GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • Ricky

    Now let’s get serious as to one reason why we support Ron Paul and not Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum. Both candidates support the war machine (Romney actually wants to increase its size). Now considering the fact that the US spends OVER $1 trillion on our war machine, there is no way we can even begin balancing the budget or repairing our infrastructure unless we dismantle the most of the military. IF we cut the military by 90% (from our current budget, we would STILL be the biggest military spender in the entire world (check it out if you do not believe me – keep in mind that our spending in the middle east is in ADDITION to the military budget passed by Congress). Also, ask yourself why we need 30,000 troops in Korea and 60,000 troops in Europe when BOTH wars ended over 50 years ago and both areas are among the strongest economies in the world.

    Actually, the two political parties continue in the same direction (tell the people what they want to hear and focus on getting re-elected). Maybe that is why George Washington did not believe in the establishment of political parties.


  • Give your vote to Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul.

    Don’t throw your vote away on obama-romney. They are both sent by the federal reserve & represent the private banking system enslaving us all.

  • how about Gary Johnson?


  • THATS throwing YOUR vote away! Neocon runaway gov’t supporter > progressive runaway gov’t supporter? Either way I see it as a throw away. We can elect another establishment president and not ever get anywhere. Or, we can teach the rep party the lesson that we are tired of the same old dance, endure another 4 years of Obama, and maybe there will be hope for 2016. Write in, or don’t vote, if you are truly for liberty. Otherwise, things will never change. my .02

  • That’s throwing your Vote away!
    Why don’t you Punch ROMNEY/RYAN if not the Socialist Symphatizer of NOBAMA will win.

  • It’s the principle of the thing… Rmoney will do the same thing to your liberties and the Constitution. It just goes to show how power hungry these snakes are. And it’s not like he’s going to win against Obama anyway. At least Ron Paul had a chance. Yay! 4 more years of the same old shit! Not that it would be any different if Rmoney DID win thru some fraud (like he did in the Primaries) because he’s just as much of a fuck up as Obama.

  • Woo

  • Who’s writing him in? I know I am!

  • Even if they didn’t change the Rules he still would have only Garnered around 200 delegates. Plus they had a Four Minute Tribute Video of Him at the Convention will that be enough to Calm you and the other Paulistas down?
    ROMNEY 2012
    RYAN 2012

  • I know, it doesn’t look good in 2012. But people are slowly waking up. Once you’re awake, you’re not going back to sleep. One day the liberty movement will be victorious.

  • I thought I would’ve come to a conclusion by now, but I still haven’t. There is never going to be a president that will tell the truth about 9/11, so if that is your reasoning behind not voting for Ron Paul, then that should be your reason to never vote for anyone ever again. Either way, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. You seem like a real fucked up person.

  • Rmoney has done nothing. First off, he never claimed that he created “millions” of jobs, only over 100 thousand. Second, he has all but stopped claiming even that, since people checked his facts and discovered that they were unfounded. Rmoney will just lower taxes for the rich and make the middle class suffer further. He doesn’t care about you or the American people. And if he is such a loser, why did Rmoney and the RNC change the rules to keep him out? Sounds like they were scared bitches to me

  • Surprise! The game is rigged…always against Ron Paul..scares statists to pieces…


  • Patricia Wray

    Please run on another ticket!! I’m seriously so angry at the antics Republicans have pulled in order to ensure that Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate. It’s so unfair, because they’re supposed to be representing us and yet they’re doing such dirty tactics in order to get their way.

    I don’t want to vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. I’m honestly scared of what will happen if either one of them gets the Presidency. If Ron Paul runs Independent or Green Party or any other party, I will vote for him!!

  • PeterPiperJam

    You’re going to be the looser in November.

    Read The Constitution–learn it!

    Dip shit

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