GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention



  • great education of what happens in our system today. this show should be broadcast in civics class’.

  • What now, Paulfags.

  • My guess as to why drugs are cheaper in Mexico is because of less regulation, but that comes at a price. Mexico is filled with counterfit and expired meds, many of which come from China and India. But Mexical does have a national public health system. It’s called the Mexican Social Security Institute

  • No matter who gets the nomination…WRITE RON PAUL’S NAME ON THE BALLOT! It can work.

  • because if subsidizing didn’t work the first time, we should just continue trying it – yea? Ring me when the tuition bubble pops – I’ll be here, little buddy.

    Oh, and you didn’t answer my question about why it’s so cheap in Mexico – I don’t remember them having first-world production in anything yet they can produce and sell prescription drugs for far less than we do here. Oh, and do it while still making a profit and paying their employees.

  • the fact is every repube presidential candidate had to meet and kiss corporations and donald trumps ass. the only smart republican was ron paul but since fox news hated paul. you puppets hate him too. notice you republicans blame obama and the poor and not the elite and bush who truly destroyed usa. republicans need to wake up . obama 2012.

  • I’d be happy to. There are many reasons but here’s a few. First of all, medicare spending exploded when the Bush administration passed medicare part D without paying for it and also allowed medicare to subsidize obesity problems. In 2003 Republicans forced taxpayers to pay for the supplimental private insurance plans seniors can opt in to, again without paying for it, again it drove up the costs. ALl of this could be rendered if we adopt what other nations use such as a national system

  • The Gay Old Party. Snubbed paul at the convention, changing the rules, what a bunch of girls.
    I didn’t want to vote for Obama but the G.O.P just totaly turned me off to them.
    what choice do I have now. Romney Sucks! he’s a rich cock who cares nothing about the poor or middleclass. I hate to say but, OBAMA GOT OSAMA!

  • Also, explain why Medicare takes up more than half of all money spent on healthcare in the USA – but only serves about 15% of the population(48 million).

  • So explain why they’re also so cheap in Mexico.

  • It’s not magic. One of the reasons why medication is cheaper in Canada is because the Candadian government put a cap on how much drug companies can charge. In the U.S., a 30-day supply of Diovan (valsartan), a medication used to treat high blood pressure, cost $73. In Canada, the cost was $40.

    But because we believe in “free enterprise” drug companies can charge whatever they want here. Make sense or is all this info hurting your little noggin?

  • Yes, because prescription drugs are magically cheaper as soon as you cross over our border – and that’s it, yea? Either disagree and explain why they’re so goddamned expensive here and cheap there, or zip it.

    And it’s a totally relevant point : we’re talking about gov’t subsidization. There is no industry more gov’t subsidized than healthcare.

  • And because of statements like this we have four ex-military whackjobs sitting in custory on murder charges and plots to kill the president. People like you need to be thrown into a padded cell with all the other nuts.

  • Well well well….I’m watching the GOP convention and just saw Romney get the nomination. For all their shit talking, the Paultards didn’t even put up a fight. They just stood there bent over while the GOP jammed Romney up their ass!!!!

  • What a disgrace! If Ron Paul has the delegates then there should be no contest! Didn’t one of previous presidents win his vote using the same method? Such a shame that the American masses won’t stand up for their own god given liberties! Ron Paul would make an awesome President, not only domestically but internationally he would be greatly respected as morally guided leader, something which has been seriously missing with modern presidents, just look at that numpty George W. Bush!

  • I just loved it when I attended the few Ron Paul rallies in my county and got into a debate with some of these Paultards. Once you start hitting them with actual facts, they all start to act the same: they clam up, stutter and then usually claim that EVERYTHING I’ve ever heard was a lie. Yeah okay….fact is…Paultards can’t hold their own in a debate. They’re just stupid kids who have no idea what they’re even talking about.

    • TheB

      Do the research Mrblistertard.

  • Actually the country didn’t start going down hill until the 1980s when Reagan began an era of busting unions and deregulating everything. If you do some research you’ll see that that’s the point wages for the middle class became stagnant while incomes for the wealthy grew at an alarming rate. The middle class enjoyed the most prosperity during the post war boom when higher income earners were taxed at a higher rate. So in the end….you’re the fool who knows very little.

  • um,I don’t know how you get from federal aid for students to presciption drugs. I guess that’s the typical logic of a Paul supporter though. However, I do agree that we should allow US citizens to import perscription drugs from Canada where it’s cheaper. And about the Postal Service being underwater go research how that happened. The Bush administration forced the USPS to pre-fund future reitree benefits for employees who don’t even exist yet. No other agency or private company does such a thing

  • Right. And this is why you can go to Mexico/Canada and pay a fraction of the price for prescription drugs. I’m sure you’d love to argue about how this has nothing to do with the government’s ‘don’t ask’ policy of print/spend along with their continuing subsidization of the healthcare industry. Because the goverment has always been known for it’s shrewd business practices(Postal Service Ends Third Quarter with $5.2 Billion Loss
    August 09, 2012)

    Learn to read between the lines, sir.