.

  • Don K.

    Dont quit now, We need you to be our President.

  • Glenn McGuire

    None of these options are truly appropriate. Ron Paul ran as a Republican and should respect there nominee, though not necessarily endorse. If given podium time, briefly mention differences (maybe even Gary Johnson) and then focus on where he realistically hopes to influence Romney and the RNC.
    Dr. Paul ran as a Republican and on this election cycle not publicly endorse another party or write in option; just continue to champion the ideas we have grown to love in love in him. He can stay an influential person in our politics if he stays respectful as he has so far.
    As far as Rand Paul’s future, it’s mostly up to Rand. If Ron Paul were to run separately (not legal in most states if you were on a primary ballot) this would hurt any possible future for Rand; though anything move after 2012 would not hurt Rand.
    I expect Dr. Ron Paul to stay influential, but it is through his supporters that anything gets done; keep supporting his great ideas.

  • Tom Mahon

    Both option 1 and option 4 are delusional.

    Can’t happen. Impossible.

  • Joe Boysen


    Tuesday late, August 21st, 2012 AD
    Mr. Doug Wead, Ron Paul 2012 Advisor

    Dear Mr. Wead,

    Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul CAN be elected President of the United States on November 6th via the Electoral College balloting to follow in December, and WILL be so elected if he pursues an independent candidacy beginning almost immediately and affiliates with the most appropriate running mate/co-candidate, especially if that includes a national unity coalition approach, and particularly if it is with Ralph Nader, an American with a unique status, prestige and “national treasure” standing equal to his own.

    Whether fully deserved or no, they stand alone in this, and I know of no comparable pairing of Americans in our lifetimes, if ever. The “major party” Obomney Robme midgets stand NO chance against these two GIANTS of America 2012 REGARDLESS of whatever the lamestream presstitutes attempt.

    Indeed, Ron Paul’s chances of being elected are GREATER now, than if he had the Republican nomination and faced the full Obamista/Status Quo establishment media “Good War” onslaught and defamation! NO ONE SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND THIS KEY REALITY. But, I am certain you will, or probably already do.

    Under the DREADFUL circumstances which exist and the likelihood of an October Surpise WWIII causative Obama/NEOCON attack on Iran, it is Dr. Paul’s clear duty to achieve this victory AND, thereby, to END this obscene century plus “New York directed” historical era which went into “high gear” with the tragic election of Roosevelt eighty years ago and has worsened steadily throughout Ron’s ENTIRE lifetime and been made hideously worse by virtue of the corruptly obtained UN Partition of Palestine obtained via American bullying and blackmail 65 years ago and which simply, and PERMANENTLY, discredited and destroyed the United Nations in its infancy, and forever since: 65 years of war and injustice and American international criminality in furtherance of an illegitimate racist police state on the conquered land of an ENTIRELY innocent people.

    Please consider persuading him to do so in this once in two centuries world historical factual and circumstantial situation. Regards, Joe Boysen

  • Brady Kohuth

    Happy Birthday,Mr.Paul !

    I will write you in,period. But I would hope,if you do actually retire from the House,that you continue to lecture at the colleges,to educate the young people, this is very important,as their is really no one out there that does.

    Further,what we really need is a REAL news station ! One that doesn’t side with the gov’t and backs the Constitution. It is sad to turn on the news and only watch the local news(even that is sometimes unbearable),the sports or the weather,then turn it off as the rest is all propaganda. To watch Hannity,O’Reilly and the likes treat you in such a rude manner is intolerable. But we know who is behind them and why.

    If you were somehow elected,for VP,a good possibility would have been Judge Napolitano.

    Take Care and God Bless

    • ed

      we got real alternative news on the internet and some on tv, people like jesse ventura with his conspirity theories, alex jones with his radio and internet shows, david icke, jim tucker & numerous others. we just got to get the word out to our friends, relatives etc about these people & their programs because right now the public has been dumbed down to think patriots are radicals. Only way we gonna change things is from the bottom up. But I understand the lack of honest mainstream media who is brought & paid for.

  • Chilly Willy Johnson

    448 votes for “Support Romney as GOP nominee to maximize Rand’s chances for 2016/2020”

    Really? Rand has shown his true colors and is no friend to the liberty movement. If he is on the ticket in 2016 and 2020, I will definitely not vote for him and encourage as many people as I can to do the same. He is note even 1/1,000,000,000th of the man his father is.

  • I don’t like any of the options. First off, Ron and secondly his supporters have the only opinions that matter on this issue. And since I’m a Ron Paul supporter, here’s mine. I want him to quickly take over the Republican Party, over the next few days, and send Romney back under whatever rock from whence he crawled. Failing that, I hope he’ll endorse the Johnson/Gray ticket.

