GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • Fox?

  • I’ve never met a Romney supporter.

  • “Paully is just an old dying breed of Politicians who’s time has sure passed them.” But his supporters are the next generation. The ones that matters. The ones that gets fascist elitists like Romney far from the oval office. I have yet to see a young Romney supporter who believed in Romney like the young Paul supporters believe in Ron Paul, short of brainwashed and/or politically unaware demon children. Gravitas just proves that 99% of Paul’s supporters are politically savvy and intelligent.


  • Republicans: Write in ‘RON PAUL’ !!!
    Split the Vote !!!!

    God bless the USA

  • Wrong! The most important thing right now is defeating Obama!
    He MUST NOT win a second term.
    Once that battle is won, the next fight to be fought will be against the republican party. Romney & the establishment republicans must be dragged kicking & screaming away from their version of bigger government. The private sector must be unleashed! The environmentalist, the feminists, & the marxists must be kicked out of schools, & Obamacare repealed.

  • Yeah Yeah yeah Yeah i figured Paullys were all Potheads plus Paully is also for FAGGGG Marriage i doubt that you even agree with that

  • I AM VOTING RON PAUL 2012! go google ronpaul2012 net and pledge that you will vote for Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul is the only person who deserves the presidency!

  • Republicans: Write in ‘Ron Paul’.
    Split the Vote !!!!!

  • fuck you

  • He is a Thousand times better than Paully or BHO. Paully is just an old dying breed of Politicians who’s time has sure passed them. I have seen some of Paullys folks there all Tattooed, Long Haired, Dopeheads that’s not the Face that the GOP should be. It should be Business friendly like ROMNEY is. Paully needs to go back to being a Grandpa.

  • The fact that this is the best the republican party could come up with shows how morally bankrupt their platform is anymore.

    McCain didn’t have a prayer in 2008 because of what Bush did to the country. Four years later, you would think the bailing out of wall street while main street suffered would make any candidate FROM wall street an absolute no-no.

    Morally banktrupt 2012.

  • Sumpin else

    I am very disappointed with Ron Paul for encouraging this childish banter, with so much really at stake. Ron Paul will never be elected president that is just a fact, and he knows this himself. The man would try to get Obama re-elected by not backing fully the real republican nominee, just to prove he got some votes too. Yes he got some votes so did all the other candidate, but Romney won, I didn’t vote for him, but I sure will now. And the more research I do about him, the more I think maybe I should have to begin with. Ron Paul in his actions for this primary is actually proving them right about him being just an disruptive nut. Shameful, leading these kids astray at such an important moment. It’s politics, if you vote Paul now you vote Obama, Paul has absolutely no chance. Much less chance the Ross Perot had in 1991, and because he came back in with only weak support left that gave the election to Clinton.

    • Vocal Citizen

      I would never, ever vote for someone who committed a hate crime against a gay man, surrounded by my laughing gang of thugs, only to shrug it off and say “No harm intended” 48 years later.

      I would never, ever vote for someone who wants to deny non-lethal medication to someone who is dying a slow, horrible, painful death just because he himself doesn’t wish to use it.

      Mitt Romney is probably a decent man (NOW, not when he tormented and assaulted his victim) and his wife sure is pretty… and he’s slick and rich and has excellent speechwriters to make him sound good.

      But I’ll vote for Winnie the Pooh before Romney gets my vote.

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  • Oh look, a FEMA interment camp believer.




  • I’m not voting for either Romney nor Obama. And Romney has no chance in hell of winning at this point even if I did support him.

  • have fun with romney fuckhead

  • Fixing this country? Right. By putting us $14 TRILLION in debt, sending us to another war after saying he would stop the wars, send predator drones to attack innocent civilians. initializing the patriot act (which I hope would only apply to your dumbass) to send US citizens to FEMA camps. Yea your boy is really helping. Your a racist cocksucking piece of shit because you hate this man only because he is white. You talk alot of shit and act like your jusitfied. Your an embarrassment to humanity.

  • Ron Paul and his son Rand should be Drafted as Write-In Candidates with “No Party” – just Highly Qualified and intelligent, Authentic and Honest Leadership!