GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • The number of cases of heterosexual AIDS are miniscule compare to the number of cases of homosexual AIDS. This is not only because homosexuals are promiscuous than heterosexuals but also because HIV is adapted to transmission by serum which is used in the nutrient medium for fibroblasts which differentiate into macrophages in culture.

    Macrophages are one of the cell types which HIV infects.

  • Feces contain just about every pathogenic organism known to man. The reason why people do not get sick more often is because 50% of the dry weight of feces is composed of a non-pathogenic strain of E coli. The E coli are so numerous that they crowd out the pathogens.

    But stick a dick in the feces and you are asking for trouble. I remember a homosexual guy on the Phil Dohnahue show who had AIDS who went on and on describing all of the venereal diseases that he had. The audience gasped.

  • Gigi Starnes

    Can we PLEASE band together to defeat Obama? That is the true conservative patriot’s goal and plea. PLEASE be the one to lead toward this end. You are strong enough to do this, Mr. Paul, and you have enough followers to make a difference for all our futures. Splitting the party is NOT in our best interest at this point in time. PLEASE consider we the people and stand tall for us all. Blessings, Gigi Starnes

  • Um…you do know you can get AIDS from regular vaginal intercorse and sharing needles, right? Sodomy has nothing to do with it. I guess that’s what happens when you believe in a book of nonsense stories written by a bunch of men in an age where they didn’t understand anything.


  • Disgusting.

    Anal intercourse is how HIV spread and how AIDS became a pandemic disease.

    HIV probably evolved from a simian immunodeficiency virus which contaminated a culture of pygmy chimpanzee cells which were used for the testing of the first live Polio vaccine.

    The pigmy chimpanzee lifestyle is right out of the Sodom and Gomorrah Handbook for a good time. Interestingly, the pigmy chimpanzee is man’s closest relative. They walk upright and make love face to face some of the time.

  • You’ve never banged a girl in the ass? Dude, you gotta try it.

  • Reality can be a bit scary: watch?v=Zo-NF4YWDfc

  • this comment is so scary and insane.

  • The Palestinians would not like that at all but the Zionists would. That was Hitler’s real “Final Solution.” Hitler was the real founder of the of state Israel. He transported 60,000 Jews to Israel with their property under the Haavara Agreement he made with the Zionists before the war and may have smuggled many more in during the war through a secret agreement that he made with the Vatican. That is the only logical reason that I can think of of why the Vatican supports the Holocaust fraud.

  • The jews own your country and they are not going to give it back this easily. Antisemitism is the seed of wisdom. See the jews for what they really are. Manipulating, money & power grabbing selfish bastards who don’t care about you and as soon as someone says the obvious out loud some fucking retard starts to yell antisemitism in order to shut him / her up.
    The world will not know peace until the jewish problem has been solved. Kick them out from all positions of power and send them to Israel.

  • ROMNEY has created Millllions of jobs through out his life unlike Paully who just Craves for attention. Paully has run three times for Prez and has Failed he is a Big time Loooooser

  • Yes, I can, because I’m not fucking insane.

  • There are no faeries in the bible except the ones in Sodom and Gomorrah which the Jewish god destroyed as an object lesson to the sexually crippled that they should have babies and not stick their wee wees into each others asses.

  • Between the force collectivization of farms and the gulags the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered 37.6 million orthodox Christians in the “Soviet Union.” That is a demographic fact which the fake “Holocaust” is designed to cover up. One can question this statistical fact anywhere in Europe (as one should be able to in any truly democratic society) but one can not question the Holocaust fraud without going to jail. That should tell you who is really in charge.

  • What good does it do to quote from a book of fairy tales?

  • You can’t sit here and honestly say there is no such thing as FEMA camps. Or that they will not be put into effect at some point.


  • Maybe we could say positive words to improved a country. Not a cursing that destroy everyone. Life is a gift, and their must be a giver. Whoever it is our main goal in these present generation is to preserved and protect each one of us. We should work together for our own good for the good of everyone. We should help one another as much as we can. Never allow division for it is the cause of chaos. AMT. Phil.

  • I hope Ron Paul atleast runs I don’t care if he changes to independent just run….

  • I’m confused. Paul didn’t win in Nevada. Romney did. And according to the rules of the Nevada caucuses, delegates are to be split proportionally, based on the the percentage of the popular vote. At least, that’s my understanding of the rules. It doesn’t really matter if the majority of delegates in Nevada support Ron Paul. He not entitled to a plurality of delegates based on that.