  • Mohammad-Reza

    Even though join Gary Johnson as a VP candidate is a good choice, but the VP slot has been elected by the Libertarian Party to Judge Jim Gray.
    Just to clear the possibility of any bias or agenda, how about another option that says endorse Gary Johnson and join him?

  • robin

    Whose idea was this? This just makes me sick to my stomach hearing the compromise that the delegates agreed to with the RNC. As a PCP in the great state of Oregon where we were disenfranchised by not being able to select alternate delegates because of stalling all day and then closing down the convention before business had convened, this is totally unacceptable. Then not being included in a secret committee meeting to put in place preselected delegates who were friends of the state chair. The man we support did not compromise his principles for 30 years, and look what we have done at the end of his long legacy? Made a pact with the DEVIL. After 40 years of voting, I thought finally we would stand up for what is ethical and moral. This is not a victory the way it is being portrayed but a defeat of the worst kind. We sold out….

    • French Canadian


      I’m with you. They made a pact with the Devil. And this is selling out. It is incredible and very disturbing. Are you sure these delegates were really Ron Paul’s delegates… or delegates of Romney in disguise? Or is it this slicky traitor Jesse Benton behind all of this compromizing?

  • Adam Z

    We need to start a “Write in Ron” Campaign.

    • Chilly Willy Johnson

      By his own admission he will not be running a write in campaign. Any future support for Dr. Ron Paul will not help promote the liberty movement. Though there is another candidate out there that does promote the liberty movement and is the ballot of enough states to win the electorate vote for POTUS. That’s the Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson. Even when Gov. Johnson has retired, the Libertarian party will continue to support the liberty movement well into the future. So to all of Ron Paul’s supporters, coming this November you have a choice to make out of five options.

      “1. Don’t vote at all, which, in my opinion is a forfeit of citizen responsibility.

      2. Write in “Ron Paul” on the ballot in a gesture of devotion and loyalty that will accomplish nothing but a sense of righteous self-indulgence, because this is by his own admission Pauls’ final campaign and any further investment in his name will be wasted.

      3. Write in the name of somebody who is not a candidate for any party on the ballot, which is honorable on its face, but won’t contribute to ballot access and long-term credibility of a third-party alternative to the history of Republocratic failures.

      4. Vote for the Democratic incumbent or the Republican nominee, thereby supporting the liberty-squashing government-bloating stranglehold those two parties have on government.

      5. Vote for the Libertarian Party candidate, thereby contributing to the continued growth of a political party that will promotes citizen liberty and limited government long after any one Republican is gone.

      I recommend Option Five. When I consider the various futilities of the other options, I will choose Option Five, which contributes to an alternative to the failures of the Ds and the Rs. Option Five allow me to reject participating in the gradual destruction of my nation, and instead lets me contribute to a better government for our grandchildren’s generation. As a community, voters get the government they deserve. I’ll not be responsible for contributing to their liberty-squashing, government-bloating errors. I am a Libertarian.” Erik Viker

  • Well Sir, You smell like the founding fathers. But Americans have been turned slobs and good for nothing by a race only 1% in your country, which was also predicted by founding fathers. Can you really fight that race? However, it is better to die fighting than under hallucination of ” American Dream”. Best wishes for you.

  • Andrew

    At 77 your still the fresh face of US politics.

    Happy birthday, congratulations on the Fed bill, giving the republican GOP a good run and growing a truly grass roots following of people looking for real change in the US. Here’s to that change and the man we wish to lead it. All the best Ron lets hope we hear that sweet sound of President Paul in the near future.

  • I couldn’t believe that America could produce a presidential candidate that was an honest and intelligent man. I don’t have faith that the American people can carefully think and choose such a man. But for the rest of the world I pray that you go as far as you possibly can go, I think you’re only one who would be good for America and the rest of the world. I wish that we who weren’t Americans got a vote, because it impacts on us as well.

  • ed

    Happy birthday Dr. Paul. You are a true patriot and defender of liberty & we as a country need you to run. I know there there was shady dealings in the primary & you were cheated but many people support you & need someone of your character to help clean up washington. You have the best chance of anybody to win being a 3rd party canadate. Your supporters are true supporters not flip floppers like the supporters of the two main political parties. We the citizens need you because you are the only person who cares about freedom, & our constitution. A good v.p. choice would be former gov. Jesse Ventura because he believes in liberty & the constitution too. If you decide to stay in congress or retire, I wont vote for Nobama or Robme. The only option left would be voting libertarian out of protest of the two major parties. God Bless you & your family & I hope to see you on the ballot.