GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • Bye bye Democratic Republic, hello Empire. Ben Swann is a Jedi.

  • seattleslough

    alex jones is a big ron paul supporter…..please listen to his interview on 8/27, starting at about 1:40 minutes….1:55 they start talking about ron and rand paul….1:57 especially the answer to a caller’s question…..about voting or not voting…2:02 is, to my mind, Very Important……so please think about your actions and what will be the end result. thanks.


  • The VOTING MACHINES are rigged!!!! This has to be fixed for any progress to occur!!!!!

    Murder Spies and Voting Lies Part 1 & Hacking Democracy 1 of 9

    Murder Spies and Voting Lies Part 1 & Hacking Democracy 1 of 9

    Murder Spies and Voting Lies Part 1 & Hacking Democracy 1 of 9

    Murder Spies and Voting Lies Part 1 & Hacking Democracy 1 of 9

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  • Wrong: There is zip, zero, nada ..absolutly no evidence or data to support your claim that federal loans drive up tuition. That is an often repeated lie that has never been proven true. There has been at least 15 years of research on this subject spanning three different administrations and they all came to the same conclusion: there is no link between federal aid and rising tuition.

    If you’re going to make a claim, back it up with facts. Otherwise, nice try.

  • You’re narrow-minded. You’re level of critical thinking is the problem with this country. You can’t separate the difference between good intentions and good results. Federal college loans are why college prices are so high. The government ensures the money for colleges, so naturally, colleges jack up their prices. So, when the student has to pay pack the federal loan, it ends up being expensive as hell. It is precisely due to your narrow-mindedness that you see Ron Paul as being so terrible.

  • You’re a fool. The 1800’s? Are you fucking kidding me? Why do you think our country has gradually gone down hill? Because we’ve been moving away from capitalism over many decades. Ron Paul wants to go back to capitalism, not some specific time period. And stop spreading lies. He doesn’t wanna destroy social security for the elderly and poor. He wants to ensure that they’re taken care of while allowing young people to opt out if they wish.

  • You’re right. The most important thing now is supporting the Republican Party. Ron Paul supporters are infiltrating the party, and Paul supporting congressmen are winning seats.

  • From California Ron Paul….

  • These are interesting times. The establishment is shifting & changing rules to deal with Paul. It has to.
    America is just not ready for a libertarian president. Too many Americans look to the government for handouts & elect politicians that promise them the most “stuff”.
    Ron Paul might have a decent sized following, but nearly enough. The sad reality is, he simply CANNOT & WILL NOT win.
    If you care one wit about America, you will vote for Ryan & that stuff shirt putz Romney.

  • You’re a Democrat aren’t you?.

  • RNC = Republican Neo Conservatives

  • From Arizona, RON PAUL!!!

  • Understandable. I don’t know what I will do in the voting booth that day.
    I know it won’t be Obama. Maybe I’ll write in Ron Paul. I’m sure I won’t be the only person doing that. And while it won’t get him elected, perhaps those who count the votes will see that freedom lovers are not going away, and we’re not going to be forced into the sham two party system.

  • What isn’t nuts about beliving that we should return to the policies of the 18th Century while the rest of the world continues to modernize and move forward. What isn’t nuts about about destroying the social safety net that millions of elderly and poor individuals rely on to just make it through the next day, or scrapping programs that help millions of students get their college degrees? Yes, there are criminals in our monetary system, but going back to the 1700s isn’t the solution.

  • wtf. this is politics 101. wtf.

  • This is your last chance America to save your great country. Everybody needs to fight the corruption in this so called voting procedure and get Ron Paul nominated. You must do WHATEVER it takes to stop the lying, and cheating and corruption. Its up to you, now lets see how much you love your own country and freedoms.

  • Yes my bad i was thinking about something else. His not nuts. What is nuts is how people let the current system run down the country. You focus on the minor issues and ignore the bigger picture. Without Ron Paul’s reforms, It’s inevitable the America will collapse. Same thing what happened to The French Monarchy, Soviet Union, British Empire is happening to the US. Your biggest issue is the Fed and lack of sound money. You have criminals running your monetary system.No other polly addresses this

  • My new party is the “Write-in” Party! RON PAUL!

  • “he is just a president and does not have huge influence in passing legislation”

    You mean he is just a congressman and yes he should have an influence in passing legislation, that’s what members of congress do after all. The reason he doesn’t have such a big influence is because he’s nuts.

    And despite his image of being a crusader against pork spending, Paul has earmakred plenty of pork himself: $38 million for programs to encourage parents to read aloud to their children being one example

  • The plan to bring down the twin towers predates the Gulf War when Iraq was, ostensibly, a US ally against Iran. Isser Harel, founder of Israeli “intelligence”,
    spilled the beans in 1979.

    “In Islamic theology, the phallic symbol is very important. Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit.”

    —Isser Harel, 1979

    Google: America the Target: 9-11 and Israel’s History of False Flag Terrorism