GOP Establishment Fears Ron Paul Upset at the Convention

  • how rigged is that shit, what a bunch crooked Republicans.

  • The RNC is just as crooked as the DNC. Two piles of feces the same height and unbearable smell. I will not vote for Mitt Romney. If Ron Paul does not get the nomination I will either write him in or just not vote at all. No more voting for the lesser of two evils.


  • I just want to cry. What happened to the america I was told about as a child? I was proud to be a citizen of that country.

    • MaryJane

      That America was sold out a long time ago. It now belongs to warmongers and profiteers who think nothing of sending our young men and women to die for a false cause and killing thousands upon thousands of innocent people in other countries.

  • French Canadian
  • Mr. Berke

    Fellow patriots, delegates, and alternate delegates, let’s secure the nomination of the Republican Party, for President of the United States of America, for Congressman Dr. RON PAUL!

    Despite all of their evil, wicked, selfish, and cowardly tactics, the criminals who have long ago hijacked the Republican Party, are going to FAIL.

    Please let us all RESTORE AMERICA NOW! Please let us all VOTE FOR DOCTOR RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012!

    “RON PAUL Revolution, legalize the Constitution!”

  • douglas

    My research shows that the Elite may be planning an event in October that will cause Obama to declare a state of emergency, become a Federal Dictator and cancel the elections. I hope my research is wrong!

    • French Canadian


      That wouldn’t surprise me at all. He must be so desperate. Maybe a hudge terrorist false flag attack (style 9/11) … or a declaration of war against IRAN (WW3).

      • douglas

        Yes, I see your point about Iran, but truly the domain of the Elite knows no boarders. Their plans and efforts are locked in like a witch around a voodoo doll. I have been researching their methods for many years and now their time is becoming short, so I feel their efforts will become more brazen and more obvious.

        • douglas

          Yea, 911 was so brazen and obvious, I see your point! But, within the occult power of the Elite, they use signs, symbols and numbers. Listen, it is not the signs, symbols or numbers that brings power to their efforts. It is the ‘metal precipitation’ behind these spells that bring them power. Many ‘minds’ who conspire around signs, symbols and numbers, that is what gives them power. Do you understand? With that, think that minds who fight back may also use signs, symbol and numbers to help build ‘mental precipitation’ against the forces of Evil. Sounds freaky I know. But this is what my research is unfolding. Human Mind power is much more powerful than we have been brainwashed to understand.

    • douglas

      My research comes from law enforcement entities who are reporting that they are being prepared for something. What a perfect month to plan an event. With so much chaos they could easily justify the cancelation of elections with so short of time to sort things out.

    • Brynda

      Want to share that “research” with the rest of us, Douglas?

    • MaryJane

      Unfortunately, you are probably correct. Nothing the war profiteers do will surprise me.

  • robin

    So glad that Ron Paul said he could not endorse Romney. They tried to bribe him and he maintained his integrity.

  • Chris

    Dr. Paul you have been a great inspiration to many and deserve all the respect due patriots. The RNC has managed prevent your message. Continue your message, endorse Gary Johnson…it is the only way Liberty will still get a voice this cycle.

    • MaryJane

      Oh, yeah, right. Like Gary Johnson has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. And why should we ever settle for second best? Settling is what got us into the mess we’re in now.
      Ron Paul! Revolution 2012!

  • robin

    * LATEST NEWS !!!!!!! URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!! **

    • French Canadian


      This is what Rachel Maddows sort of said in the video I’ve linked below.

    • French Canadian


      Their actions proves that Ron Paul really has a chance to be nominated… lol

  • nevadasmith

    Free Ron Paul ! Let Dr. Ron Paul Speak !
    Is this what American Politics has come down to ? Why is the RNC so terrified of the voice of One Man ? Shame on The GOP. The Republicans have become a “Party Of Cowards”. A whole Convention that is hiding from One Man’s Truth. Hiding in plain sight, from One Man’s ” Truth To Power”. The Future Is Coming , They Can Run and maybe Hide, for awhile, but The Future Will Come.

  • robin

    Here’s a Ron Paul turncoat delegate from Minnesota….I’ve found there are many Ron Paul supporters that obviously have been swayed by the dark side and are voting for Romney, but fortunately as many as there are that will never vote for this fraud.

    • French Canadian

      Kurt Bills is following what RAND did. RAND set a precedent, now, they will all do this… why not? After all, Ron’s son did it. .. why not them. I hate RAND.

  • NowheretocommentonnocommentMediagroups

    I wish I could slap the **** out of every imbecile who calls Congressman Paul, “Mr. Paul”. I would have said it on the New York Times website, those so called “journalists” disabled commenting on their articles like a bunch of cowards.

