GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • America is in the hands of Devil’s .

  • There are no Fascists only pretend Facists.

    And it is the Federal Reserve System not “the bankers” which is the problem just as it is the Jewish religion (of which Zionism is just a small part) and not “the Jews” which is the problem.


  • There are no Fascists only pretend Facists.

    And it is the Federal Reserve System not “the bankers” which is the problem just as it is the Jewish religion (of which Zionism is just a small part) and not “the Jews” which is the problem.

  • Deuteronomy 23:20 Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it.”

    Deuteronomy 15:6 For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou? shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.”

  • The GOP disenfranchises its own voters, now that’s a classic.

  • I agree. I dont see how Romney out off all people is the one republican running against Obama. I just thought people were smarter then that. I think theres something that scares the NRC / Government that if Ron Paul win’s he will make things right again and give us 100% of our born rights back along with fixing our finances.

  • Our country is no longer ours. Its full of Facist pigs or Gangster Banksters!!

  • ..the collapse four years ago.

    Again.. To nominate someone FROM wall street is a slap in the face to the intelligence of the whole country.

  • PeterPiper’s intolerance, absence of intelligence, and overall demeanor as a Romney supporter is a case to vote for anyone but Romney.

    I’ve never met a Romney supporter who was capable of thinking for themselves. Ask them why they love Romney so much and it’s all rehashed Faux News brainwashing, all of it having to do with why Obama shouldn’t be president rather than why Romney should be president.

    Romney will lose and it will be the GOP’s own fault for thinking we forgot what actually caused

  • I’m pretty sure that’s not true… and um you should probably see a psychiatrist or something because you seem to have some hate issues with Jewish people. Were you bitten as a child?

  • Sucking cocks is part of Jewish ritual circumcision (no joke) and Romney is Israel’s chosen candidate to steal the Republican nomination on the pseudo-Republican side of the ballot so PeterPiperJam should first cut off Romney’s prick before sucking it like the orthodox rabbis do. This will make Romney an honorary Jew and not just another Jewish whore. On the psuedo-Democrat side, Obama is a Judaeo-mason and his mother had a Jewish father so he is home free.

  • Vocal Citizen

    Ron Paul’s efforts were not in vain. He has started something in this country: a loud-mouthed, vibrant, never-quit, paint the town red desire to have a government that respects the little people. A government that should live on a tight budget and stop printing cash out of thin air. A government who should stay the hell out of the personal lives of Americans, so long as they’re not hurting anybody.

    If we stop protesting… if we stop tweeting and facebooking and posting… if we lay down like lambs for the slaughter and just let these rich mother frackers in D.C. hammer us into silence so they can keep playing their childish bickering games while accomplishing exactly squat…

    Then we all let Ron Paul down. And I, for one, refuse to do that.
    So if I can’t vote for Ron Paul, I’m voting for the person he endorsed: Gary Johnson. If you read his website (which is clean and concise and doesn’t run on and on with typical political crap that means nothing) you’ll see Gary Johnson – and his running mate Judge Jim Gray (who is super cool) – is our next best option.

    Didn’t Ron Paul say today that he wants us to keep the Liberty movement going?

    Gary Johnson stands for the same exact thing as Ron Paul and he WILL be on the ballot.

  • Hank

    Dear RNC,

    You just screwed the pooch. By your feeble attempts to corral the sheeple into a more-than-ever limited 2-party system, you have just managed to splinter the party and further encourage a breakaway 3rd party. Like a rabid dog, the GOP needs to be put down.

  • Both you and “Peter PiperJam” are phonies. The only terrorists in the world are Mossad and their whores in the US government who sponsor false flags which they blame on Muslims.

    Abu Nidal, the worlds “most prolific terrorist”, worked for Israel. His job was to make the Palestinians look bad. He killed 600 Palestinian “enemies of Israel” and tried to get the various Palestinian groups to fight each other – a typical Mossad tactic – which has been used against both the US and the Muslims.

  • Mitt should automatically be removed and the rnc persons involved in any way with all these conspiracy against or conspiracy to – should be brought up on charges. Ron Paul lawyers need to get on this ASAP before more of this nonsense continues, or before its to late… God bless Ron Paul and all the real patriots of this country.

  • Mitt had to cheat and that’s a sign of weakness. And what was that I saw? Paul Ryan message to Ron Paul supporters, pleading and begging for their support, fat chance now.. Mitt should of played fair, because fair gets endorsements and unfair gets “go fuck yourself Mitt”.

    People can still write their man Ron Paul on the ballot regardless of conventions. Do some research and post your vote people. Its legal, and if Ron gets more than Obamey, by popular demand, Ron Paul wins and is president.

  • Go suck Romneys cock if you love him so much

  • Paully is a Terrorist Symphatizer who is a dumb Pacifist who is an Unpatriotic American. Romney on the other hand is a very Successful principled businessman. Paully got his asss Kicked in the Primaries and now it’s time to Jump with Mittt or Drown. Mitt is the only Choice in this election, Obammer ain’t even American. Paully is a stupid Joke

  • You think the ideals and rights mandated by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are strange? You would think that our Founding Fathers who opposed the oppressive empire of King Georges England are weird as well then. Ron Paul follows the constitution strictly and fervently. He knows our government in and out and has not swayed in his ideals in terms of voting once. Give Mitts webpage a perusing. His plan to stay in the middle east fighting a phantom certainly assures ‘change’ from oboma.

  • Sonny

    What is the Republicans worried about this nut case Paul for? They should just pull his pants down around his shoes and head slap this little deranged Bitch and send him back to the looney bin where he escaped from. The same goes for all these brainless little fags that follow this goofy asshole. “RON PAUL for Clown of the Century” Now doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? All you Paul Tards suck on Donkey Dicks.

    • Vocal Citizen

      Wow… you’re really an idiot…

    • TheB

      They should remove posts from trolls like this one. This is a Ron Paul fan site, and he has no business posting on it.