GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • Bunch of PUNKS! Can you believe the what the TSA did when Ron Paul was trying to fly back home? Are they deliberately TRYING to piss us off!?!?


  • Delegates are not bound, stop spreading bullsh&t lies.

    The whole reason Romney had to RIG the nomination is because the delegates were unbound. Besides, when someone does not want to vote for you and you force yourself onto them, that is the definition of ELECTION RIGGING.

    He’s a con man sent forth by banking goons from the Federal Reserve to offload their gambling losses onto YOUR back. You’re too dumb to see that.

  • If Ron Paul had been defeated without the RNC making and breaking their own rules under the influence of MR, I would agree my fellow patriots are cry babies. However this is not the case and the open truth is a damming testament. If in supporting Mitt Romney you consider the ends justify the means, at what point does that rule change? Probably when the king sends his troops to lock your ass up for thinking you had rights. OMG following rules? How then much less inconvenient the Constitution?

  • This is so disturbing. What is the choice now? Obama?

  • R.I.P Ron Paul

  • South go independent!!!!

  • WOW democracy is really f–ked in America !

  • Not voting is not a solution. If you take your voice out of the choir then you are saying you will not stand up to the status quo. That is exactly what they want. You not to stand up, that way they can steam roll you. I’ve done some research on Gary Johnson’s platform. Its very similar to Ron Paul, and he will be on the ballot in November.

  • fuck the new world order we are going to destroy it all

  • If you vote for Romney, then you are nothing more than a fucking idiot.

  • The better of two evils is still…Evil!

  • Trust me, not all roses here in the D side either….it’s just trading some problems and keeping other problems just the same. We need a third choice.

  • Gary Johnson who was elected to the Libertarian party and has most of the same platform as Ron Paul. He will be on the ballot. I think he might be a good bet.

  • This sounds very corrupted..

  • Ron Paul might have gotten the majority of his followers elected in five states, but they are bound to vote for the person who wins their primary and Ron Paul did not win a single state primary.

  • Stop being so phatetic – Offcourse you don’t have to write Romney or Obama. Stand up to yourself – If you want to end the way your government is running things take a stand – Stop paying taxes and stop voting. Voting for a candidate is a EXTREMY easy “sollution” that doens’t solve anything at all.

  • DAMN!

  • Wow. This is upsetting. So controlled.

  • Ricky

    Sumpin else, where (or what) is this compromise? You promise not to lynch him if he will not tell you the truth?

  • Where?