  • French Canadian


    You say you cannot stand Sarah Palin? You seem to have problems with ordinary and passionate folks like Alex Jones and Sarah Palin… lol

    Maybe this GREAT video could change your mind:

    Sarah Palin: You Better Listen to Ron Paul

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    All is quiet before the storm. All we can do is hope and pray. It just amazes me that the international community knows more about what is going on than we do and we have to get the truth from the Russian Times. The unfortunate part is most people just don’t give a damn. I know I have annoyed many of my friends who just don’t want to think about it. They think prayer is enough. What makes me sick is the lies that are spun and the more people here a lie, the more they begin to think it is true. We just don’t deserve freedom in this country. The Jewish community is up in arms that there is a tribute to Ron Paul..They will get their war and what follows as will many who don’t give a damn. The question still remains whose idea it was to give in and take a tribute in exchange for the nomination, etc????This is what is nagging me and many others. I’ll be very interested to listen to what Ron Paul says tomorrow, and hoping for a miracle to happen.

    • French Canadian


      The international community knows more about what is going on than you do , because of the Alex Jones Show who broadcast Worldwide… and because of Infowars articles that are read all over the world. Every foreign guest who comes on his show, all say that the Show is very popular in their countries. And many foreigners calls into the talk show. Only in AMERICA do people snob Alex…lol

      The reason you are annoyed by many of your friends who just don’t want to think about it, is because, the hardest people to wake-up are the ones that are close to us (families and friends). I’ts like if they think to themselves: ” WHO does she thinks she is… she cannot know more than me… I’m probably smarter than her… bla,bla,bla… do you see what I mean? This is why I never try to convince them myself. I send them to the Alex Jones Show. I tell them: “Here I found an interesting site… here is the pseudo and the password to watch it. I would like you towatch it for a week and tell me what you think about this Show? Is it credible to you?”.

      You know how people are Robin, they like to give you there thoughts and opinions on a Show or on someone. They think they will be making you a favor… lol. But the amazing thing is that after a week, they are hook to the Truth and they keep listening. They then tell you: “This is a great site, Jones seems very credible. So then you say “Thank You”… this is what I thought also, but I wasn’t sure… the fact that you think like me reassures me… lol In the end, they feel good about themselves and do you…. and you made no ennemies and you are not called kooks or fringe, or tin-foil had, or conspiracy theorist. Everybody wins.

      As far as whose idea it was to give in and take a tribute in exchange for the nomination, I think we both know the answer to that. The Paul campaign, who really only works for themselves.

  • French Canadian

    P.A.U.L Festival: Live Stream Links + Open Thread

  • French Canadian

    Rachel Maddow:

    Republicans Move Convention Delegate Vote To Time With No TV Coverage To Hide Ron Paul

  • French Canadian


    Very powerful interview:

    Richard Belzer: The Ruling Class is Running Scared

    “Actor and author Richard Belzer returns to the show. Mr. Belzer has an expansive career as an actor and has appeared in NBC police dramas such as Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Mr. Belzer is also the co-author of Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups.”

  • Citizen

    We have a two party OLIGARCHY

    The 1% Poltical Elites (Crony Corporations, Banksters, Political Elites) have taken over our country and we are simply to be FLEECED, SHEARED and STRIPPED of our personal wealth, our family fortunes and freedoms.

    Yeah Yeah… we know ALL that…

    NOW… What are WE the People going to Do About It?

    God Bless America!

    • MaryJane

      We need to take it to the streets, that’s what, like people did in the sixties and seventies. They were scared, but they were brave and they had a cause they believed in, so they were willing to protest, march, sit-in, fight and die, if necessary. Without brave souls taking it to the streets back then, there would be no civil rights for blacks OR women in this country, and we’d probably still be killing the innocent people of Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia. We The PEOPLE put a stop to that BS and we can do it again. We have to take a stand, ORGANIZE and fight back.

      We must try to use peaceful means if possible, so that the gestapo aka Homeland Se-screwity have no excuses to gas us, kill us or lock us up. Look what Dr. King and his followers, of all races, I might add, accomplished by taking a stand, marching, sitting in and doing it peacefully when possible. Some were murdered, unfortunately, including Dr. King, but they died for the right reasons and I’m sure they would give their lives again to accomplish FREEDOM. Gandhi is another example of Revolution by peaceful means.

      If peaceful means fail….we use whatever means necessary to take our country back, if it means storming the White House, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court or whatever, and physically throwing all the warmongers, profiteers and imposters out on their asses. We owe it to future generations and to the world to make things right. The time is NOW. Revolution 2012!!

  • #LetRonPaulSpeak

    Help trend #LetRonPaulSpeak on twitter


    WOW SO FOR ALL OF RON PAUL’S EFFORTS in trying to save this nation and the principles it was founded on, and in trying to protect it from the lobbyist agenda’s and those of the bloated greedy corrupted corporatist persuasion HE GETS A [email protected]#$%^ TRIBUTE?!!!! WELL I HOPE FOR THE CORRUPTED GOP AND THEIR EFFORT’S IN SELLING THIS NATION DOWN THE RIVER FOR THIRTY PIECES OF ROMNEY SILVER WILL GET REVOLUTION, FRENCH STYLE. if he’s not nominated i hope he runs third party, or i’m voting gary johnson, hopefully with paul as his running mate

    • MaryJane

      I agree with most of what you write, but not that Dr. Ron Paul should run as anyone’s VP. Screw that. Doctor Ron Paul for president 2012!!!!!